My name is Jessica Cornish, I own multiple businesses, ask me anything about anything!

Jessica Cornish
Mar 9, 2018

I started my first business Love Note back in 2011 with the sole purpost of helping dogs. Today Love Note offers education/training for pet owners, pet photography, & services. In 2017 I launched my lifestyle site, Midwest Jess. The site covers everything from politics to fashion and has a shop full of handmade items I make right from home! I also have my hand in the podcasting world with a pop culture + a news podcast. In addition to all of this I have recently joined the Young Living Essential Oils family! 


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What do you think are the current trends in writing and why? Which is more profitable for the networks?
Mar 14, 9:59AM EDT0
While covering different niches, how do you stay updated on each niche?
Mar 13, 3:08PM EDT0

I follow a lot of professionals in each area on social media & I’m constantly reading what advice they’re giving. I try to stay as current as possible!

Mar 14, 4:26PM EDT0
Did you do any marketing or self-promotion during these early stages, or was it largely word-of-mouth?
Mar 13, 12:31PM EDT0

Hey Maja! All of the marketing was done by me on social media, so yes. it was largely word of mouth!

Mar 14, 4:25PM EDT0
Is there any niche that you would like to explore? If so, why?
Mar 13, 5:28AM EDT0

I’d love to get into public speaking in order to educate more people on different aspects of animal abuse/rescue + pet ownership.

Mar 13, 7:36AM EDT0
What are your expansion plans for 2018?
Mar 13, 5:18AM EDT0

My plans for Love Note include educating more people on animal abuse/rescue + different aspects of pet ownership. For Midwest Jess, I’d love to continue to grow my audience & continue adding new products to my shop, more collaborations, just MORE overall! 😃 For essential oils, I’m really looking forward to sharing my experiences with people + all the benefits they provide!

Mar 13, 7:38AM EDT0
Do you prefer dogs more than cats or vice cersa?
Mar 10, 11:12AM EST0

Hey Tom! If you asked me a few years ago I would have answered dogs right away! Now, after owning cats, I love them both! 

Mar 10, 11:30AM EST0
What kind of dog do you have? What is his/her name and what kind of personality does he/she have?
Mar 10, 8:40AM EST0

Hey Clement! Well we have 5 dogs so that’s a loaded question, hah. There’s Chewbacca, a German Shepherd, Aria, a Maltipoo, Penny, a Maltese, Savannah a Miniature Bull Terrier, & Solo, a Border Collie Mix.   Chewbacca & Aria act like typical dogs. We got both of them pretty young. Penny is a senior, she’s about 11 or so years old so she doesn’t do much. Solo I rescued around 6 months old. He always has been & still is very skiddish around strangers + out in public. Savannah has a really rough past. So, she doesn’t act like a typical dog very often. When we first got her all she wanted to do was sit in her kennel 24/7. She’s come a long way though & has shown more of her personality when it’s just us at home 😃

Mar 10, 10:47AM EST0

You can follow their adventures, @thecornishdogs on instagram 😃

Mar 10, 10:48AM EST0
How did you end up joining the Young Living Essential Oil family?
Mar 9, 9:35PM EST0

Hey Mitchell! It was seeming like I was hearing about essential oils more & more. So when I found out 2 of my friends were involved with Young Living I started looking specifically into that company. It didn’t take long before I wanted to be a part of the family!

Mar 9, 10:40PM EST0
Is Love Note only for dogs or does it also work for other pets like cats, hamsters, rabbits, etc.?
Mar 9, 9:09PM EST0

Love Note is just for dogs, 😃. 

Mar 9, 10:37PM EST0
You mentioned that you are a podcast cohost. Who do you co-host with?
Mar 9, 8:26PM EST0

Hey Thomas! For the pop culture podcast my co-host is a longtime friend of mine. For my news podcast, my co-host is my husband! 😃

Mar 9, 8:31PM EST0
How do you do your podcasts? Do you draft out what you are going to say ahead of time?
Mar 9, 8:24PM EST0

Hey! To an extent we do. The goal is for the conversation to be as authentic & free flowing as possible though so topics may be written down but they aren’t discussed until we start recording!

Mar 9, 8:30PM EST0

Thank you so much for joining my AMA! I have loved the questions so far! Feel free to follow me on social media!

Instagram : @midwestjessofficial & @lovenoteandco 

Twitter : @mwjessofficial & @lovenoteandco

Facebook: @midwestjessofficial & @lovenoteandco

Mar 9, 5:05PM EST0

What kind of training does Love Note have for pet owners?

Mar 9, 4:55PM EST0

Great question! I believe training a dog starts with the owner. So I try to educate pet owners as much as possible on as many different aspects of pet ownership as I can. 

Mar 9, 5:00PM EST0
What inspired you to start Love Note back in 2011?
Mar 9, 4:43PM EST0

Hey Jovana! I was really just inspired by my love for dogs. I wanted to do something that would enable to be able to give back to dogs in need. 

Mar 9, 4:59PM EST0
Do you have any good books to recommend to entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
Mar 9, 3:01PM EST0

Hey Beth! I wish I did but unfortunately I do not! 

Mar 9, 4:31PM EST0
Why did you choose the name 'Midwest Jess'? Are you living in the Midwest?
Mar 9, 10:23AM EST0

Hey Pam! Yes, I did choose the name because I am living in the Midwest! I wanted something catchy & it just came to me! I currently live in a small town in Missouri. 😃

Mar 9, 10:31AM EST0
What do you do with regards to the essential oils? Do you sell them on your site?
Mar 9, 6:08AM EST0

Hey! No, I do not sell them at the moment. Since I am just starting out with YL I plan on educating people on all of the benefits essential oils give then growing from there. My hope is to one day be able to teach classes, sell products I make with the essential oils & help other people use them!

Mar 9, 10:30AM EST0
What do you enjoy the most of all these different interests, love note, Midwest Jess, podcasts or the essential oils? Or something else?
Mar 9, 4:06AM EST0

Hey Alexey! That’s hard for me to answer because I enjoy them all. There’s times when I enjoy one more than the other for sure, but overall I love them all. Right now I’m very excited about my news podcast because it’s a new adventure & I’m producing it with my husband so it’s very fun!

Mar 9, 10:28AM EST0
Where do you ship your items to? Do you deliver worldwide?
Mar 8, 11:41PM EST0

Hey Kevin! Yes I do ship worldwide! It’s always exciting to get to ship an item I made overseas!

Last edited @ Mar 9, 10:27AM EST.
Mar 9, 10:26AM EST0
What is your personal favourite topic to write about? Do you prefer politics over fashion, for example?
Mar 8, 9:56PM EST0

I definitely prefer politics over fashion in most aspects of my life, ha. When it comes to writing, I like to share information, I like to get people fired up, inspired, or interested in topics, fashion doesn’t give much outlet for that.   I love writing about dogs which is why I created the “Education” articles for Love Note. When I started blogging I was doing a series called “26 Churches 26 Weeks” where my husband & I attended a different religions service each week, then I blogged about it. So, I like to write about what I love to talk about and  I prefer conversations about real, meaningful topics! 

Mar 8, 11:26PM EST0
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