I'm an entrepreneur with many fails and few successes. I learned digital marketing the hardway and my major area of expertise is Social Media marketing so lets AMA.

Feb 11, 2018

I'm fairly knowledgeable around online businesses. My special interestes are in conversion rate optimisation, branding and marketing. I'm running my e-commerce medium sized business and also providing marketing consultancy to few businesses as well. If you are looking for any advice or suggestion into a problem that you are trying to solve for your business or for your clients. let me know and may be, may be (yeah I said that twice) I can help :)


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Are you a freelancer or do you currently work with a company or your own company?

Feb 17, 10:07PM EST0

Do you have any online business ideas that’s great for beginners to start working on?

Feb 16, 5:28PM EST0

I know three cases when social media marketing is extremely useful and effective: 1) when it's the only or the main way for you audience tocommunicate with you and each other, to collect feedback and deliver information to plenty of your retaining customers (for example, some game);2) when running advertising on Facebook: for some companies it's almost the only channel to attract new customers (though I don't consider it as social media marketing, but more as user acquisition or advertising);3) some rare companies maange to integrate social networks in their marketing campaigns really effectively. My question is: are there any other ways to exploit social networks effectively? And what KPIs could be used to measure such activities? 

Feb 15, 7:51AM EST0

As an entrepreneur, what businesses do you own or run?

Feb 14, 5:51AM EST0

Among your successes, which one's your best and your favorite?

Feb 14, 1:40AM EST0

Generally speaking, is it better to invest on your own online business or invest on other people’s businesses so you can earn passive income instead?

Feb 14, 12:09AM EST1

What are the worst habits a business owner may have that cause him to fail?

Feb 13, 11:49PM EST1

Which online platform gives the highest conversion rate optimization today?

Feb 12, 8:21PM EST0

Has online marketing become easier or tougher in the past five years?

Feb 12, 10:08AM EST0

Tougher. Competition has increased. You have to be on your toes in todays digital world. 

Feb 12, 2:30PM EST0

When did you start your online marketing? And, what made you kick-start in online marketing?

Feb 12, 2:34AM EST0

Interestingly it was human behaviour that inspired me to be part of online marketing. I started online marketing back in 2013 when I started observing user behavior on social media platforms. 

Feb 12, 6:16AM EST0

You mentioned you have seen many failures and few successes. Why do you say so? What do you consider as the main reason for your failures?

Feb 11, 6:08PM EST0

Lack of patience. Not thinking things through. 

Feb 12, 6:15AM EST0

What is the importance of branding today? Why should a business invest in branding?

Feb 11, 4:54PM EST0

Ooo great questions.

Branding is all about the story.  The values brand stand for. That is what makes the sales. It gives emotions to the product. A connection with the audience. 

Feb 12, 6:14AM EST0

Do you own a marketing consultancy firm? What does it take to start a marketing consultancy firm today?

Feb 11, 3:49PM EST0

Hi  Marie, 

Hope you are well. No, I don't own  marketing consultancy firm but I am attached with an Australian company and provide consultancy to their client on their behalf. I think to begin with, you must have industry knowledge and fundamental experience to back your consultancy decisions. And to be successful party in this type of business, you must not miss an opportunity to network with the prospects. 

Feb 12, 6:12AM EST0

How effective is the social media marketing for your e-commerce business?

Feb 11, 12:39PM EST0

Our 80% sales are result of our social media activities. Our main focus is that we develop our brand around our social media presense. 

Feb 11, 12:54PM EST0

How do you think the digital marketing has changed since you started?

Feb 11, 7:23AM EST0

Annabelle, thanks for the question. It has changed quite alot actually. In the past, the speed to which the digital content was being produced was much lower than now. which means competition was low and easier to reach to the audience. Now its tough and expensive. 

Feb 11, 11:22AM EST0

What do you think is the best success in your career? How satisfied are you now as a digital marketer?

Feb 10, 6:06PM EST0

I think there is lot more success to come in the future for me. I don't want to "settle" to my current situation. I think I have a long way to go. 

Feb 11, 11:27AM EST0

How tough is it to run a medium-sized e-commerce platform?

Feb 10, 4:47PM EST0

Its not tough. All it requires is a patience and consistency. 

Feb 11, 11:27AM EST0

How did you manage you motivate yourself whenever you failed?

Feb 10, 1:56PM EST0

I don't know exactly mate. There was never a lack of motivation. Its the lack of the "wow" moment in the life. 

Feb 11, 11:29AM EST0

What are your tips on education for the newcomers who wish to set foot on online marketing?

Feb 10, 12:32PM EST0

Learn the basics and do the basics. Rest will follow. 

Feb 11, 11:29AM EST0

How should anyone boost his social media presence which should be translated into money? Any specific media to target? I'm an indie author to explain. 

Feb 10, 10:22AM EST0

Top platform for you is Instagram. Use it to become an expert in your field. Use all its feature and become influencer. 

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You do this for 3 months and you will start seeing great result.

Feb 11, 11:31AM EST0
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