Founder and CEO of CRU Dinnerware by Darbie Angell, creating voices for women in business using passions in design, hostessing, and empowering women... Ask Me Anything!!!!

Darbie Angell
Jun 13, 2018

I started my company without a single contact in the industry. I was working at one of the country’s largest law firms and went into labor with my daughter when I was five months pregnant. I was put on bed rest for four months and decided I wanted to start a company by combining my passion to Impact the world with my knowledge in design to show my soon to be daughter how to dare to dream big! That bold step to live fully is what led me to create this company which has become my life’s work.

With zero capital to put towards the brand, I found a man in Israel that sold me diamonds at cost then turned around and sold them to women around the World. This allowed me to create my first product samples and attend my first meetings in New York with Macy’s. We are blessed to be in retailers such as Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard’s as well as smaller home stores and boutiques.

Starting this company gave  me the confidence to finally  take over my life and be the driver, as well as the ability to  make an impact for women in underdeveloped countries. On my travels, I have met so many strong women fighting  for a different life. Getting to stand beside them and help push them forward has been the most amazing part of the journey.  When I first started, there were only 50 women in our factory. We now have 3,000 women in underdeveloped countries that are our artisans  and many are supervisors.

My goals are to give women voices using fashion-forward designs. Ask me anything as we depart on a journey together to empower women!

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How does empowerment impact a work culture or environment for employees? What have been your findings?
Jun 18, 7:47PM EDT0
What are some good tips to boost women’s self-confidence?
Jun 18, 12:50AM EDT0
What factors are crucial in your work environment for you to work effectively and creatively?
Jun 17, 1:48PM EDT0
Empowerment is a multidimensional and complex idea. How do you conceptualize women’s empowerment?
Jun 15, 11:34PM EDT0
How have you used Darbie Angell to empower women who are not working for you?
Jun 15, 3:37AM EDT0
How did you come to see women as catalysts for addressing various challenges of trade?
Jun 15, 2:36AM EDT0
How does empowering women affect the overall welfare of communities?
Jun 14, 11:24AM EDT0

By hiring more women in our factories, the women are able to take home money to their families, giving them more financial responsibility over their personal lives. Their husbands respect them more, giving them power in their homes. When this is magnified by ALL the women in our factories, it makes a HUGE difference in how the community treats women. Empowering women gives them the confidence to find their own voice, giving women power to lead their own lives and to be respected within their communities.

Jun 15, 10:32AM EDT0
What is one thing you want women to understand about today’s world?
Jun 14, 3:25AM EDT0

EVERYONE has the capability to make big things happen. We all have dreams, and those are SO incredibly unique and precious, but so many women put themselves down because we feel that we can't for some reason- whether we feel underqualified or the dream just feels impossible. But the secret to success is simply knowing that you can do it. You'll learn along the way, you'll grow stronger every day. With persistence, you can make ANYTHING happen. 

Jun 15, 10:29AM EDT0
What are some strategies that can help women achieve a more prominent role in their organizations?
Jun 13, 8:46PM EDT0
Who has been your greatest inspiration for becoming who you are today?
Jun 13, 7:49PM EDT0
How do you help foster an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued?
Jun 13, 6:44PM EDT0
How do you foster an inclusive culture in your company?
Jun 13, 4:34PM EDT0

How would you advise other companies to empower women?

Jun 13, 11:37AM EDT0

Not a day goes by when I don't build up the women directly around me, or over seas. Simply by taking the time to celebrate what they are doing well whether it be a simple "good job" or taking the whole team out to brunch, it impacts and empowers the individual so much. Additionally, looking at how your business functions from the foundation up to the leadership is totally VITAL. Witnessing first hand how people are working in all parts of your company can show you where people need the empowerment most. From there, see what needs changes and make them happen!

Jun 15, 10:27AM EDT0
What kind of culture exists in Darbie Angell How did you establish this culture and why did you institute this particular type of culture?
Jun 13, 9:48AM EDT0
Can you create gift or wedding registries at your website? How do gift buyers make an online purchase from someone else's registry?
Jun 13, 9:43AM EDT0

We are partnered with MyRegistry, so couples can sign up online through our website, or with MyRegistry directly. Buyers can look up the couple via MyRegistry to see what they have on their list, and from there they can buy directly from us.

Jun 15, 10:22AM EDT0
What is the most challenging task that you have as CEO? How do you try to be a great leader?
Jun 13, 8:37AM EDT0
What are the factors that have contributed to your success? <br>
Jun 13, 1:01AM EDT0
What challenges lie ahead for your company in the next 5 years?
Jun 12, 9:05PM EDT0
What measures do you take in order to ensure the rights of your female workers in underdeveloped countries?
Jun 12, 1:34PM EDT0

When I first arrived to Bangladesh, less than 5% of the workers were women, and since then I have pushed for our factories to hire more women. Now we have over 50% women workers! Additionally, I show up a few times a year unannounced to make sure that the workers are being treated well, and that the factory is living up to its expectations.

Jun 15, 10:20AM EDT0
What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring women through your role of Darbie Angell's CEO?
Jun 10, 4:07AM EDT0
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