Daniela Schweiger Lifestyle influencer, Mental Coach, learn how to go out of the comfort zone and think out of the box #ama #baseofbalance

Daniela Schweiger
Mar 30, 2018

You're struggling with your Goals, with your life?

You need supporting for cleaning your doubts?

I'm Daniela Schweiger Lifestyle influencer, If I show you the way would you do it? You can achieve what you want if you're willing to change and put in balance body,soul&mind #baseofbalance #danielaschweiger #AskMeAnything about positive thinking, changing from negative to positive, balancing body,soul&mind


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How do clients reach out to you as a mental coach? Do you offer online services or does one have to meet you in person?
Apr 5, 9:55PM EDT1
What’s the most challenging case you’ve handled as a mental coach?
Apr 4, 3:32PM EDT0

My self. To be a great mental coach you have to be 100% sure you believe in yourself , to share positive thoughts , to be able to find a solution for everything, because there are no problems only solutions and no failures ,only opportunities.

Apr 5, 12:51PM EDT0
You mentioned you like reading books a lot - what are some of your personal favorites?
Apr 4, 1:31PM EDT0

Everything from Napoleon HIll, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Dale Carnegie, and there are much more. If you like to read then do it, but not only read, be a student and share with others .

Apr 5, 12:50PM EDT0
Does an influencer need to have plenty of social media followers in order to call himself/herself an influencer?
Apr 4, 10:26AM EDT0

I don't think so , for me this word have a different meaning,. 

And in Social Media I don't have so many followers but in real life yes , so is deppend 

Apr 5, 12:48PM EDT0

What techniques would you advice someone to do who has struggled their whole life with self-doubt and has tried everything to overcome it but nothing has worked. 

Apr 3, 11:55PM EDT0

Hi Sandy, I would like to talk to you private about this thema. Self- doubt is comming from the childhood, and at first it have to clean and put in balance the past , because the past cannot be change , but today for sure and make a better tomorrow. Self-doubt comes also from not loving themself, and and. So we can talk in my Facebook /Messenger, I can tell you , I can help with that, because I was in such situation . FB Daniela Schweiger 

Apr 5, 12:47PM EDT0
How did you get your start as an influencer and how did you decide on an industry focus?
Apr 2, 4:38PM EDT0

I think I was already in childhood some kind of influencer because everybody asked for advices or talk to me about things , or trying to be me, so this was not hard . When you know or when you see that you let the people better then you found them and see that they want to be like you , to have your lifestyle, then is already the start 

Apr 5, 12:44PM EDT0
What challenges did you encounter when you first started your account? How did you overcome them?
Apr 2, 3:37PM EDT0

the biggest challenge I had was to try to please everybody, but after few months I understood ,that the only person whom I should please is myself. So I start to share positive MIndset , showing my happiness ,giving solutions 

Apr 5, 12:42PM EDT0
What were you doing before you became a lifestyle influencer?
Apr 2, 10:50AM EDT0

I was a lawer and Psycholog/Therapist

Apr 5, 12:40PM EDT0
Why is it important to partner with brands/products that fit you and your follower’s needs?
Apr 2, 7:13AM EDT0

to be positive and sharing , being honest , and making everybody to feel better 

Apr 5, 12:39PM EDT0
How's your relationship with your followers?
Apr 1, 7:55PM EDT0

I think is great because we talk many times and when they ask for advices I gives them. We build a relationship .

Apr 5, 12:38PM EDT0
Where is your favorite place in the world and what makes it so special?
Mar 31, 7:10PM EDT0

My favorite place is Bora Bora, for the fenomenal beaches and fantastic weather. 

Apr 5, 12:37PM EDT0
Are there any new projects/campaigns in the pipeline?
Mar 31, 4:49PM EDT1

yes for sure, I'm now expanding World Wide and exactly now my MIssion is to help the people in Spain to change their MIndset ,from negative to positive, and balance the 3 most important elements for a great lifequality body,soul and mind

Apr 5, 12:36PM EDT0
What is the common misconception about what you do as a lifestyle influencer?
Mar 31, 4:47PM EDT0

there is no misconception, 

Apr 5, 12:34PM EDT0
Do you feel that social media has been helpful in generating leads in this era of competition?
Mar 31, 2:35PM EDT0

I have to say, I don't feel that there is any competion because everyone is a unique person ,so make something unique, be best you and you will be great without thinking there is any competion .

Mar 31, 2:48PM EDT0
What do you think is the secret to being an Influencer?
Mar 31, 12:54PM EDT0

there is no secret is only if you want to change the World ,change yourself first, be the best person ,but be the best you and the people will follow you 

Mar 31, 2:47PM EDT0
What area of mental wellness of an individual do you like to explore and help with your coaching?
Mar 30, 8:13PM EDT0

I always start with body, soul and mind, because if you don't have this 3 elements in balance nothing works 

Mar 31, 2:46PM EDT0
Why do people fail to take risks in life?
Mar 30, 7:55PM EDT0

at first there are no failures only opportunities and there are no problems only solutions, and when the people start to see a half full glass of water and not half empty and start to change the mindset there it will be a better world. I trust everyone from the begin 100% because I believe in my self. So I don't have fear about taking risks, and if the believe is not there , then you cannot see the good part of the experience . Thomas Edison needed 10000 experiences till get his result done, so why he don't stop after 10 th time?Because he believe in himself and in his idea.

Mar 31, 2:45PM EDT0
How did you start with lifestyle influencing?
Mar 30, 7:42PM EDT0

when I start to change my MIndset I get a lot of changes in my life so my circule took notice about that and so they start to follow my advices and make that change by them self . I never struggle about something I always use a positive word or give a positive thinking 

Mar 31, 2:42PM EDT0
What is your biggest dream in life?
Mar 30, 12:29PM EDT0

big question. To let something behind that people remind and use it for their better life quality 

Mar 31, 2:41PM EDT0

like you know the financial issues and also health issues etc , are there because our mindset is not in the right way, how we think we attrackt,. 

So the people with whom I'm working, a lot of them they know how they have that problem and we start to work it out, and till today nobody was there after working with me that have some financial issues or something else, because the balance is important thing 

Mar 31, 2:40PM EDT0