Designing for the Connected Consumer - I'm Jared Skinner, Architectural Designer and Co-Founder of MADE Design. AMA about navigating uncharted waters, launching the firm & trying to fix a broken and dated system in the Architectural realm.

Jared Skinner
Dec 6, 2017

I have worked at both the corporate and private realms within architecture design studios.  The common thread I noticed seemed to be a disconnect between the modern consumer and their needs - and what was being provided.    

Almost every other field and discipline has had a "millenial renaissance" to adjust to their ever-changing surroundings.   Why is architecture one of the last?  And how do we bring it up to speed?

Co-founding MADE is my launching point for addressing these issues.  AMA about navigating the dynamic architectural landscape and designing for a rapidly changing environment. 

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What is making architecture a very complicated job?

Dec 9, 12:19AM EST0

Architecture isn't just a one-dimensional answer to a problem or set of problems.  Architecture is all-encompassing.  It addresses everything from socialogical issues to direct contextual implications, construction assembly and sustainability practices, zoning, codes, history and theory, as well as materials, textures, lighting and interiors, just to name a few.   Additional care is taken to ensure the design is engaging, dynamic, efficient, and above all else, functional. 

Dec 9, 8:48PM EST0

What is the hardest concept you encountered in this project?

Dec 8, 8:02PM EST0

Do you also design your own property?

Dec 8, 6:06PM EST0

What are the unchartered waters of architecture?

Dec 8, 5:24PM EST0

The present day consisting of smart phones, connected consumers, millenials unsatisfied with the status quo, one-touch shopping and viral posts constitute a new age for architecture and design- one which we have never seen.  Experiential retail, pop-up boutiques, mobile "cargotecture," these are all new to the realm of design.  And with no sight in the near future for deceleration (in the technological-sense) many more changes and experimentations in the world of design are sure to come.   

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Dec 9, 9:19PM EST0

What was the greatest frustration you've had with the ever-changing surroundings and how should we adjust our lives to it through your designs?

Dec 8, 9:30AM EST0

How do you design the intricacies of every building, in line with its safety and durability?

Dec 7, 8:20PM EST0

Who are you working with in the process of launching MADE?

Dec 7, 5:30PM EST0

How many years have you dedicated to practicing architecture?

Dec 7, 10:54AM EST0

What distinguishes MADE Design from any other firm out there?

Dec 7, 5:28AM EST0

What architectural design on any building would you like to bring with you on stage if you will be given the chance to be present your masterpiece?

Dec 6, 10:17PM EST0

What must designers remember to ensure safety and livability in accordance with environmental concerns?

Dec 6, 5:25PM EST0

As with any design, safety and security of its inhabitants is paramount.  Designers are problem solvers on both the macro and micro scales.  We must be able to find the middle ground of designing sustainably, but with safety at the forefront.  There is no excuse for scarificing one above the other; they must work in harmony.  

Dec 6, 7:48PM EST0

What would be your most effective ideas regarding interior design? 

Dec 6, 4:38PM EST0

Editing.  Most people when confronted with a blank slate of interiors tend to get overwhelmed with the possibilities.   Textures, patterns, colors, complimentary colors, lighting, furniture, materials, details, accessories, etc...   Simplicity matters.  Several renditions of edits is necessary to ensure you attain your desired result.  

Dec 6, 7:52PM EST0

What kind of motivation did you receive from your parents?

Dec 6, 2:31PM EST0

My parents have always been an amazing support team.  I don't think they questioned my career path or decision to study architecture.  They only said to do what I loved, and stood behind me 100%.  They reinforce that advice with every aspect of my life - and for that I will forever be grateful.  

Dec 6, 7:55PM EST0

How many architects are you working with, within MADE Design?

Dec 6, 12:51PM EST0

What did it take for you to finally launch MADE?

Dec 5, 11:55PM EST0

How can retail be more engaging?

Dec 5, 2:35PM EST0

Great question, Carrol.  As millenials begin to take up over 56% of the workforce, they are searching out memorable experiences and personalization among retail.  They no longer settle for the big box retailers filled with rows of inventory under fluorescent lights, nor do they expect that.   They now desire memorable experiences, instgrammable spaces, shareable snapchat stories.  Brands must analyze how their consumers interact with their product from prior to entering their store to hours after they have they have left.  How can they further reinforce and improve upon that connection?  How can they make that interaction a memorable, or furthermore, shareable connection?  MADE helps bridge that gap through thoughtful design and creative solutions reinforcing your brand every step of the way.  

Dec 6, 8:06PM EST0

How did you discover your talent and creativity as an architect?

Dec 5, 2:28PM EST0

What is the most important aspect in any building design?

Dec 5, 6:37AM EST0

Were you always interested to sketch and draw when you were young?

Dec 5, 3:12AM EST0

I seem to have always been somewhat artistically inclined.  I have childhood notepads filled with things I saw on tv, or had visualized from books, or seen around town.  However, it wasn't until college that I realized the actual importance of ideas conveyed through graphite.   

Dec 6, 3:17AM EST0

What are some of the most difficult "sticking points" you come across when trying to implement new ideas with more traditional clients?

Dec 4, 9:52PM EST0

How do you balance the different priorities of developers and architects and contractors? Is it really possible to get all three on the same team, or is there something useful in keeping these positions at least partially siloed?

Dec 4, 7:03PM EST0

Interesting question, Sofiya.  As the future of construction and design changes, these three trades (already closely related) are becoming more adaptable as a “one stop shop.”  A client can find everything they need from a single design + build firm.  It’s no longer imperative to seek out these occupations independently; although that’s still an option should one wish to proceed that way.  And more often than not scope and scale of the project at hand determines the right fit for the right discipline.

Regardless of the firm or company, delivering an amazing and functional end product for the user should always be the project objective.  The importance of this key aspect to project design can often get pushed to the wayside in lieu of budget, profit, ROI on the project, and project schedule.    

Dec 6, 9:52AM EST0

How important are "green" or sustainable designs in todays architectural world? Is this still a trend in the industry?

Dec 4, 6:29PM EST1

They are quickly surpassing "trends" and will one day soon, I feel, be mandatory. The millenial undercurrent of self-awareness and awareness for the earth is fueling the green movement and agencies.  Of course our built environments are imperative to the longevity of the planet, but quoting Sir Norman Foster - "Buildings are important,  but they're only a component of a much bigger picture."

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Dec 6, 4:13AM EST0
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