Hi, I have created a company that could help SME's (Small & Medium Enterprises) to market and sell their products. It's "Pointsights Marketing Services". Ask Me Anything!

Anthony Misajon
Oct 11, 2017

Pointsights Marketing Services is a sales and marketing solution for small and medium enterprises.

Tagline: "Making Point for your Business Success!

Service Pricing:

Part of the solution is to sell the products and services of our clients. It might be a CCTV, furnitures, cameras or the spa services and writing services you offer to your target market.

Selling Solution Tagline:

You may visit our Social Media Sites: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pointsights/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pointsights/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pointsights

Google + : https://plus.google.com/108506510120154466654

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pointsightsm/

ECommerce: http://www.lazada.com.ph/pointsights-marketing/?spm=a2o4l.090100000000.0.0.iqhJcd

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Found your AMA and service very interesting! I thought you might like to check out this MarketingAMA - Enjoy :) 

Oct 11, 8:00PM EDT1

Thank you, Hanna!

Oct 12, 7:07AM EDT0

What inspired you to create this company? How do you think this will impact SME's? 

Oct 10, 9:06PM EDT0

Hi Lou,  thank you for asking! Honestly, my girlfriend and my family are my inspirations plus helping people is my passion.In our area, there are large numbers of SME's who have no stable sales and marketing arms. Moreover, business owners do these things to sustain their business. What we can do is to lessen their sales and marketing expense up to 80%. Below are some of the benefits SME's will get from us.

Benefits for the Small & Medium Business Owners:

1. Increase brand awareness. 2. Increase business revenue. 3. Lessen sales and marketing manpower costing up to 80%. 4. Sales and marketing support at any time. 5. Time and convenience in managing their own business without sales and marketing worry.

Oct 10, 10:54PM EDT0

How does web marketing help attract the right crowd to your website?

Oct 10, 8:19PM EDT1

Hi Alyssa, I think, as long as you connect, follow and  invite  people in your social media accounts and being true to what you are doing ; you are building your network. When you are building your network, everytime you post a product people see it. Some will love your product, some are not. But the important thing here is that, you have shown to them what you've got and what could possibly benefit them. They may not need your product right now, but they could possibly need it in the future or they know someone who needs it. Then, they can recommend your product to their circle of friends.

For now, we are planning to have our own website, wherein all our followers, friends and connections in social media sites will eventually redirected unto it.

Oct 10, 10:42PM EDT0

Can you name some marketing campaign you have used that are proven to be successful?

Oct 10, 7:01AM EDT0

Hi Richmond, I believe that telemarketing with appointment setting is one of the proven successful marketing campaigns. I have tried it many times, it works. When you properly talk to people over the phone and successfuly set an appointment, you may win and get a sale. Plus, you can ask for a referral for your products or services, either she or he buys the product or not. 

Oct 10, 10:29AM EDT0

How would you describe the competition between brands that uses social media marketing?

Oct 10, 5:44AM EDT0

Hi Adam, I think when it comes to social media martketing, your immediate correct response to the clients' inquiries and concerns is very important whatever the brand you are selling or representing. There are a lot of companies that are selling the same brand and product features, but differ in the way they handle the customers and product prices. I am referring to the small and medium enterprises that distribute products. The competition is stiff.

Oct 10, 10:20AM EDT0

Do you work internationally or just in your country?

Oct 10, 5:00AM EDT0

Hi Martin, we are currently working in our country, but when businesses outside need our services, why not, we can serve them.You can email us at pointsightsmarketing@gmail.com for inquiries.

Oct 10, 10:07AM EDT0

How many people are working in your company?

Oct 10, 4:12AM EDT0

Hi Tyler, we are a new company. We are relatively small. Less than 10 persons including myself.

Oct 10, 10:04AM EDT0

What is the most successful marketing strategy for a small to medium sized business?

Oct 10, 12:23AM EDT0

Hi Dawn, it depends. For us, social media marketing and product integration on ecommerce site usually works for a small to medium sized businesses.

Oct 10, 12:57AM EDT0

How do you build your client base?

Oct 9, 9:52PM EDT0

Hi Andrew, I usually collect the list of existing bussinesses in our place and contact them. Telemarketing and appointment setting usually works. There are many advertising companies out there, the difference is that, they advertise but they don't sell the products or services of their clients. We do the other way. We promote the products and services of our clients and we sell them online and offline.

Oct 10, 12:53AM EDT0

What sites can offer the same exposure rate as Facebook?

Oct 9, 7:15PM EDT0

Hi Eric, if you are referring to a social media site, then LinkedIn is the best site also to offer your products and services. Professionals have needs and wants also and mostly they have resources. We have sold some data cabinets, GPS tracking solutions and CCTV cameras to my connections in LinkenIn. All you need to do is to start a conversation with them.

Oct 10, 12:41AM EDT0

Which parts of marketing are the most challenging in general?

Oct 9, 5:43PM EDT0

Hi David, the most challenging part of marketing, I think, is the "Pricing". People always compare prices. If even if you have the same brand, quality, unit or features; but if your price is higher compared to competitors, they're gonna choose the lower one. That is why "Pricing Research" is very important in establishing your marketing plan.

Oct 10, 12:33AM EDT0

What businesses are you targeting?

Oct 9, 5:35PM EDT0

Hi Tony, we are focusing right now on small and medium enterprises that provides products and services directly to the consumers, like of fast-moving consumer goods, fasion clothing & apparel and consumer electronics or home electronics. However, we are open also for big companies if they want our marketing services.

Oct 10, 12:25AM EDT0

How much time do you dedicate on social media per client?

Oct 9, 5:20PM EDT0

Hi, Linda! We didicate 2 to 3 hours per day for product posting and update on each client, but the customer service in case of inquiry or concern is 24/7. We want to grow the business of our clients.

Oct 10, 12:20AM EDT0

Do you incorporate online marketing tools into your previous marketing campaigns?

Oct 9, 3:22PM EDT0

Hi, Ckramer! Some of them I use, like GA; but most of the time we do the product posting manually with content on social media sites. People loves to read about the product's benefits than features.

Oct 10, 12:14AM EDT0

Can you explain a bit more how you can help clients with marketing their products?

Oct 9, 1:56PM EDT0

Hi Ghines, good question! We have this client who runs a fashion clothing and apparel. What we are doing is helping her to establish her Social Media accounts; like Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Then we manage the accounts by posting her products regularly and answer all the inquiries. Of course,  we need the information about her business , so that we can easily answer all the questions related to her products. Moreover, we made the logo and tagline for her business. Now, we are heading to establish her ecommerce site too. And part of our service  is to sell whatever products she has on her store. She is happy about what we are doing to her business. She is worryless about on how to market and sell her products, because we are not doing it online only, we do also face to face marketing to her target market.

Last edited @ Oct 9, 2:15PM EDT.
Oct 9, 2:15PM EDT0

What is the inspiration behind this project?

Oct 9, 12:52PM EDT0

Hi Melody, thank you for asking! Honestly, my girlfriend and my family are my inspirations plus helping people is my passion.

Last edited @ Oct 9, 1:03PM EDT.
Oct 9, 12:58PM EDT0

Hi Anthony, How long have you been running this business? What is your advise for running a successful business?

Oct 9, 12:15PM EDT1

Hi Shilpa, I started the business last July 2016 as an online store and a blog via Social Media and ecommerce site, selling bicycles and books. Lately, I have conducted a research and  I realized that in our area there are small and medium bussiness owners who needs help in marketing and selling their products and services. That is why, I open the opportunity to help them through our marketing services.My advice, I think, to run a successful business is, you need  to research about the needs and even wants of the consumers or your target market. Then, talking to people and selling your products or services in your own unique way is a must and not an option. And before I forget, make your business legal, to add credibility and of course, it reflects you as a law abiding citizen.

Oct 9, 12:36PM EDT0
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