Web-Design vs. Conversion: how are they related? - Ask Me Anything

Ivan Momotiuk
Dec 1, 2017

Companies that don't update their websites for ages and believe it'll be fine are not exactly correct, and here's why.

1. There's a lot going on in web-design

2. There's a lot going on in the world

3. There's a lot going on in electronics

We do take care of all that and keep that in mind. This AMA will be particularly useful for business owners who already understand how important web-design & development is for business, and are ready to absorb more information on the topic.

Want to know more? Ask RECLAMARE.PRO anything.We know how to increase convertion with web-design only.

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What specific web design tips and ideas do you have for a small family business owners?

Dec 6, 12:11PM EST0

Compare the Facebook Page and Business Website? Why they always compare it?

Dec 3, 9:23AM EST0

Was there a project that for you, at first seemed impossible to accomplish? What did you do to succeed?

Dec 2, 9:36PM EST0

Are your services paid by clients on a monthly basis or just a simple pay to go with no extra fees?

Dec 1, 4:40PM EST0

Depending on the type of service. If it's design and development, it's a three-time payment, but basically it's a fixed amount. If it's advertising and something that requires long-term work, it is paid monthly.

Dec 2, 5:53PM EST0

What are the best ways to bring traffic to a website in your opinion?

Dec 1, 12:37PM EST0

In terms of traffic, the best way is advertising on every platform possible.

Dec 2, 5:52PM EST0

What has been your favourite project?

Dec 1, 12:32PM EST0

My favorite one was the one I personally worked on, it was SmartDesign website, because the whole concept was developed by me. You can check it here:smartdesign.reclamare.pro

Dec 2, 5:51PM EST0

How important is SEO for websites to be popular?

Nov 30, 11:10PM EST0

I believe, its importance is somewhat exagerrated. You can have enough clients without SEO, there are other marketing techniques that provide faster progress

Dec 1, 9:13AM EST0

Could you name these other techniques?

Dec 1, 12:37PM EST0

How many members of the team does Reclamare have?

Nov 30, 8:45PM EST0

We have 15 full-time in-house workers and about 20 part time workers including designers and developers.

Dec 1, 9:12AM EST0

How and when did you get started with Reclamare?

Nov 30, 8:43PM EST0

About half a year ago, when the company had already worked with a lot of businesses, so my task was somewhat simplified :)

Dec 1, 9:11AM EST0

What kind of education one should have in order to succeed in your field?

Nov 30, 8:39PM EST0

Generally, basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and graphic design is necessary. In terms of advertising, marketing education would be an advantage.

Dec 1, 9:10AM EST0

How many sites have you been working on since your company's launch?

Nov 30, 8:38PM EST0

Frankly, I didn't count, but I guess a couple hundreds.

Dec 1, 9:09AM EST0

Should marketing and upgrade go together to ensure the viability of a website?

Nov 30, 7:35PM EST0

Yes, absolutely. At least because you'd need to advertise the change :)

Dec 1, 9:06AM EST0

What does the name connote? Why Reclamare?

Nov 30, 7:35PM EST0

It's a latin word for "Advertise" :)

Dec 1, 9:05AM EST0

What has been the most challenging website you have overhaul?

Nov 30, 5:09PM EST0

It was a local business website for an agricultural startup. It was quite tough to manage in terms of driving traffic.

Dec 1, 9:05AM EST0

How do you make your money.

Nov 30, 7:58AM EST0

That is called "conversion". You attract clients, they pay for your service.

Nov 30, 10:57AM EST0

How long have you been working websites for businesses?

Nov 27, 8:09AM EST0

Since 2011, for now, 6 years.

Nov 27, 9:01AM EST0

What is the assurance that designs upgrade alone can enhance conversion rate?

Nov 26, 1:18PM EST0

I have read a couple of articles on that matter, and those ideas have been confirmed by my colleagues from the Marketing department. Generally, the results may vary, but we would expect a conversion rate to rise by 15-200% depending on the case and traffic driven to a website. Obviously, you cannot expect any clients from a website with zero visitors, but if there IS traffic, design is a very powerful tool for conversion. I'd say, in some cases, even more powerful than customer support and sales representatives.

Nov 27, 9:01AM EST0

How fast do trends shift overnight?

Nov 26, 12:26PM EST0

In design, they are known to change about once a year. It doesn't mean that a website designed in 2016 will be totally out of place in 2018, but it still might need minor changes in interaction design. Web-design and development is no different from any other science; new things are constantly being discovered and inplemented.

Nov 27, 8:57AM EST0

How long does a website have before they need to consider upgrades or updates?

Nov 25, 1:55PM EST0

Normally, upgrades and updates are made on a regular basis, and it's a good thing to get someone to work on permanent website maintenance because the system might crash, the server might crash, the website might be hacked, and a lot of other things can go wrong. If you are talking about overall design, it's a good idea to update it for every major holiday if appropriate, when you are launching new marketing campaigns, and also once in a while, roughly once in 1-2 years, to maintain its up-to-date look.

Nov 27, 8:55AM EST0

What is the sales projection for the year? How far are you from your goal?

Nov 25, 11:00AM EST0

Well, we are close to working at full capacity, however still have a couple of days left to work on new projects that we may receive from our potential clients. If you're interested in ordering any service from us, we can still help you :)

Nov 27, 8:52AM EST0

Is it easy to convert desktop version into mobile version?

Nov 25, 9:52AM EST0

Normally, a website is designed with that in mind; a designer puts blocks of information so that they can be modified for any screen size and browser. If you have a pre-designed site, it can be modified, and it's not that difficult, however it might need to have a lot of rearrangement done.

Nov 27, 8:51AM EST0

What kind of upgrades should a 5-year old website have?

Nov 24, 5:26PM EST0

Depending on the type of website. Are you talking about an e-commerce website? Is it selling goods/services/both? In any case, there's a number of rules a website should follow.

a. responsiveness - displaying adequately on all devices

b. thorough interaction design - making every action on the website clear and intelligible (there's a half-joke-half-truth - "Website is like a joke; if you have to explain it - it's not good")

c. AMP-integration -(accelerated mobile pages) - supported by google and makes your website load faster on mobile devices - increases your website's position on search engines

d. in general, follow web-site trends that your potential clients are familiar with.In case you need help with your website, please contact me in direct messages and I'll explain more.

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Nov 27, 8:49AM EST0