Hi, my name is Jaye and I'm a small business owner. Ask me anything!

Jaye Williams
Apr 14, 2018

I'm a mobile hairdresser and wedding creator. I have been hairdressing for over 35yrs. Love creating designs and putting a smile on my client’s faces. It’s the Best job in the world. I have been mobile now for 3 yrs and I love the flexibility of my job. I’m a wedding creator: creating designs for shows and photo shoots. I also support schools by teaching young girls about hair design.




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How should one go about marketing their skills as a hairdresser without excessively imposing on current clients for evidence?
Apr 21, 3:56AM EDT0
What type of hairstyle is the hardest to manage daily and why?
Apr 21, 1:29AM EDT0
Why is being able to manage one's time well an important aspect of being a mobile hairdresser?
Apr 21, 1:13AM EDT0
What hairstyles do you think will trend later in 2018 and why?
Apr 20, 12:15PM EDT0

Hi ty for your message. To be honest balayage is still very popular especially ash/silver tones. Pastels are still very much in. Rose gold is also big in colour. 

Apr 21, 12:22AM EDT0
When did you start helping in schools and what about it do you enjoy?
Apr 20, 7:00AM EDT0

Hi ty for your message. I've been doing over 12 months now. I love how the girls really get involved and want to learn. I make teaching them designs fun for them 

Apr 20, 7:24AM EDT0
How often do you get orders for hairstyling through the mobile versus clients who come in person?
Apr 19, 11:34AM EDT0

Hi ty for your message..I find being mobile and offering cheaper prices makes a big difference. The amount of wait time and $$$ salons charge with the economy the way it is has gone down mobile businesses up

Apr 20, 7:23AM EDT0
What made you start in the hairdressing business and what has made you stick with it for 35 years?
Apr 18, 8:54PM EDT0

Hi ty for your message. I always wanted to do hairdressing as a kid so it seemed a natural process for me at school. I've done other roles in that 35 odd yes but always come back. I love what I do so much 

Apr 18, 11:54PM EDT0
You've been at your profession for 35 year. How have you developed as a hair dresser and business owner?
Apr 18, 3:12AM EDT0

Hi Jean. Ty for your message. I've always keep up with the trends and done courses to enhance what I do. I've always worked or had my own salons. But my mobile business I've only been doing 3 yrs. It's a challenge to increase business sometimes with the financial crisis out their arm. But I'm determined and work hard to keep my business going 

Apr 18, 5:59PM EDT0
Where did you learn hairdressing and where do you go to continue to learn hairdressing?
Apr 17, 1:27AM EDT0

Hi ty for your message. I started at 16yrs of age at fremantle tafe. 4yr apprentiship. It continually changes. But if you keep up with the trends you don't need to re sit courses. Once out of it for a while I would for sure. Once you have the basics you can expand from there 

Apr 17, 2:49AM EDT0
When do you plan to retire the business and do you plan on handing it on to anyone?
Apr 16, 10:22AM EDT0

Hi ty for your message. I love what I do and I can be challenhing. But I woukdnt want it any other way. I hope I can continue for as long as I can. No one in my family is a hairdresser so once I hang up my scissors that's the end of my business to 

Apr 16, 10:48AM EDT0
Is there an aspect of hair styling that is unique from person to person or do you treat most hair types the same?
Apr 16, 9:57AM EDT0

Hi ty for your message. No we treat every one as an individual. As everyone's hair is very different. No head of hair is the Same. 

Apr 16, 10:21AM EDT0
How long does it take to learn the crafts necessary for hairstyling and do you think you get enough time with your students to give them a good foundation?
Apr 16, 8:34AM EDT0

Hi Lucha. Once you know the basics it's easy to expand on it. Sometimes a design can get me stumped but I sit and dissect it and re create it. Teaching students at schools are challenging as I only have 1hr per class. So it's very basic things I teach them 

Apr 16, 9:31AM EDT0
How frequently do styles of hair change and do you find it difficult to keep up with the changes?
Apr 16, 8:09AM EDT0

Hi Luisa. Designs and colors always change. But when you know the basics it's easy to expand to achieve the look. Their is always a back to basic first and as long as you know the formular to achieve it. It's simple 

Apr 16, 9:27AM EDT0
Is being a wedding creator the same as being a wedding planner? What is the difference if any?
Apr 15, 10:48PM EDT0

Hi Jean. No a wedding planner organizes everything for the event, cars, reception etc. A wedding fair creator just focuses on wedding hair designs. Creating a look.esoecially for the bride etc. 

Apr 15, 11:07PM EDT0
Is this your only source of income or do you also have another job?
Apr 15, 12:49PM EDT0

Hi Pantonella. This is my only source of income. It's tough some times but I love the challenge 

Apr 15, 4:55PM EDT0
Is it difficult being mobile? Why don't you have a salon of your own?
Apr 15, 6:36AM EDT0

Hi ty for your message. I've done the at home salon. I prefer to go to my clients. Working and living in same spot is painful as you never leave your work place. I love going to different areas and meeting new people and its easier if they have children 

Apr 15, 4:54PM EDT0
Is it challenging to keep up with the current trends in hairstyles and weddings?
Apr 15, 1:34AM EDT0

Hi Zara, I'm forever looking at trends and ideas  I also create a lot myself and implement them on dummy heads before creating on clients. But yes you have to keep up with the trends 

Apr 15, 6:25AM EDT0
How good is the pay of a hairdresser and do you feel that it is the right type of wage for the skills you have learned?
Apr 14, 9:23PM EDT0

Hi Mirza. I can earn more doing what I'm doing but I have to work.hard for it. I have to.source business. As a salon is  based on walk by trade. But I wouldn't have it any other way 

Apr 15, 6:23AM EDT0
Does it ever intimidate you to be working for weddings or do you find it exciting to have such an important role?
Apr 14, 8:30PM EDT0
Is there one piece of advice you learned from experience that you wish you could tell The version of you that was just starting?
Apr 14, 7:25PM EDT0
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