New Company Animation Comics & Entertainment LLC or A. C. E. AMA!

Dwayne ShowTime Robinson
Jul 25, 2018
  • Hello, I am here to promote my company A. C. E. We two comics that are available along 3 others that are coming out soon. We also have movie and video game reviews, posts from other comic books creators and other different artists in general. I'm also hoping that one day we will be popular enough to produce our first animated story. Ok AMA ask away for more questions 


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Why did you decide to launch your company? What were the reasons behind this decision?
Jul 27, 12:58PM EDT0

I wanted to use my creativity to write cool stories and also helping other friends and people with talent. 

Jul 31, 3:11PM EDT0
What legacy would you like to leave in the world with your work?
Jul 27, 11:08AM EDT0

That with my stories I would say how imaginative they are. With me as a person on how determined I am and how I was never afraid to be different. 

Jul 27, 11:54AM EDT0

What is your biggest aim as a comic writer

Jul 27, 6:59AM EDT0

Hmmm I not sure on what you mean by aim? That's kind of a loaded question. 

Jul 27, 11:56AM EDT0
In what ways is the artwork of your comics different than others?
Jul 27, 6:44AM EDT0

In my artwork I try to put more detail in the faces so it's like almost you can tell what's going on with even reading it. Which I think helps it stand out more 

Jul 27, 11:55AM EDT0
What messages are you hoping to get across to readers with your comics?
Jul 27, 5:14AM EDT0

In a lot of my stories there's different messages. Some have more of clearer messages but the one's I am most proud are the ones that will be coming out in the near future. 

Jul 27, 11:50AM EDT0
What are the important ingredients in making a successful comic?
Jul 27, 4:30AM EDT0

It has to have something that is interesting it doesn't always have to be new. Just enough to have something wow ok that's different. 

Jul 27, 11:48AM EDT0
What are a few things that keep the creative juices flowing for you?
Jul 26, 8:48PM EDT0

Music has always been very important but I also enjoy instrumental music. 

Jul 27, 12:23AM EDT0
In what capacity are you involved in the creation of the comics Salvation and Nightfall: Michael’s awakening?
Jul 26, 6:05PM EDT0

For SALVATION I created the cover and editing and for NIGHTFALL MICHAEL'S AWAKENING I did everything.

Jul 27, 12:25AM EDT0
What is the mission of your company and how do you go about achieving it?
Jul 26, 5:09AM EDT0

My mission is use my creativity in different formats and right now doing comics and movie and video games reviews are all good starts 

Jul 27, 12:28AM EDT0
What are some things that drew you to do comics?
Jul 25, 7:30AM EDT0

I love that in comics we have the freedom to do what ever comes to mind. I really enjoy it 

Jul 27, 12:30AM EDT0
Who are a few comic characters or comics that inspired you to write your own? How were you inspired?
Jul 25, 2:55AM EDT0

I really wasn't inspired by comics my brother is the one who is really 

Jul 27, 12:31AM EDT0
How are you looking to expand A.C.E beyond comics?
Jul 25, 1:58AM EDT0

I want to animated stories, music and have a variety of different things for my YouTube channel. 

Jul 27, 12:32AM EDT0
What do you believe are the most important elements of an artwork when telling a story in comics?
Jul 24, 9:03PM EDT0

I would say details sometimes the looks of a character can really bring out the emotion. You see that a lot in both SALVATION and NIGHTFALL MICHAEL'S AWAKENING. Especially at the end of SALVATION 

Jul 24, 9:09PM EDT0
In what ways has your social media presence helped you build your brand?
Jul 24, 6:53PM EDT0

It helps because without it I wouldn't be able to reach people from other states and countries. Its definitely a must have.

Jul 24, 7:00PM EDT0
Why do you think comics are so relatable on a personal level for most people who read them?
Jul 24, 6:17PM EDT0

I thinks its because comics have such a wide range of genres. 

Jul 24, 6:42PM EDT0

Which of the characters that you have created do you consider to be your favourite and why?

Jul 24, 5:13PM EDT0

Hmmm there's a character that will be shown to the world very soon named Marcus Moore. U love his personality and decision in his story.

Jul 24, 6:44PM EDT0

What are some everyday influences that help you create your comics?

Jul 24, 1:49PM EDT0

Movies, Music, Anime and overall life. Sometimes the smallest things to me can be very inspiring. 

Jul 24, 6:46PM EDT0
With the success of Marvel and the push in movies from DC a lot of people feel they are burnt out on vigilante justice of comic characters. How are you staying away from the same storylines and presenting something fresh and new for readers?
Jul 24, 5:43AM EDT0

I think staying away from the superhero genre as just good person gets powers then takes on evil person. To really put some color in the black and white superhero style and I mean that in more ways then one.

Jul 24, 6:48PM EDT0
What kind of impact are you hoping to have on people with your comics?
Jul 23, 6:04PM EDT0

We have a lot of stories with people of color as the main focus which is important along with having interesting ways to tell them. 



Jul 23, 8:45PM EDT0
What are the next steps A.C.E will take to further the brand?
Jul 23, 5:51PM EDT0

We have gone to a few conventions and festival to help promote the company along with having many social media sites. 



Jul 23, 8:39PM EDT0