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Jul 7, 2018

www.content-kart.com is a user-friendly platform to buy and sell online content (both ready-made & tailor-made content). It is designed to be the best in the market. We have experienced and enthusiastic writers all over the world (number growing day by day) at your service. If you want any further details or assistance, you can just mail us at sravani@content-kart.com. We are always there to help you & guide you.

Our Services include:

Website content writing, Blog posts, Email newsletters, Technical writing, Guides, How-to articles, Article writing, Article Rewriting, Article editing, Article proofreading, SEO content, Press Releases, Amazon reviews, Product descriptions/Reviews, Speechwriting.

  Our website features:

Tailor-made content (custom content)

  1. Just fill a simple form to order your content
  2. Articles are 100% unique and plagiarism free
  3. You can ask the writers for revision if required
  4. Accept & Pay only when you are 100% satisfied
  5. Choose your own team of writers & editors if needed

 Ready-made content:

  1. Articles are 100% unique and plagiarism free
  2. All our articles are manually edited by professionals
  3. You can negotiate the price with writers
  4. You can get 50% discount on selected articles
  5. Budget articles available for customers with budget constraints
  6. Premium articles available for customers who need the best quality article

You are always welcome to join the platform and use our writers’ services to outsource your content writing. 


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Are there tools you use to guide freelancers on how to convince clients of their worth?
Jul 14, 3:25AM EDT0
What myths have you come across about freelancing?
Jul 14, 3:06AM EDT0
What steps have you taken to prevent loss of revenue due to alternative arrangements between buyers and sellers?
Jul 13, 11:04AM EDT0
What steps have you taken to protect writers from unscrupulous buyers who claim to reject articles simply to avoid making payment?
Jul 13, 1:49AM EDT0
What marketing tools are you using to get your platform noticed and compete favorably against other platforms providing a similar service?
Jul 13, 12:09AM EDT0
Do you see a time when freelance writers would become too many for the industry to accommodate them?
Jul 12, 9:19PM EDT0
What if you have any requests or suggestions for the editors' group? Where can you give them?
Jul 12, 2:34AM EDT0
If there is a writing category that you are not covering but a client needs, do you include it for them?
Jul 11, 2:32PM EDT0
How many writers and editors are currently working for you?
Jul 11, 11:14AM EDT0
How do you approach article rewriting? How much rewriting is it done? What happens if you end up writing the whole content?
Jul 9, 5:32PM EDT0
What is the average length of your articles?
Jul 9, 4:35PM EDT0
In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good content?
Jul 9, 2:16PM EDT0
Can you explain more about your speechwriting services?
Jul 9, 12:53PM EDT0
Are there any advantages for editors if they attend personnel requests from clients? If yes, what are they?
Jul 9, 1:37AM EDT0

The advantage of attending personal requests is that the editor will gain the confidence of the client and he will be preferred editor for the client. The editor will get a higher commission in personal requests when compared to public requests.

Jul 9, 2:40PM EDT0
Do the affiliates need to make an initial investment or pay to use the service?
Jul 9, 1:23AM EDT0
What are the perks of joining your affiliate program? How much does it cost to become a content kart affiliate?
Jul 8, 11:50PM EDT0

Joining as an affiliate is absolutely free. The affiliates will be provided with a referral link & referral id. If any customer joins content-kart with an affiliate link, the corresponding referral will get 5% of his purchase as commision. This is a recurring commission for first 9 months of customer registration. Affiliate will be provided with full support in terms of banners, etc., by our team

Jul 9, 2:28PM EDT0
Where did the idea of your business derive from?
Jul 8, 4:44AM EDT0
How do you go about choosing the subjects for your ready-made content? What categories are the most popular?
Jul 7, 8:23PM EDT0
How much time do you give your writers to produce content, let’s say a 400-word blog post?
Jul 7, 8:09PM EDT0

The typical time given for a writer to write 400 articles is around 3 hours. Usually, the time for the writer is at the rate of 24 sec/word. So, as article-length increases, the time for writing also increases.

Jul 9, 2:35PM EDT0
What are your most effective methods to motivate your team for outstanding results?
Jul 7, 4:59PM EDT0
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