We all need to boost the engagement for our businesses and Gamification is a powerful toolbox to increase it. I've worked with different types of businesses to increase their engagment. So Ask Me Anything about it!

Alireza Ranjbar SHourabi
Dec 3, 2017

I've done several Gamification design projects in different fields like Fintech, eHealth, eLearning, targeted and themed social networks and gamified marketing campaigns in the last 4 years. From big corporation to small businesses and startups. There has been challenges and obstacle while there has been significant benefits for the target product nd service. I'll happily share this knowledegd with you.

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How do you earn in this field?

Dec 8, 8:53PM EST0

Mostly by designing the Gamification Solutions for the businesses (as a project) and partly by acting as a consultant for those businesses who want to decide to use gamification for solving their problems.

Dec 9, 12:41AM EST0

Can you add website here as our reference for the viability of your proposed idea?

Dec 3, 6:06PM EST0



A wonderful reference by one of the best Gamification Designers of the world.

Dec 3, 6:54PM EST0

Can you add website here as our reference for the viability of your proposed idea?

Dec 3, 5:55PM EST0



A wonderful reference by one of the best Gamification Designers of the world.

Dec 3, 5:58PM EST0

Do you design the games yourself?

Dec 3, 5:41PM EST0

Designing the games and gamification for businesses is a Team-Work for sure especially in the creative part but I do the finalizing myself with the last touches and making sure about the balance of the design to be Ok even for the first run.

Dec 3, 5:45PM EST0

How many businesses have you assisted using Gamification?

Dec 3, 5:34PM EST0

Around 20 businesses in Fintech, Targeted Social Networks, eLearning, eHealth, Cosmetics, VAS, and some off-line businesses. There has been some marketing campaigns and of course many consulting programs mostly for startups.

Dec 3, 5:40PM EST0

How much investment should I consider to include Gamification as a strategy to increase my statistics?

Dec 3, 2:07PM EST0

It completely depends on the strategy you need for your business and the parameters you need to boost. But also the strategy can be adapted to your budget most of the time in case of rewards and design.

Dec 3, 2:29PM EST0

What will you advise to an aspiring business person?

Dec 2, 11:41PM EST0

I would say : Know about gamification to the extent that you would know where and when there is a need for gamification to boost engagement.

Dec 3, 10:17AM EST0

Do you have proven statistics showing the significant effects of your applied strategies?

Dec 2, 6:15PM EST0

Yes for sure. Not only me but every gamification and engagement designer has such statistics. specially if a product or service has history before the use of gamification. As part of the deal with businesses, a designer usually sets ROI for the design to achieve.

Dec 3, 9:56AM EST0

What other strategies can a company utilize to increase engagements?

Dec 2, 9:00AM EST0

Gamification is a toolbox for designing engagement and sure there are other frameworks and tools that can be used, like "HOOK" or "Motivational UX" but at the end they are all so similar to each other.

Dec 2, 9:19AM EST0

Define Gamification to a first-timer?

Dec 2, 12:19AM EST1

Gamification would be the uasege of Game Design Thinking and Elements of Games (Not the 3D or 2D view of the game) to engage the users for solving problems.

Dec 2, 9:16AM EST0

Does the strategy work all the time?

Dec 1, 9:14PM EST0

Part of the strategy is the care designer gives after the implementation by changing the data according to usage of the system and the behavior of the customers. So if designed well and cared well afterwards it sure will work. In my case, I've got a collection of local successful projects till now.

Dec 3, 10:01AM EST0

Do you work with company's internal developers or do you provide your own people?

Dec 1, 9:14PM EST1

I work completely with company's internal developers.

Dec 2, 9:14AM EST0

Can Gamification be applied in a clothing business?

Dec 1, 12:59PM EST0

Sure it can. You can apply gamification to any structured activity, means that if you can have an algorithm for an activity you can gamify it. But one should consider that there are situations that there is no need for gamification and you should change other parameters in the business.

Dec 3, 10:04AM EST0

How long do you normally complete the developmental process?

Dec 1, 12:54PM EST0

Designing the engagement solution with gamification depends a lot on the complexity of the subject. For example designing a marketing campaign that utilizes gamification cannot take that long (less than a week or two) because of the nature of these kind of activities but for product or service it may take 1 to 3 months gathering and testing and ... and finally designing the solution and delivering it to the development team.

Dec 3, 10:13AM EST0

How did you first discover the essence of such enhancement as your games and Gamification?

Dec 1, 12:54PM EST0

After studying games for game development, I got deeper in the concept that why games are powerful, connect with people and engage them for long durations. During these studies I learned about gamification that would be the usage of this power in a context other than games. I studied about it and then I started helping some small business with it and it worked. It worked so well that I chose it as a Line in my career.

Dec 3, 10:09AM EST0

How does Gamification increase engagement for a business website?

Dec 1, 8:44AM EST0

The short answer would be : by using different types of fun in the shape of game design thinking and trying to transform the extrinsic motivations to intrinsic motivations.

Gamification uses the power of games (and not their visual) to connect with people in different levels.

Dec 2, 9:25AM EST0

How much of business details should become a part of the design for games and gamification?

Dec 1, 12:54AM EST0

Depends on the parameters that the business want to change with the usage of gamification solution. There can be a little or all of the parameters. There are businesses to day that you cannot imagine with out the Gamification in their core that affects almost all of the parameters and details.

Dec 1, 12:59AM EST0

What can a business benefit from Gamification?

Nov 30, 5:18PM EST0

The most important part is the engagement for the business and it's product(s) or service(s). Engagement is the key to sale and loyalty. With the right engagement in your business there will be even opportunities for reducing the costs of marketing.

Dec 1, 12:58AM EST0

Can my website developer simply understand the concept and infuse it into our natural system?

Nov 29, 5:42AM EST0

Understanding the concept is not hard but calculating the numbers for scores and events is another thing and needs knowledge of game design and business.

Nov 29, 2:09PM EST0