I'm a recent Harvard MBA that went from engineering school to finance to media. I'm building NewsBling.co to battle news media bias! AMA!

Nupur Patel
Mar 12, 2018

I'm the founder of a media startup called NewsBling.co. We're tackling news media bias and fake news. We present readers with news articles on all sides of the conversation (liberal and conservative) and expose how the news media spins stories. In short, imagine a headline from CNN next to Fox News for the same story. It's shocking.

We've launched a daily newsletter as our initial editorial product and are currently working on a daily audio brief for smart speakers. We're building a community of readers that will ultimately police the web with our crowdsourced tech platform for fighting media bias and fake news.

I studied Industrial Engineering in undergrad but worked in investment banking as an analyst and later in media at both Viacom (Nickelodeon) and Netflix. 

I'm passionate about disrupting the state of news media and creating a news outlet that millennials can trust! AMA!


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What is the one important skill that every startup founder should have?
Mar 14, 10:13AM EDT0
What do you think of the state of the startup ecosystem?
Mar 14, 8:38AM EDT0
What has been the biggest challenge of your entrepreneurial career and how did you overcome it?
Mar 14, 5:33AM EDT0
What is a recent purchase you have made that’s helped with your business?
Mar 14, 3:46AM EDT0

G Suite!

Mar 14, 12:13PM EDT0
When did you "charter" NewsBling.co?
Mar 13, 9:20AM EDT0

Last year!

Mar 14, 12:09PM EDT0
What topics are likely to be the focus of fake news and why?
Mar 13, 7:53AM EDT0

Political news stories. As Americans, we're very vocal about our government. The beauty of a democracy! As result, political topics tend to stir the most emotions in people. 

Mar 14, 12:11PM EDT0
What is fake news and why do you think people create it?
Mar 13, 5:23AM EDT0

IMO, people create fake news because they either want to push an agenda or they are looking to generate traffic and make money. 

Mar 14, 12:12PM EDT0

What personal experiences could affect whether an audience believes fake news?

Mar 13, 1:13AM EDT0

People want to hear what they believe. If the fake news aligns with their views, they're more likely to believe it.

Mar 14, 12:12PM EDT0
What is media literacy and why is it important?
Mar 12, 5:27PM EDT0

I tend to agree with this article that covers exactly what media literacy is: medialiteracyproject.org/learn/media-literacy/ 

It's important because in a world with so much content. We need to understand what we are consuming and whether we can trust or rely on that source of information.

Mar 12, 7:17PM EDT0
How does cultural background effect whether an audience believes fake news?
Mar 12, 4:33PM EDT0

I think it has less to do with cultural background and more to do with human nature. We want to believe the things we want to believe. If some fake news identifies with our core beliefs, we will be more likely to believe it. It's really about hearing what you want to hear. 

Mar 12, 7:14PM EDT0
What are some of the persuasive strategies make fake news seem to be true?
Mar 12, 3:22PM EDT0

I'm not in the business of creating fake news, but I would say playing into people fears and emotions are what make fake news so clickbaity and ultimately viral. 

Mar 12, 7:18PM EDT0
Why do you believe that now is the time for your company to exist NewsBling.co?
Mar 12, 12:11PM EDT0

We live in a world today where no one is sure what to believe. Fake news has become a commonplace term in households. Whenever people hear something they don't like, they want to dub it as fake news. The goal of NewsBling.co is to build trust with our audience and help them see that not all news is fake, but that it may be biased. Biased news is not the same as fake news. 

Mar 12, 1:48PM EDT0
What is the difference between facts and opinions and what roles do each play in accurate reporting?
Mar 12, 9:49AM EDT0

A fact is something that no one can disagree with. It is something that we know and cannot refute, regardless of partisan politics or views. An opinion is what one individual believes about a topic, without being able to prove that his/her opinion is the only right answer. Opinions tend to be based on a set of facts, which results in people confusing a fact and an opinion in the news. 

Mar 12, 1:51PM EDT0
What do you love about your team and why are you the ones to solve the fake and bias news problem?
Mar 11, 5:27PM EDT0

What I love most about the News Bling team is that they are all individuals passionate about solving the media bias problem in news. Every one of them recognizes that this is a global issue that can negatively impact society if we don't do something about it. Beyond recognizing the problem and wanting to do something about it, we have a team of great writers who ensure not to inject their own biases into what we write. Our team is always growing and we are looking to add more members with both conservative and liberal perspectives. 

Mar 12, 1:56PM EDT0
Have you reached out to potential customers for feedback, if so what was the result, if not when do you plan to establish the statistics regarding your potential market?
Mar 11, 3:41PM EDT0

We have reached out to customers for feedback, we also get it without asking from many readers! Our readers are passionate about the problem we are solving, so they are quick to tell us when something doesn't look right. Sometimes they feel we have our own biases or that we missed a critical element of a story or that they just want us to change the color of something! We are constantly growing product that takes input from our readers and makes adjustments to make the experience better. If you take a look and have feedback, please tell us! We love reader feedback.

Mar 12, 1:59PM EDT0
Does NewsBling.co use the services of a professional accountant or attorney and why would their service be important with regard to combating fake news?
Mar 11, 12:49PM EDT0

We don't at the moment. Further down the line, this will likely be relevant, but for now, we consult with professionals within our networks. 

Mar 12, 2:00PM EDT0
In what ways does being goal driven to make decisions that are unbiased by emotions benefit your particular startup?
Mar 11, 12:25PM EDT0

Being goal driven is KEY when there are million and one things to do. I have to constantly set short, medium and long-term goals to figure out what we should do next on a daily basis. Without goals, it's difficult to stay focused. With so many things going on, it's easy to lose track of what's important! Near-term goals help us ship new products, ideas and generally keep us moving forward with an eye on our ultimate goal at the end of the tunnel! 

Mar 12, 2:03PM EDT0
How much capital do you have and when do we expect cash flow break even?
Mar 11, 10:04AM EDT0

As an online publication, our costs are relatively low. As a bootstrapped startup, we focus on keeping overhead as low as possible. 

Mar 12, 2:04PM EDT0
What do you believe to be the biggest threat to NewsBling.co’s success?
Mar 11, 6:31AM EDT0

The biggest threat to our success will be lack of product-market fit. One of the common questions I receive is "How do you know people want to know the news bias?". Their thinking is, people read/watch far right or far left content because they align with those views. They want to consume that content because it reaffirms what they believe and they don't want to be told that their views may be wrong. This is a valid concern. There will always be a group of people that aren't interested in hearing anything but what they believe is right. However, I believe there is a large enough audience, ESPECIALLY in millennials, who want to think for themselves rather than be told what to think.

Mar 12, 2:07PM EDT0
What quality control measures has NewsBling.co implemented?
Mar 11, 5:00AM EDT0

To ensure we don't inject our own bias, we have multiple levels of editorial review. This helps us maintain a certain level of quality and also check each other's work internally for bias. 

Mar 12, 2:08PM EDT0
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