Hi, my name is Jaye and I'm a small business owner. Ask me anything!

I'm Natalie. I'm an Entrepreneur/Traveller/Daughter/VX Sport Coach/Precision Nutrition Coach Ask me anything :)

#AMABusiness : when we marry UBI [Universal Basic Income] and Crypto BlockChain?... what Humanity will GET?.. Ask Me Anything - How to LIVE FOREVER?...

AMA about professional education in Fundamentals of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency - a course developed by professionals, for professionals.

I am the marketing director of DNS Accountants, you can ask me for anything! AMA

AMA - Hospitality Crusader - I listen to upset guests and make them feel 'heard', so we can work together to solve issues in our restaurants. Pet Peeves, Great Stories, and other various tales from Guest Relations - Fire Away!

AMA: How to Start Digital Nomad Lifestyle to Work Online and Travel the World.

AMA about networking, marketing, and personal brand building for ambitious introverts.

I own a managed Forex accounts website. Ask me anything!

#AMA - Co-author of the "Project Management for dummies" book in France, ask me anything on Project Management. Me and 20 years of experience in this domain will try to answer any question...talk to you soon guys

Daniela Schweiger Lifestyle influencer, Mental Coach, learn how to go out of the comfort zone and think out of the box #ama #baseofbalance

Interested in running your own business? Ask me anything! I'm here to answer all the questions you have about the path to business ownership.

Hi, We are the Business Setup consultant in UAE, Assisting business/individual around the world to set up their companies in Dubai UAE. A great chance to expand your business in the city of opportunities. Ask Me Anything about the same #AMA

AMA-Housing Market and How to build a business

Mar 15, 2018

AMA about IT Data Governance and Metadata Management

I'm a creative professional from Brazil investigating how people can use creativity in their work. AMA!

Expert at Managing People & Minimal Waste #AMA

Making Local Women Businesses International! Ready for you to AMA

Ask me Anything about Blogging

Mar 12, 2018

I pilot business ideas and test out dream jobs for a living. AMA!

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