Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

Raj Ganesan
May 30, 2018

I help companies grow their leads, convert 

1. If you are a business owner  or  professional services executive -have questions on marketing strategy, revenue models, pricing, retention, marketing funnels, how to market without breaking compliance regulation, growing in a difficult market I will answer all your questions. 

2. If you are in professional services (CPA, IT, engineering) industry or a freelancer and want to grow your consulting practice - I can offer some help.

Overall, I will answer anything that relates to service industry and lead generation.

Raj Ganesan says:

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What does a IT firm marketing campaign consist of?
Aug 17, 12:58PM EDT0


IT firm services are duplicatable - 100%. You should not compete on the deliverables. Instead, provide lots of value added bonus that is available only as a packaged solution. 


Aug 17, 1:34PM EDT0
How does a freelance engineer build a consulting practice?
Aug 16, 6:12PM EDT0


You need two concurrent activities for the next 6-9 months to grow your consulting practice 

1. Personal brand i.e., attraction magnet

2. Consulting system i.e. unique set of delivery differentiation

I have used these two techniques to grow my business and helped hundreds of others. I have a new personal branding tool-kit for independent professionals coming up in a few months. Let me know if you want to get a free copy.


Aug 17, 1:32PM EDT0
How can businesses improve employee retention?
Aug 15, 11:48PM EDT0


The more the market differentiation, the better the employee retention. Starbucks, Amazon are quite distinct. They invested in differentiating every step of their service, products, experience.  This gives employees an experience and an emotional connection to hang around for as long as there is innovation. Be different in everything you do. That's the attraction magnet.


Aug 16, 12:46AM EDT0
How do traditional marketing funnels work? How does this work with today’s digital marketing?
Aug 15, 9:10PM EDT0

Traditional marketing funnel is a loosely defined, individualize steps when the sales person puts his thoughts together upfront and executes. Whereas with digital funnels, the process is more structured.

Aug 16, 12:43AM EDT0
If you have a client willing to pay the big bucks for whatever is needed for an overall great marketing campaign what are the steps you would take to make it happen?
Aug 15, 8:34AM EDT0

Nine women cannot have a baby in a month. So true in marketing. I can not promise shorter time frame. Outside of that, I will do direct response marketing with shock-and-awe package and get highly paying customers consistently.

Aug 16, 12:42AM EDT0
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Aug 14, 11:23PM EDT0

I enjoy teaching my authority building programs and see people grow their company. I have seen over 20 individuals start their company and get high 6 and 7-figure revenue consistently. I enjoy helping companies grow,

Aug 16, 12:40AM EDT0
How does a business figure out their total target audience?
Aug 14, 7:34PM EDT0


Most small business do not need to look at the total target audience. You need to care about how many you can reach and how to reach them with the limited funds.


Aug 16, 12:39AM EDT0
Even with amazing products people care about the Customer Service they are getting. How should a company market themselves if they're approach is having the best customer service?
Aug 14, 6:27PM EDT0


I disagree. It comes down to marketing of customer service rather than quality of customer service. Often people are willing to compromise when they want to be associated with the company. It is the say way married couple work, employer-employee relationship works.  

Even the best customer service will not be sufficient, if there isn't great marketing. But will great marketing and mediocre service companies can have great financial and market growth.


Aug 14, 6:51PM EDT0
Why are shock-and-awe packages such a big hit with certain firms? What does this usually accomplish?
Aug 14, 6:07PM EDT0

You earn credebility, trust and recognition. Next, your prospect gets to read the material and understand your approach. If he is convinced, the sale in his head is already made about doing business with you. 

Aug 14, 6:48PM EDT0
When deciding on a marketing strategy what are five factors that need to be discussed?
Aug 14, 5:39AM EDT0


1. Core purpose i.e., awareness, leads, sales etc in descriptive one sentence.

2. Metrics - how many people should be aware, how many calls do you need to get, how much of it needs to be converted as a sale?

3. Investment - how much are you willing invest

4. Timeframe

5. Approach to get the objective accomplished

Aug 14, 6:47PM EDT0
What are important factors to remember when dealing with goverment clients?
Aug 13, 9:24PM EDT0


Aug 13, 11:02PM EDT0
What kind of marketing strategy would an engineering firm need?
Aug 13, 12:44PM EDT0

Direct mailers with shock-and-awe package. Shock-and-awe is a big set of gifts and goodies to demonstrate that you are willing to invest in a prospective buyer. Typically I also use the books I authored as a part of the package.

How many customers do you want? Lets say 10. How much are are you willing to spend  to get a customer?   

Invest one customer project revenue to get X customers. This is the basic formula. For instance, say on an average each engineering project is $10,000. You must have an upper limit of $10,000 for shock-and-awe package.  Say, each box has $100 worth of goodies, that's 1000 mails. If you reduce the budget to $5000, send it to 500 prospects.

There are few ways to recoup the investment - 1. Marginly increase project revenue from $5000 to 5050 (10% increase) or 2. Bundle more features and give valuable engineering services for $7500 and get even more.

Aug 13, 1:12PM EDT0
There have been many changes in the way marketing works especially with digital marketing. What formula seems to always work without latching on to what's popular or new?
Aug 12, 8:26AM EDT0

It is consistency of executing a marketing funnel. In this funnel you need multiple ways to reach the customer - banners, blogs, direct mails, emails etc, all driving traffic to one place and one sequencial build towards a sale. This model has worked consistently well.

Aug 12, 10:32AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on how to rebrand a business that has failed before?
Aug 11, 10:26AM EDT1

Most of our turnaround projects require rebranding. It works when there is sufficient funds to make the extra effort.

Aug 12, 10:30AM EDT0
What examples are there of Saas companies?
Aug 11, 5:25AM EDT0


Aug 12, 10:29AM EDT0
What is a CPA firm exactly? how does it differ from a regular accountant?
Aug 10, 7:48PM EDT1

There are three broad groups of accounting companies

1. Book-keeping -small services companies that will enter (keystroke) invoices, bills,  summarize at the end of the month income and expenses

2. Tax preparation and accounting - small services company that will prepare taxes for individuals, familieis and small businesses. Some have CPA qualification.

3. CPA firms - work primarily with B2B firms, mid-size and above. Services include - pre-IPO, internal audit, external audit, state and federal tax management, financial reporting to various governing bodies such as SEC in the USA, deal with setting up international operations, wealth management  and more.

Aug 10, 9:40PM EDT0
What kinds of businesses should be using account based marketing?
Aug 8, 5:00PM EDT0

If you are selling to the Governments, large corporations.

Aug 8, 5:05PM EDT0
What are the top three steps to get an Account Based Marketing campaign off the ground?
Aug 7, 4:28PM EDT0

You need a sales team. You need to go past procurement phase and become a prefered vendor.

Aug 7, 9:40PM EDT0
How does account based marketing compare with traditional marketing?
Aug 7, 1:17AM EDT0

Account based marketing will have 1 or more dedicated sales people walking the prospect's corridors building connections. On the back-end they will have a relationship org chart to pursue opportunities. Account based marketing is all about long-term relationships. Whereas traditional marketing is transactional selling, 1-1 or 1-to-many sales.

Aug 7, 9:39PM EDT0
Which services or websites do you recommend for A/B testing?
Aug 6, 10:57PM EDT1


I have no specific recommendation.


Aug 7, 9:37PM EDT0
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