I'm Natalie. I'm an Entrepreneur/Traveller/Daughter/VX Sport Coach/Precision Nutrition Coach Ask me anything :)

Apr 13, 2018

I run my global travel business from my laptop and teach people how to travel in a better price and make money at the same time. 

My passions are...

inspiring people to live their life they want;

being able to give back, helping underprivileged children and elderly;

travelling the world with my family :)



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Did you have any female sporting role models as a young girl?
Apr 20, 2:53AM EDT0
What has been the biggest cultural shock you have experienced while travelling?
Apr 19, 11:32PM EDT0
What advice would you give to another female coach wanting to progress in their career?
Apr 19, 6:01PM EDT0
When is the right time to travel the world? One thing which you don’t like about travelling?
Apr 19, 9:39AM EDT0

Hi Luchzo, thank you for your question. :)

As long as you want to, that's the right time. 

I can say packing is the one thing I don't like about travel lol

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Apr 19, 10:08AM EDT0
What do you think are the 3 most important things that a coach can do for their athletes to help them succeed?
Apr 19, 8:51AM EDT0

Hi Shakeel, thanks for your question. :)

Nutrition for sure, also the schedule for rest, and the goal. 

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Apr 19, 10:06AM EDT0

What is your favourite sport, and could you suggest 5 best countries an aspiring footballer can visit to start his/her career?

Apr 18, 12:53PM EDT0

Hello Babatunde, thank you for your question. :)

It's an interesting question. VX is one of my favourite and I like doing bootcamp workout too. I'm not a big fan of team sport. 

For the football places, I can think of England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal. 

Apr 19, 10:00AM EDT0
What do you imagine is the future of vegan athletics?
Apr 17, 3:52AM EDT0

Hi Luisarguelles, thanks for your quesstion. :)

It could be the trend, as more people are going vegan. As long as those athletes are nutritionally conscious, it's fine.

Apr 19, 9:54AM EDT0
How do you manage your personal daily-life eating challenges?
Apr 16, 2:14PM EDT0

HI Jquiambs, thank you for your question. :)

For most of the time, I'd pick whole food/nutrient-dense food if I can. If I'm dining out or there is not many choices, I just don't care, see it as an enjoyment, pick whatever I want :P not a big deal. 

Apr 17, 10:49PM EDT0
How true is the statement "most people believe that overeating is a form of self-medicating?
Apr 16, 10:23AM EDT0

Hi Poncjo,  thank you for your question. :)

Some people do believe that is the form of self-medication, or even with drugs or alcohol. Some people do self-medication by using raw food and dietary supplements which could improve health indeed. 

However, if in the way of overeating, it'd be harmful. In such case, I'd suggest to consult with the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. 

Apr 17, 10:40PM EDT0
What are some of the ways the average person can establish which nutritional program would be best for them?
Apr 14, 10:13PM EDT0

Hello Tanya, thanks for your question. :)

Having nutrient-dense food, whole food and avoiding processed food would be great for average person or probably all people. Every single food has the nutrient value, don't be a picky eater lol :P

Apr 15, 5:19AM EDT0
What are some of the benefits of running a remote company?
Apr 14, 8:38PM EDT0

Hi Cheyenne, thank you for your question. :)

It creates the location freedom, no matter where you are.  Also, minimize the overhead costs, like in the city I live, office rent is extremely high. I'd take the advantage to reduce the overhead costs. In certain countries, people can take advantages on tax if they have home business/office. 

Apr 15, 5:13AM EDT0
What are some of the personal methods you use to calm yourself in times of crisis?
Apr 14, 12:55PM EDT0

Hi Shweta, thank you for your question. 

I'd spend time on meditation, reading and workout. Meditation and reading would create a space for myself to calm. Meditation let my mind taking a rest. Reading allows me to motivate myself keep going, to cheer me up. Also, workout is releasing stress physically and I love the feeling of sweating. Just making me feel great :)

Apr 15, 5:08AM EDT0
What are some of the healthy foods that obstruct weight loss and what is the science behind this?
Apr 14, 12:29PM EDT0

Hi Jeanrua, thanks for your question.  :)

Some healthy food like avocado, nuts, olive oil, they are healthy food but also in high calories. You take extra calories means you have to burn the excess calories in order to loss weight. However, in my point of view, I don't care about the weight, instead, I'd focus on fat percentage and muscle mass. These are more important than purely look at the weight. During the weight loss, better limiting the calories intake and also eating nutrient-dense food and whole food.

Apr 15, 5:01AM EDT0
In what ways does business website optimizing for search engines benefit a business?
Apr 14, 6:03AM EDT0

Hello A-lavf, thank you for your question. :)

Focus on content marketing, providing value for your audiences on the website would be benefited. Building the rapport before selling. 

Apr 14, 6:34AM EDT0
What are some of the dietary factors that allow some people to lose weight faster than others?
Apr 14, 4:45AM EDT0

Hello Rcchan, thank you for your question. 

Nutrient-dense, like quinoa, kale etc, high fiber and low-calorie vegetables are good for weight loss. Starchy carbs can wait till after exercise, Also, better eating whole food and minimally processed/unprocessed food would be good too.  

Apr 14, 6:28AM EDT0
What avenues have you used to make certain that the online world knows that your company is a reputable and trusted one?
Apr 14, 3:32AM EDT0

Hello Marissa, thanks for your question. :)

We rely on word of mouth, user experience and also soical media support. Also, third party recognition is also important. 

Apr 14, 6:18AM EDT0

Can you give me hint at how I can branch out and get sponsors like you to notice my blog?

Apr 14, 2:41AM EDT0

Hi Joseph, thanks for your question. 

I'd suggest you could focus on putting in right keyword in your blog post and make your blog post be more searchable. Try Jaaxy, the keyword tool to get keyword idea. 

You are welcome to reach me to talk further for collaboration. :)

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Apr 14, 6:16AM EDT0
In what ways can one’s diet help one with mental stress and depression?
Apr 14, 2:28AM EDT0

Hello Amy, thank you for your question. :)

I'm afraid it is outside my scope of practice, which is sport and exercise nutrition. I'm not allowed to advise on such area. I suggest you seek for advice from medical practicioner regarding this. Thank you for your understanding :)

Apr 14, 6:07AM EDT0
What nutritional and lifestyle advice do you have to offer for individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome?
Apr 13, 11:35AM EDT0

Hello Brady, thanks for your question. :)

I'm afraid it is outside my scope of practice, which is sport and exercise nutrition. I'm not allowed to advise on medical nutrition therapy. I suggest you seek for advice from medical practicioner for your own good. Thank you for your understanding :)

Apr 13, 10:20PM EDT0
What are some simple things that people can do on a daily basis, other than exercise, that will assist in the weight loss process?
Apr 13, 7:57AM EDT0

Hi Bojana, thanks for your question. :)

Control the diet. We eat 3 times per day, even we are not exercising 3 times a day. We can save the starchy carbohydrates for after workout. Choosing mostly whole food with minimal processed food. Also, eat slowly and stop eating when in 80% full. These little things we can do on a daily basis to help in weight loss :)

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Apr 13, 9:53AM EDT0