Don't create competition! Develop collaboration, grow together and deliver the best results to your clients! So.. ASK ME ANYTHING about collaboration! =)

Thauana Moura
May 14, 2018

Collaboration, teamwork, empowerment is key to the success of any business! đŸ’ȘđŸŒ

đŸ™‹đŸ»â€â™€ïžHi! I am Thauana! Or "T"!

I started Creative Hub Marketing, as a hub for great minds 🧠 to come together and deliver the best results in marketing. Our collaborators are not our employees; we are just group of people who believe in working as a team. ⇱ Instead of competing with each other, why not grow together?! ⇠

Absolutely, no marketer can say that they are an expert in every single component of digital marketing. If you hear that from a marketer.... run away! 😳 Some people are experts in SEO, others in Facebook Ads, Instagram or Web Design and so on.

At Creative Hub we all have our own expertise, and that is why we collaborate because each can share strengths, knowledge, and experience. We not only learn from each other but we also deliver superb results to our clients. 

Want to know more about marketing or even how we operate? Ask me anything! I love curious people, and I love sharing knowledge with others! 

Follow our work, share our ideas and like anything you see! 😀




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Have you ever had an experience where a collaborator wanted to be a boss?
May 18, 9:35AM EDT0

No, we all understand that we are collaborating on a project. We all take leadership on different projects based on what it is. I just make sure that the communication is clear and that the goals being met! Thank you!

May 21, 3:30PM EDT0
How detailed is the selection process when determining what types of businesses to pitch to?
May 18, 2:24AM EDT0
If there is a marketing skill that Creative Hub lacks, how do you recruit for a collaborator who has the required skill?
May 17, 2:28PM EDT0
What is the process of determining who completes a task if no one on the Creative Hub team volunteers to complete it?
May 17, 10:04AM EDT0

That is part of my job! I am a project manager for our accounts. I ensure that our projects are being well communicated with our collaborators. I also follow the accounts closely to make sure our goals are being met! Thanks for the question!

May 21, 3:26PM EDT0
Do you offer marketing training for collaborators who are beginners in the marketing field?
May 17, 2:43AM EDT0

Hi there! Unfortunately no! Since we are very small, I look for collaborators who already have experience in the field. We do hope to grow in the near future so we can hire interns to coach and train them!

May 21, 3:23PM EDT0


I M Francois , i live in Paris and i m musician, i m loocking for collaborations to promote my work

thank you to answer


my bio:

François ESSINDI is an artist and a musician from Cameroon.

He plays traditional wind, skin-stretched, stringed and body-activated instruments such as :

Stringed :Mvet, Ngomo (traditional harps)

Wind : Pygmy flute, leaves, mouth –activated bow

Drums : Nkul ( calling drum), Ngom (long drum), Djembe, Cajon, 

Body percussion : snail-shell and hazelnut, body drumming

Educated at the National Orchestra of Cameroon and thanks to many trainings and cultural meetings, François is also an actor and followed many educational sessions via the Goethe Institut in Yaoundé and the French Culture Centre in Yaoundé.

A professional actor, François played with several theatre companies in Cameroon. Among others he shared a long adventure along with the Eyala Pena company, a road theatre company. He also shared a project together with the Un-Excursus theatre company, from Montrouge, France.

François ESSINDI is a current member of the ALEPH theatre company in Ivry-sur-Seine, France.

François as a musician :

François music- wise works with different artists from various backgrounds, works with dance and theatre companies as an actor or music composer.

Composes or co-operates on movies as an actor, composer or co-author. He works with and upon traditional music instruments, that are on the verge of extinction, and which he handcrafts himself in Paris, sometimes modifying their original shape. He defines his music as ”The Tag Ekang Music Experience” 
 : bring together on stage instruments, sounds, machines and musicians from all backgrounds.

François performs in schools, penitentiaries, on concert in cultural places for festivals and in the corridors of the Parisian metro, as a certified artist of the Parisian metro since 2009.


François as an artist :

Author and composer, his prime music project Otoulbaka : representing Cameroon in various places and festivals between 1980 and 2001.

In 2003 François signs a professional contact in France that takes him to Paris where he is currently living.

A former actor with the Compagnie du Théùtre Inutile in Amiens, François keeps alive his dream to promote his culture throughout traditional instruments, tales, stories and rituals of his native Ekang culture.

In 2005 he designs the musical project Abakuya thanks to meeting in Switzerland with an Australian bass player (Jimi SOFO) :

This project will breed two records :

. Primitive love in 2008.

. Abakuya Ep in 2010

François works on different projects with many artists ( Painters, Musicians, Performers, ..)

Such as Brice WASSY (Cameroon), MADESHEERKAHN (France), Caroline CHIVE (France), Hilaire PENDA (Cameroon), Riad ABDELGAWAD (Egypt), Florence SOISSONG 
 and many more.

François also directs workshops on rhythm, for the ALEPH theatre since 2016, on African story-telling, and on Drama Teaching.

François as an author :

Having authored four bilingual, illustrated books of African tales, published by L’HARMATTAN, François works on collecting tales, rituals, songs and stories of his native eking culture in southern Cameroon.

He considers building there a cultural place thanks to the support of the AKIBA association,


François as an instrument maker :

Concerned about the survival of instruments from his native Ekang culture, François handcrafts in Paris their instruments (Mvet, Ngomo, Mouth-bow). He repairs as well skin-stretched instruments ( changing skins, maintenance of all these instruments such as Djembé and others).






May 16, 9:31AM EDT0

Hi there! Shoot me an email! I would love to chat with you about it! =)

May 21, 3:48PM EDT0
How can one get in touch with Creative Hub if you want to be a collaborator?
May 15, 10:54AM EDT0

Hi there! Please email me and we will take it from there!

May 15, 1:28PM EDT0
Would you say that this kind of approach you apply in Creative Hub helps to use your collaborators’' abilities and skills in a more efficient and productive way than a regular marketing agency?
May 15, 4:29AM EDT0

Great question! I am still testing this method, but so far I think it has worked great because our collaborators have a skin into the game. They collaborate on our projects, but they also have other side gigs going on. Most marketing agencies do not allow employees to freelance or take side jobs! Giving the right people the freedom to work however way they want will enable them to produce more and be happier. 

May 15, 1:38PM EDT0
But isn’t it true that there are digital marketers who are smart enough and well experienced enough to be real experts in all of digital marketing?
May 15, 2:02AM EDT0

There are brilliant marketers out there, but I am confident to say they are not experts on everything. Marketing is always changing. Google and Facebook are always throwing new algorithms out at us, and it is hard to keep up with all the changes. It is much easier to have general knowledge of everything and outsource jobs to people who are truly experts on a certain component. 

May 15, 1:50PM EDT0
How do you deal with difficult clients like the ones who refuse to understand the current marketing trends?
May 14, 10:31PM EDT0

I have a few of those clients! It is all about educating them, giving data and being transparent. 

May 15, 1:51PM EDT0
How do you let go of team members who are not doing well in their job?
May 14, 8:34PM EDT0
If there’s no sense of competition in a marketing industry, wouldn’t that make one lose their drive to actually win at something - which is highly important in marketing?
May 14, 8:02PM EDT0
How many members do you currently have in your team?
May 14, 7:56PM EDT0

We are an army of 4! =)

May 15, 1:52PM EDT0
Do you believe the number of likes on one’s social media page is highly important?
May 14, 7:31PM EDT0

Gosh, this is a tough one! I go back and forth with this question! I think it depends on what kind of business you are in. People are using FB more and more for reviews instead of Yelp! So reviews and page likes can play a huge factor here. You've may notice that sometimes when you post things on FB you may get 10 likes when you have 300 followers. That is the algorithms not placing your post in front of all your followers. So in that case likes does not matter. However, you create ads you can certainly target your followers and their friends. In that case, having a large number of likes or followers is super beneficial. 

May 15, 2:01PM EDT0
Wouldn’t it be more expensive for businesses if they hire different marketers instead of getting just one expert?
May 14, 6:34PM EDT0
What’s one digital marketing branch that every digital marketer should strive to be highly knowledgeable in?
May 14, 5:21PM EDT0
What’s the process behind choosing members for your team?
May 14, 3:42PM EDT0
How did you come to realize you wanted to be a collaborator rather than a leader or a team member?
May 14, 12:04PM EDT0

A collaborator for us is a team member and leader. I collaborate with my skills but I oversee the projects and I make sure the communication is clear so we can deliver results. 

May 21, 3:38PM EDT0
How do you foster a creative environment within your company?
May 14, 1:18AM EDT0
What do you think of the fact that some think that competition is a major component to individual success?
May 14, 12:17AM EDT0

I think that a healthy competition is fine. What our company doesn't agree (especially in the field of marketing) is hurting your competitors out there. 

May 21, 3:53PM EDT0
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