Hi! I'm Fritz. What "bizarre" business plans have you encountered or made? #AMA

Fritzel De Guia
Oct 12, 2017

I have been into business and management for seven years now, as part of an educational and professional experience. As an output, I have written a couple of business papers like marketing plans, feasibility studies, industry analysis, and of course business plans.

Now, that I am working as a freelancer, I got to work a couple of "bizarre" ideas across different fields. I am curious about the experience of AMA community on this aspect. Let's share ideas! :)

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What kind of business did you work in and what role did you have?

Oct 13, 11:38AM EDT0

I mostly work on idea generation and business development activities, across multiple industries.

Oct 13, 12:25PM EDT0

Do most of your clients know what they want or are they asking your for advice?

Oct 12, 2:34PM EDT0

It depends. Some have just ideas about it, and I will the one who expounds it. For others, they have it well-laid. 

Oct 12, 7:55PM EDT0

What do you define as 'bizarre'?

Oct 12, 2:30PM EDT0

Something, only you have thought. Something very unusual. 

Oct 12, 7:53PM EDT0

Do you work internationally or just in your country?

Oct 12, 2:19PM EDT0

It's international. I connect with my clients through Upwork. Here is my account: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01cafca55cecb40a10

Oct 12, 7:52PM EDT0

Have you ever turned a client down because of their bizarre business plan?

Oct 12, 11:46AM EDT0

None so far. :) It is interesting making bizarre business plans.

Oct 12, 11:52AM EDT0

How long did it take you to get established on a site so that you started to get sufficient work to make a living?

Oct 12, 9:38AM EDT0

I guess it took me a month to get a client. But the attitude towards work, ethics, skills, etc has been honed for years. :)

Oct 12, 11:02AM EDT0

On which site do you advertise your services as a freelancer?

Oct 12, 6:56AM EDT0

At the moment, I am using Upwork. Here's my profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01cafca55cecb40a10

Thank you.

Oct 12, 8:14AM EDT0

If a client suggests something really outrageous do you go along with it or do you offer your opinion?

Oct 12, 6:24AM EDT0

I always offer an opinion, regardless if it's outrageous or not. There's always something to learn, analyze and improve. :)

Oct 12, 8:13AM EDT0

Do you work for longterm clients or is most of your work based on projects?

Oct 12, 4:07AM EDT0

It depends on the nature of the job. Mostly for clients who request making business plans, it's project-based. For others, like lead generation, it takes a couple of months.

Oct 12, 8:12AM EDT0

What do you do as a freelancer?

Oct 12, 1:50AM EDT0

I write business plans, market research, lead generation, among other business-related functions. :)

Oct 12, 8:11AM EDT0

Why did you decide to make the switch to the unconventional? Boredom?

Oct 11, 12:37PM EDT0

I will choose the word "curiosity" on this case.  Thank you. :)

Oct 11, 1:06PM EDT0

Hi Fritzel, great to have you with us again :)

Do you think unconventional or bizarre business ideas can flourish and see the light of success?

Oct 11, 9:10AM EDT0

Hi Ms. Shilpa. Yes! I may be no longer part of the recruitment team, but AMA community has been special to me. ;) It's actually my 6th AMA now. :D I am starting here, to share my ideas and experiences, as I cannot find time to start my blog site yet. 

Well, enough of that. To answer your question, yes it does! Those unconventional ideas have a high chance of success since the companies can have its niche markets, and they would be the innovators. Industry cycle would also be on its introductory stage, and the market is not saturated. It really boils down to providing a solution to a pressing need. 

Oct 11, 9:42AM EDT0

What was the craziest business idea you have come across?

Oct 11, 5:23AM EDT0

I guess it would be about a senior travel companion for hire. It is unusual in my country, as Filipinos are known for strong family ties. I am quite shocked when I did the business plan for my client. I came to know that it is a booming industry in US. 

Oct 11, 7:03AM EDT0

Do you write business plans for people?

Oct 11, 3:56AM EDT0

Hi Ms. Poorvi. Yes, I do. I have a couple of clients who hired me to write business plans for them. 

You can check my Upwork account here: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01cafca55cecb40a10

Thank you! :)

Oct 11, 5:01AM EDT1

Great! Will check. All the best Fritzel :)

Oct 12, 2:03PM EDT0