Network. Representation. Sales. International. I've been working, selling, living in more than 12 countries. Now coaching and doing BD for clients. Ask me anything about how to sell yourself, your company/service, reach your objectives and build a network.

Chiraz Bensemmane
Jul 10, 2018

I've had the opportunity through my previous job and through my company, Pitch World Fast, to sell to people with different culture sensitivity, profiles and train people on how to sell themselves, their projects and guide them to reach their objectives and REACH THE NEXT LEVEL. 

If you have any question about sales, reaching your objectives, motivation, networking, I'll make sure to provide with the most adapted situation. 

I have been working and living in China, Algeria, Tunisia, the USA, Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil, South Africa and work more and more with Latin American, African and Arab countries. 

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What's non-negotiable for you?
Jul 17, 1:31AM EDT0
Have you made mistakes in your career? Can you mention on and how did you overcome it?
Jul 16, 5:28PM EDT0
What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?
Jul 15, 4:56AM EDT0
What is the most important part of your whole business journey and why do you say so?
Jul 14, 7:47PM EDT0
How should businesses set their objectives and should they organise their priorities so they don't get lost?
Jul 13, 9:13PM EDT0
How do you go about setting goals for your clients?
Jul 13, 3:30PM EDT0

How do you incorporate the culture of the nation into helping companies or individuals sell their product? 

Jul 13, 9:16AM EDT0
What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?
Jul 13, 3:25AM EDT0
How did you manage to win your clients and build your credibility?
Jul 13, 2:22AM EDT0
What is the best way to achieve long-term success as an entrepreneur?
Jul 12, 2:25PM EDT0
Which projects that you’ve worked on that you are the most proud of?
Jul 12, 10:52AM EDT0
How do you bring ideas to life?
Jul 12, 6:58AM EDT0
Do you follow up to see if your techniques worked for your clients and if they did not, do you go back to the drawing board?
Jul 11, 11:36PM EDT0

Yes indeed, I do not believe about ONE SHOT. You need to be professional and follow up and if a technique did or did not work it is good to know why. 

If it didn't work, well we all know that we don't alway get the successful pitch/formula the very moment, you need to twink it a bit, listen to your audience and see what worked what didn't and why

Jul 12, 4:44AM EDT0
Have you ever found yourself selling something you do not believe in despite your clients' belief that what they are doing can actually work? If yes, how do you convince others to believe in something you are selling but do not believe in?
Jul 11, 8:37PM EDT0

Honestly no. 

Besides when I started working and was selling advertisement, where at the begning I was ashamed of because I felt like I was ripping off people, I never had that. 

However in this experience what I did is own it as it was a choice that I made. 

So I'd say, you HAVE to be as passionate and BELIEVE as much as your client in the product because it will be hard to convince someone if yourself you are not convinced. You are making a choice to sell something for and with your client therefore there is a reason why you took the job. 

If money is the only thing, then it goes for me beyond my work ethid which is to be trustworthy and honest

Last edited @ Jul 12, 4:42AM EDT.
Jul 12, 4:40AM EDT0
What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?
Jul 11, 7:32PM EDT0

I'd say my "client visual board". 

It's a little A4 where I put all my clients and all the different steps that I have to do for each of them. It helps me visualise and plan all the steps ahead which need to be done.

Jul 12, 4:37AM EDT0
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In your opinion what is the key to bringing change developing countries and societies?
Jul 11, 4:31PM EDT0

I've noticed in all the different emerging market that I worked in that there is a lack of benchmarking and seeking for best practices. Therefore I personally developed a project management with some autorities where I bring them experts and case studies so they can hear about other countries experiences and think among themselves the decision makers what to do and how to to do. 

To bring change, the decision makers and operations need to see that there is a way and it has to come from them, we cannot impose it to them.

Jul 12, 4:39AM EDT0
What can you tell about the consulting work you do with companies?
Jul 11, 5:24AM EDT0

My main consulting jobs I did for my clients in the recent years has been helping them implement their sales strategies and getting to new markets.

It is about helping them better sell themselves, finding the right pitch and supporting them to find the right market and partner

Jul 11, 10:52AM EDT0
What’s one trend that really excites you?
Jul 11, 3:27AM EDT0

Artificial Intelligence...

It's very interesting to see how this will influence our way of working, doing and selling and try to see how to integrate it in sales to be even more productive and sharper.

Jul 11, 5:19AM EDT0
How would you describe your coaching techniques and how you like to empower those you work with?
Jul 11, 2:55AM EDT0

When I coach it is for me all about finding first the right tool that would work for my coachee.

Not every technique is suitable for everyone, there is a lot of listening involved and having the coachee have more insight on his way of working and thinking so we make it the most customized and adapted to him.

I do not impose a way of working or thinking, I adapt it. 

By having each and every coachee think about it and bring the solution with me to adapt his needs at best, he feels involved and empowered because I am not just telling him what to do but he understand and come to realise it by himself; 

I ask a lot of question and there are a lot of autoevaluation done and shared between the two. It is a very interactive coaching session.

Jul 11, 5:16AM EDT0
In terms of your business, what are your goals and how are you going about achieving them?
Jul 10, 8:31PM EDT0

The idea for the company now is to grow size wise and geographically speaking. 

For this we are in the midst of looking for some new hires to join the team and as the job can be done from anywhere in the world, we provide the training and then people can work from their hometown. This enable us and will help us diversify our clientele and our geographic outreach.

By the end of 2018, I'd like us to have 1 or 2 new people who have joined the company and 2 to 3 new markets. 

Jul 11, 5:11AM EDT0
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