Gemma Sole

Tri-citizen, creator, cofounder @19thAmendment


Tri-citizen, creator, cofounder @19thAmendment

Gemma Sole was born to curate and collect. As an anthropologist-turned-strategist, Gemma lives at the intersection of creativity, technology, and operations with Nineteenth Amendment. Having graduated from the University of Rochester with two degrees and a Kauffman Foundation company under her belt, she went to work as a consultant for one of the largest organizations in the world - the Department of Defense - with Booz Allen Hamilton to working with startups. After starting a vc-backed company in the caregiving space in Boston, she met her cofounder, designer Amanda Curtis, and went on to launch Nineteenth Amendment, an on-demand marketplace and manufacturing service for fashion made in the USA. With a background in consulting, venture capital, and product development, she is used to playing many parts. And figuring out how they fit together. Gemma wants to see brands grow by bringing beautiful products to consumers who understand their value.

Gemma was named one of Forbes’ top 30 under 30 in 2016 for retail and e-commerce and one of 25 influencers by the National Retail Federation in 2017.