Network Marketing or Direct Sales. Why would I join? My thoughts on the industry. #Business #AMA #NetworkMarketing #DirectSales

Sherman On
Aug 9, 2018

Many people want the 4 I's out of their career:

1. Income

2. Independence

3. Intellectual stimulation

4. Impact

How many of the I's is your current career offering you?  Are you looking to have a residual income without writing a book, song, movie, or sell auto insurance?  What if you were to join an organization like direct sales where could you end up?  Let's get into the details and candid.

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You’ve worked with several companies over the years – what would you say to others that have changed companies, or thinking of changing?
Aug 11, 2:58AM EDT0

Follow your passion, strengths and opportunity.  You'll be pleased you took control of your own career path. Majority of companies and managers are focused on their own growth not your specific growth.  The best leaders understand that your career path might be at their company and then somewhere else.  They will be willing to develop you to be happy & fulfilled in your career not just trying to keep you in their enployment. 

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Aug 11, 10:14AM EDT0
What’s the key mistake a new person makes starting out on their networking career?
Aug 10, 10:44PM EDT0

Being impatient (they want business success after months vs years). Lack of coachability - they think they can do it better than what their training is saying

Aug 11, 10:11AM EDT0
With direct sales internet marketing is taking over, but how does it compare to face to face sales?
Aug 10, 7:53PM EDT1

The value of digital is speed vs face to face. You can reach so many digitally vs face to face in a given hour. Sales is about trust and connecting with others.   Video calls can be a great connection, but face to face is still king for establishing a deeper relationship.  

Aug 11, 10:10AM EDT0
What’s the one thing you would change about the network marketing industry?
Aug 10, 4:33AM EDT1

That companies help others understand the need to build it over time.  It's about gaining income,  independence,  impact and intellectual stimulation over time.  Effort is required up front for the success to arrive.  If you want to get strong at the gun we must do the reps. 

Aug 11, 10:06AM EDT0

In your personal opinion, what is the biggest reason so many fail in network marketing/direct sales?

Aug 9, 8:44AM EDT1

They don't actually work on it. They are sold some very rich quick scheme,  or work a little and then get paid forever Mentality. Treat it like le a business,  and get the results u want by putting in the effort.  Their willingness to give up so quickly is their downfall.  

Aug 11, 10:04AM EDT0
Do you think convincing someone on the value of a product is easier than getting them to be part of the business?
Aug 9, 5:38AM EDT1

Depends on the person and what they want.  The focus should be just inviting others to the opportunity.  I think statistically speaking more people consume the product/service more than joining the business building aspect. 

Aug 11, 10:02AM EDT0
What qualities and skills are desirable for people looking to work in Network Marketing or Direct Sales companies?
Aug 9, 2:11AM EDT1

the biggest quality is coachability and execution.  If you can learn from others and then implement the training over the next 10 yrs then you'll find success professionally and personally.  

other qualities that help in this marketing structure are: leadership, positivity, teaching, goal setting, perserverance, sales, listening, asking questions, training and developing others.

Aug 9, 3:25AM EDT0
In your opinion, what are the benefits of joining a direct sales company?
Aug 8, 10:54PM EDT1

I say it's the pursuit of the 4 I's:

Income, Independence, Impact and Intellectual stimulation.  Direct sales and network marketing give you an opportunity to have those 4 areas.  the reality is that it will take effort and time to create beforethose 4 I's are achieved.

Aug 9, 1:56AM EDT0
Some direct sales companies are extremely profitable. But how do you know which one is the right fit for you?
Aug 8, 6:42PM EDT1

The right fit will be the one that fits your passion.  If you're into fitness the look for a solid company that focuses on you building off of fitness.  If you're into nutrition then find a company focused on helping people having better eating habits.  There are many solid companies.  Know what you want to do and then join that one.

Aug 9, 2:09AM EDT0
Do you think network marketing and direct sales work great for extroverts while introverts fail miserably at it? What can introverts do to become better network marketers?
Aug 8, 5:10PM EDT1

Extroverts definitely have an advantage in a direct sales/NM environment, however social media is a total game changer for introverts.  Now an extrovert can be seen like an extrovert online.  they can share their story with a community online and begin inviting others to follow them and their pursuit to make an impact, earn income, gain independence and learn (intellectual stimulation) - the 4 I's.  

My thoughts is to share content online that you:

1. Create, 2. Share, 3. DJ & 4. Journal

These 4 strategies will allow you to post on a regular basis.  

Aug 9, 2:14AM EDT0

Which method do you consider most profitable, network marketing or direct sales? What are the reasons for your answer?

Aug 8, 2:41PM EDT1

Direct Sales vs networking marketing: which is better? This depends upon your skill set. Direct sales usually have higher compensation for those who make sales. So if your strengths are speaking to others, listening, asking questions, listening, persuasive (online or face to face) and good at inviting then you'll probably find greater success in a direct sales organization.  Network Marketing are ideal for those that are leaders (or want to be) and trainers - those that enjoy helping others  win. 

Aug 9, 2:19AM EDT0

To what extent is the success of either network marketing or direct sales based on luck?

Aug 8, 1:18PM EDT1

the luck - typically is found by those who work the hardest and longest.  If you're well respected and you join networking marketing then those you introduce to the opportunity will buy (or at least you'll have a higher percentage).  Is that really luck though b/c you built those relationships of trust over years of being consistent.  My opinion: you get luckier by working longer and harder. Create your luck by your consistent effort.

Aug 9, 2:22AM EDT0
Many businesses are using network marketing as a way of getting more sales. Does this mean network marketing actually works? On what do you base your answer?
Aug 8, 10:51AM EDT1

There are companies that use network marketing to distribute their services or goods. It's just their model of getting sales.  Others use a traditional sales strategies by creating a sales force.  You can look at any network marketing business and find a competitor that distributes it in a traditional way.  It seems like there is a rapid momentum in a network world however, I would say that one way is better than another.

Aug 9, 2:33AM EDT0
If you want to build a long-term residual income, which of the alternatives (direct sales, network marketing) should you choose and why?
Aug 8, 7:49AM EDT1

Income is a good motivator however make sure you're going to enjoy being a part of the company, and that you believe in the products/services. I think you need to look at your skill set of leadership, training, development, public speaking and sales to decide where you want to be.  You can either possess it now or want to develop those skills.  direct sales usually have compensation models for those who want to make sales themselves (and create a team around them - think insurance).  while network marketing is about creating a team adn leading others.

Aug 9, 2:40AM EDT0
Rejection is something many people cannot handle when it comes to network marketing or even direct sales so they give up easily. How can someone handle rejection positively?
Aug 8, 7:25AM EDT1

Change rejection to the understanding that you're sifting.  You job is to invite others to listen. some will, some won't, so what?  keep moving forward to find those that say yes.  Remember they aren't rejecting you, they are turning down the opportunity.  so people like basketball and other like baseball, one isn't better than any others.

Aug 9, 2:42AM EDT0

Another way to handle rejection is to focus on teh activity and not the result.  For example, you can focus on inviting 10 people (or 5 or 2, or 20 - your choice) every day to listen about the opportunity.  So you focus on reaching out to 10 people, and not whether who will say yes, no or not now.  Activity is key.

Aug 9, 2:45AM EDT0

If you were to take part in either direct sales or network marketing, which one would you choose? Why?

Aug 8, 6:44AM EDT1

I've been in the insurance and investment industry for over 13 yrs (direct sales).  However, I do like world ventures (vacation club - I want to see every country in the world).

Monat - I found the product were great for my hair as it was thinning

voxx socks - wearble tech which will help reduce pain, increase mobility and stability

Aug 9, 2:52AM EDT0

What are your thoughts on the opinion that network marketing focuses too much on the benefits rather than on the process, making it difficult for newbies to understand the concept of making sales?

Aug 8, 4:10AM EDT1

This is why you definitely want to learn about their process and training before joining if you can. Also you want to partner with an organziation that is invested  to help you win and to feel successful. 

Aug 9, 2:56AM EDT0

What are some of the reasons why many people seem to be sceptical about network marketing?

Aug 8, 3:39AM EDT1

Many people are skeptical of the idea of networking marketing b/c they've heard stories. The key is to learn the company's  story and how you can add value.  

Aug 9, 3:04AM EDT0
More often than not, the prosperity stories of those in network marketing seems surreal. Is this a marketing strategy or fact?
Aug 8, 2:50AM EDT1

Legally they need to show you facts.  Also many are showing you the percentages of making it to those top income areas.  

Aug 9, 3:05AM EDT0

Which would be more successful: those that join a new network marketing venture when it is starting or someone joining late in the game and on what are you basing your answer? 

Aug 7, 6:42PM EDT1

there is an urgency to network marketing however, those that join Avon have been around since 1886 - over 200 yrs old! so if you decide to join have fun.

Aug 9, 3:13AM EDT0