Expert at Managing People & Minimal Waste #AMA

Sara Abouhamad
Mar 13, 2018

Every position I've entered in my life, it didn't take long for me to climb the so called "corporate ladder" if you will. With each job I had, clients often asked if this was my company. I take that as the biggest compliement because clearly, my passion and energy exuded and they clearly saw that I cared far beyond my title. After many years in the food business (and various other jobs), my expertise would be in Managing People and Minimal Waste when it comes to office supplies or food inventory. Go ahead and ask me anything that strikes your fancy. 


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You must have received plenty of compliments throughout your career - do you ever get personally affected when a client or a boss criticizes you negatively?
Mar 20, 2:32PM EDT1
What’s your advice about work and life balance? How do you manage your time at work and your personal time?
Mar 20, 12:58PM EDT0
What are some of your suggestions on how to review the documentation on the purchased goods in order to reduce waste?
Mar 14, 11:09AM EDT0
What are the specified health regulations with regard to waste procedure for food substances and which of these do you consider to be unnecessary and why?
Mar 14, 10:07AM EDT0
Which current food trends are promoting the reduction of food waste and which trends produce the most waste?
Mar 14, 8:26AM EDT0
How important is frequent inventory inspection and in what ways does this assist in reducing a company’s overall waste?
Mar 14, 5:30AM EDT0
What are some company supply materials that can be recycled that are usually disposed of?
Mar 14, 4:28AM EDT0
What are some of the necessary measures needed to identify the quantity of different types of waste?
Mar 14, 3:38AM EDT0
What did you do for fun in the past that you have not had as much time for lately?
Mar 13, 6:05PM EDT0
How does waste management improve foodservice practices?
Mar 13, 2:15PM EDT0
What should be considered when developing a team to track and analyze the waste in a restaurant?
Mar 13, 12:37PM EDT0
What methods can a restaurant or company use to determine which vendors they should use with regard to minimal waste standards?
Mar 13, 12:32PM EDT0
What rules should be created in order to successfully implement and maintain a waste management program?
Mar 13, 8:25AM EDT0
What have been some of the problem you have encountered during team management and what are your suggestions to fix such problems?
Mar 13, 5:46AM EDT0
What approaches have been most effective for you in persuading others to your own point of view?
Mar 13, 12:24AM EDT0
What are some of the ways in which the average person can reduce the waste produced in their homes with regard to food?
Mar 13, 12:11AM EDT0

1.) Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store and when shopping for clothes etc

2.) Eat more whole foods. Less cereal, artificial, frozen items. Eat fresh as often as possible!

3.) Reserch what you can do with stems and peels. It'll change your life.

4.) Don't go by pull dates. Buy enough, check your items and smell your food. 

5.) Make as much yourself. You'll improve your cooking skills, know exactly what's in your food and you'll waste a lot less. 

6.) My favorite: if possible, FREEZE!! Prep and FREEZE!!! Total lifesaver. 

Mar 14, 3:44PM EDT0
What are some of the environmental issues that have been a result of wastage in the food industry?
Mar 12, 7:51PM EDT0

The first thing that comes to mind is plastic. So much plastic everywhere!!! Sometimes my peppers come prepacked in plastic and therefore results in waste. We don't need a lot of things pre-packaged but the biggest culprit of all is because everyone is "so busy" and just wants to have ease in their life that we eat a lot of pre-packaged foods that have absolutely zero nutrients. If your food comes with a label, think twice. 

Mar 14, 3:41PM EDT0
Why do you think businesses have such large amounts of food waste?
Mar 12, 5:30PM EDT0

Because people get so fixated on the end product they don't know what to do from the beginning all thru the middle process to get there. Focus your attention all the way which does require more time and energy but it'll be so worth it! Also I would say is convenience. It's just easy for me to not think. We have to think more!!! How to save more!!! 

Mar 14, 3:39PM EDT0
When have you had to prepare people for change and what steps did you take to ensure it was effective?
Mar 12, 3:28PM EDT0

I find new ways are hard (but nevertheless doable) unless you have plenty of time to forewarn and train. But expect mistakes in the beginning and just keep going! Honestly, if you want to implement change you've got to be right there coaching all the way. You can't just say how something will go and walk away. You must be there to set the example. I talk a lot about setting presedence. Explain verbally ahead of time in a calm, unrushed meeting, and then be there to physically implement the change and show them that this way is better, more efficient and a positive change for everyone. 

Mar 14, 3:38PM EDT0
In what ways does reducing the waste of a company or food industry contribute to positive employee morale?
Mar 12, 3:27PM EDT0

When people understand what it's doing for the business and the environment, they start to change their ways. I always explain to them that we aren't saving the scraps so the company can make more money. We are saving scraps so we can save the environment and pass the bonus money along to you! So essentially, it's saving the environment and allowing me to give more to my employees who work so hard for me! I couldn't do this without them so why not share the wealth and the positive mission!

Mar 14, 3:36PM EDT0
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