Let's talk about it! #AMA #AskMeAnything *Functioning w/ childhood trauma and using your recovery to propel your personal & professional life.

Tonya McKenzie
Sep 19, 2018

Childhood trauma or any trauma can leave us feeling empty, feeling victimized, feeling depressed, feeling worthless and most importantly, feeling angry.  Learn to acknowledge those feelings, use them and channel them into positivity and progress for YOU! 

Let's have a NO JUDGEMENT and SOLUTIONS based convo about the good, bad, and ugly of being a survivor! 

If you have any questions about any epidode in the book, A Child's Memories of Cartoons & Murder, I am here to answer ANYTHING! 



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How does trauma affect a developing child’s brain?
Sep 14, 11:19PM EDT0

There is a notion that having trauma in one's life, or having some sort of pain or scar, helps form a person into an artist. Do you agree with this, and why or why not?

Sep 14, 9:50PM EDT0
There is the notion that the moment of birth is the first trauma experienced by everyone. What are your thoughts on this concept?
Sep 13, 5:42PM EDT0
How did your experience mould you to the person that you are today,especially when it comes to your resilience in handling tough situations?
Sep 13, 2:14PM EDT0
How can one find the right counselor or therapist to get treatment?
Sep 13, 11:37AM EDT0
What are the main differences between the effects of childhood trauma and the trauma suffered during adulthood?
Sep 13, 10:14AM EDT0
Why is positivity so important in one's life?
Sep 13, 7:09AM EDT0
Did you have professional counseling help to overcome your trauma?
Sep 12, 10:21AM EDT0
What were the circumstances that led you to become a child trauma survivor?
Sep 12, 4:23AM EDT0
What do you think helped you survive your traumatic childhood?
Sep 11, 10:34PM EDT0
Why did you feel it was important to write about your experience?
Sep 11, 10:28PM EDT0
How does trauma shape the personality of the affected individuals? How can one turn it into a positive thing?
Sep 11, 9:23PM EDT0
How would you describe the lifelong effects on children that suffered from any kind of traumatic experience?
Sep 11, 6:55PM EDT0
Would you say that wiring this book helped you heal your wounds somehow? Was it a cathartic experience?
Sep 11, 11:53AM EDT0
What are the misconceptions people have about trauma survivors?
Sep 11, 8:09AM EDT0
How can adult survivors stop feeling ashamed about and stigmatized for their childhood traumas?
Sep 11, 1:02AM EDT0
Is childhood trauma always a negative thing? What are the reasons for your answer?
Sep 10, 11:55PM EDT0
Would you say that you use writing as a form of therapy to overcome the trauma of your past?
Sep 10, 1:25PM EDT0

My therapy actually comes in the form of platforms like this and actual human contact. Writing is a vehicle that allows for the initiation of the conversation. Human interaction with open conversation is my primary form of therapy. Knowing that you are not alone in your mess brings a form of relief. 

Sep 10, 11:25PM EDT0
How does one start the healing process of overcoming a childhood trauma?
Sep 10, 10:09AM EDT0

The VERY FIRST STEP is acknowledging what happened. Some people can't even get through that step. People will try to convince you that you are not being honest. Sometimes acts are so heinous that you find it hard to admit that it happened to you. Sometimes your mind can block it out. Getting past this STARTS the process. 

Sep 10, 11:29PM EDT0
How can one help a child whose family is going through a situation that will cause trauma?
Sep 10, 8:53AM EDT0

This is tough because people don't want to get in "other's people's" business. However, if you know that madness is going on in a family, we have a moral responsibility to offer to help the child. I had a family member offer to adopt and raise me because she knew that my mom was in the streets. Momma told her NO but she offered. I will never forget that. Offering to be a "safe place" for the child so that they know that they have somewhere to go when things get crazy help. There is nothing worse as a child than feeling like your life has no value or that your well-being has no weight in the decisions that your parent makes. 

Sep 10, 11:36PM EDT0
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