Hi, this is Ayaz. I am an enterprenuer at Bahria town the largest private sector real estate in Pakistan and South Asia. I advise people for their hard earnings where to invest to get better ROI. Ask me Anything #BusinessAMA

Syed Ayaz Hashmi
Sep 7, 2017

In today's world property investment consider as very safe investment. Investor continuously looking for the emerging market and Pakistan is the very popular after the China pak economic corridor. Bahria town is another attractive private real estate project and many foreigners around the globe invested in it. The reason is very simple people get better ROI in Bahria, tight security, fully design with international standards infrastructure. Ask me anything.



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How do you deal with mortgages in Pakistan? If usury is forbidden in Islam how do you structure the mortgage?

Sep 7, 7:11PM EDT0


Mortgage forbidden in islam but not in Pakistan. You need to give proof like we give in west rest structure is like, you had to quaterly installment for how many years that depends on your plan and intial payment.

Sep 8, 3:45AM EDT0

Thanks for clearing that up.

Sep 8, 7:57PM EDT0

What parts of South Asia do you market real estate?

Sep 7, 3:53PM EDT0


I belongs to Lahore, pakistan and i usually do at Lahore

Sep 8, 3:37AM EDT0

Which are your most popular areas?

Sep 8, 8:45PM EDT0

Before considering purchasing property in Pakistan, what does a foreigner need to know?

Sep 7, 1:32PM EDT0


please check property portal like zameen.com, starmarket.com or jaldiker.com for updation and check blogs at these sites.

Sep 8, 3:41AM EDT0

Hi!  Thanks for your answer - just out of curiosity, are there any rules and regulations that apply to foriegners only,  like in many other countries?

Sep 8, 4:04PM EDT0

How much deposit is required to purchase real estate in Pakistan?

Sep 7, 12:25PM EDT0


in lahore property rates of 2250 square feet house ranges from 2 hundred thousand to 7 hundred thousand dollar.

karachi 2- 8 hundred thousand dollar.

Islamabad 3-12 hundred thousand dollar

Sep 8, 3:39AM EDT0

Wow!  How come so expensive?  Are you a luxury real-estate dealer?

Sep 8, 6:37PM EDT0

Where do you advertise your properties?

Sep 7, 12:19PM EDT0


I usyally at www.zameen.com and jaldiker.com

Sep 8, 3:36AM EDT0

Is Bahria newly developed? What are the future prospects of owning real estate in Bahria?

Sep 7, 9:37AM EDT0


Bahria town starts its first project in Islamabad in 2001 and then starts its projects in Lahore, Karachi, Muree, Nawabshah and many more to come. The future to own a real estate in Bahria is good provided you have big investor in your pockets.

Sep 8, 3:36AM EDT0

Okay, so the key is having good investors then?

Sep 8, 3:47PM EDT0

Do you have a website where you offer your listings?

Sep 7, 1:16AM EDT0


I do have website www. Hashmisestate.com which is under construction and i usually list on www.zameen.com

Sep 8, 3:33AM EDT0

When you list a new property do you check that all the paperwork is in order?

Sep 7, 12:48AM EDT0


yes, I provide the service of all documentation and good thing is Bahria Town also provide this service to its clients.

Sep 8, 3:32AM EDT0

Okay, how can your clients be sure that you've got everything covered?  Do you give copies of everything to your clients?

Sep 8, 9:31PM EDT0

Do you work together with other real estate agents, i.e. if you have a client and you don't have a suitable property, do you check with colleagues if they have a property and you share the commission?

Sep 6, 11:54PM EDT0


yes sometime I do share the property with other agents in that case commision is split,

Sep 8, 3:30AM EDT0

What percentage commission do you get on each property sale?  

Sep 8, 4:27PM EDT0

Are you specializing in commercial buildings or luxury real estate or do you sell and rent everything?

Sep 6, 11:33PM EDT0


I do everything you mentioned in your question but i would say commercial has more profitable because its fast and attractive to consumer market.

Sep 8, 3:29AM EDT0

Thanks for your answer!

Sep 8, 5:24PM EDT0

How much deposit do you need to pay if you rent a property?

Sep 6, 10:54PM EDT0


you have to pay three mobths rents and security of 1 thousand dollar in advance to get a house in rent. The security deposit will return when you leave house.

Sep 8, 3:27AM EDT0

Am I being really naive or does that not seem slightly ridiculous?  I lived in London and only had to pay 2 months rent in advance which was used as a security deposit, why would you need 3 months in advance AND a security deposit on top?!?

Sep 8, 4:28PM EDT0

Which type of properties do you generally sell most of?

Sep 6, 9:28PM EDT0


usually I sell 2250 square feet house.

Sep 8, 3:25AM EDT0

Do you have a lot of these then?  

Sep 8, 11:20PM EDT0

Are you working alone or how many colleagues are working with you?

Sep 6, 8:35PM EDT0


i work with team of 6 people. The benefit of working in team is that sometime you like a property then all team equally invest in that property and when best ROI comes we sell it. This is the investment we do as a team.

Sep 8, 3:24AM EDT0

I see, that makes sense.  What's the best ROI you've managed to make so far in your team?

Sep 8, 4:51PM EDT0

Do you need to have a license in your country to sell real estate?

Sep 6, 7:50PM EDT0


yes, for consumer protection and aware of scam private sector gives dealership license.

Sep 8, 3:22AM EDT0

Okay, so like most places around the world I guess.  Is it hard to get a license?

Sep 8, 9:38PM EDT0

Do many of your listings have a pool or other amenities?

Sep 6, 7:21PM EDT0

 Hi, there are few properties has pool. The other ameneties are available to every other property.

Sep 8, 3:19AM EDT0

How do you mean?  They have shared pools?

Sep 8, 4:33PM EDT0

How much commission do you make when you sell a property?

Sep 6, 7:19PM EDT0

hi, i will get 2 percent of total value from both buyer and seller.

Sep 8, 3:17AM EDT0

So you get 4% in total?

Sep 8, 5:45PM EDT0

What is the average 3 bed house price in a decent area?

Sep 6, 6:34PM EDT0

Hi, Three bed house in Bahria town Lahore around 80 thousand dollar to 1 hundred thoysand dollar. The price goes even higher in other areas and vary from city to city of Bahria town project.

Sep 8, 3:16AM EDT0

That's not too bad.  How come your properties are so much more expensive?

Sep 8, 7:36PM EDT0

Does the buyer or the seller pay the commission?

Sep 6, 5:59PM EDT0

Hi, yes both pay commision of 1 percent of total amount. 

Sep 8, 3:13AM EDT0

Does the Bahria Town offer 24/7 security for its residents? 

Sep 6, 5:24PM EDT0

Hi, yes Bahria town is one of the safest place to live in pakistan even safer from foreigners emmbassy.

Sep 8, 3:12AM EDT0

Is this why the prices are higher?

Sep 8, 5:08PM EDT0

How long have you been working within this field?

Sep 6, 4:13PM EDT0

hi, I am in this business for last 7 years.

Sep 8, 3:10AM EDT0

Wow, that's quite a while.  What's the most beautiful house you ever sold?

Sep 8, 11:03PM EDT0
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