Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

Raj Ganesan
May 30, 2018

I help companies grow their leads, convert 

1. If you are a business owner  or  professional services executive -have questions on marketing strategy, revenue models, pricing, retention, marketing funnels, how to market without breaking compliance regulation, growing in a difficult market I will answer all your questions. 

2. If you are in professional services (CPA, IT, engineering) industry or a freelancer and want to grow your consulting practice - I can offer some help.

Overall, I will answer anything that relates to service industry and lead generation.

Raj Ganesan says:

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How can you make sure that your are requesting the right price for your services?

Sep 15, 11:13AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on influencer marketing?
Sep 10, 12:10PM EDT0
How does a business know when to change their marketing strategy?
Sep 10, 12:21AM EDT0
When deciding to grow a business what factors need to be analyzed to make a change?
Sep 10, 12:02AM EDT0
Do you really believe the “everyone is dispensable” logic will help with employee retention? Why wouldn’t employees perform better and stay if they know they are wanted and not able to easily be replaced?
Sep 8, 9:16PM EDT0
What are the main things new businesses should be doing to market themselves to gain customers?
Sep 8, 1:46AM EDT0
What important values does a leader need to make a great team of employees?
Sep 7, 9:40AM EDT0
What challenges come with companies who focus training on new employees and not so much the older employees?
Sep 7, 4:03AM EDT0
In a previous answer you discussed freelancers marketing themselves to achieve success. Many freelancers are freelance writers, do you have any specific guidelines for writers who need to gain more business?
Sep 6, 9:58PM EDT0
What are a few important key factors in training employees?
Sep 6, 3:38PM EDT0
What are the most common unnecessary expenses in small businesses that drain a lot of resources?
Sep 5, 9:23PM EDT0
“The customer is always right”, but what are the limits to customer satisfaction? What should employees do when customers ask for too much?
Sep 5, 4:55AM EDT0
What are the most important upcoming marketing trends that you see coming in the rest of 2018?
Sep 5, 1:17AM EDT0
What is the best way to set fair prices for services? What has to be taken into account?
Sep 4, 11:57PM EDT0
In general terms, do you recommend the use of accounting and tax software instead of hiring a CPA firm?
Sep 4, 10:12PM EDT0
What are the clearest examples that you know of companies or brands failing because of inadequate marketing?
Sep 3, 2:00PM EDT0

Here is a good example of inadequate marketing and product mismatch. Ford motors entering Asian market.

Ford decided to bring  cars designed for US consumption to south east Asia. They spent a lot of money marketing. It was a collasal  failure. Asian women and men are much smaller. Simple things like driver's height etc were not in consideration. These are big issues. Complete mismatch of buyer's traits to marketing message and actual product.

After 5 years of disasterous marketing push, Ford realized they had to fix the issues. Company redesigned entire vehicle to suit the local population. Since they put all their money in new factory etc., they did not have funds to market. In the meanwhile other companies including Japanese, European car manufacturers caught up by custom fitting to local needs.

Sep 3, 2:29PM EDT0
What are the best strategies to boost the growth of a CPA firm?
Sep 2, 6:41PM EDT0


1. Direct response marketing - direct mailers

2. Shock and Awe packages delivered to the executives

3.  Authority development

Sep 3, 2:19PM EDT0
You mention that employee retention is not important, however, some studies have shown that the cost related to replacing an employee can be as high as 50–60% of the employee's annual salary. Taking this into account, wouldn’t it be advisable to invest in the implementation of employee (well trained, with knowledge of the business) retention strategies instead of training new people?
Aug 31, 3:25PM EDT0

Fact #1 - Everyone is dispensible. I am open and honest from day one. Door is always open for them to leave. I am not afraid of them leaving. They all know once they leave they can not rejoin. This approach is similar to Goldman Sachs and few other world-class companies. In my situation, employees are emotionally connected and they find having the relationship, benefits and connection they gain is far greater than everything else. 

Fact #2 - It is the intangible portion of employement that makes a employee stay. Tangible activities such as training, knowledge is a must. But there is something way beyond these items that will make someone feel deeply connected.  It comes down to owner's ability to connect with people and get into people's heart and head.

These are the only two things I rely on. Genuinity. If not for these two principles, everything I do will lead to disappointment - employee will gain everything and jump ships. Nothing stops them from leaving. More importantly I will be selfish and lying to everyone that I am doing things in the best interest of the employees.

This is not to say that my employees do not leave. They do occassionally. In almost every case, I go out of the way to provide recommendation, get them where they want to get for example, a top-tier client of ours. Why do I do it? When they are working for the company, they will have no hesitation recommending our service.

Sep 3, 2:18PM EDT0
What are the fastest evolving markets in today’s industry? Where do you see new opportunities in the services industry?
Aug 31, 12:36PM EDT0

Service automation aka Robotic Process Automation. 

Aug 31, 1:09PM EDT0

Any tips for freelancers so that they can get more clients?

Aug 31, 3:00AM EDT0


You are in the business of marketing yourself. Nothing more. Your are not in the business of <whatever you do>. Technology, industry practices, customers change. But, your marketing part will never change. Except for marketing all others are delivery.  It is a must you stick to this philosophy if not success will mediocre. Mediocre is a crowd. 

My #1 approach to get more clients is to differentiate yourself amongst the crowd. The more the differentiation the easier it to find you. Donna if you tell me the industry I can give me realistic pointers.


Aug 31, 1:07PM EDT0
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