Ask me Anything about Starting your own business - Direction and how to motivate.

Aiden Gyory
Dec 6, 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Aiden Gyory, I am a customer service and sales professional consultant from Adelaide, South Australia.

www.upscaleyourself.com is a consultancy focused on touch point managment and ethics in direct marketing channels.

I would like to answer any questions you have on start your business and how to communicate your ideas

any additional questions can be sent to aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

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Do you have any idea how to apply for bank loans to have a starting capital?

Dec 8, 7:22PM EST1

I Lorca, Excellent question! before looking towards a bank loan for starting capital it's a good idea to really look at what you need the money for and how much you really need, the worst thing is getting a large business loan with high interest and not being able to pay it back because you haven't engaged with a financial planner and built a safe and secure plan, there are several other ways to finance your ideas aswell including grants, private investers, venture capital just to name a few, so it is a good idea to exhaust all possible avenues before looking for a loan from the bank. when you really break it down you can find there are so many ways to build a leaner start up, I would always recommend a quick and lean model to start rather than investing someone elses money into an idea without validation. if your idea is really that good if should sell itself you shouldn't need that much capital to start it! thanks so much for your question Lorca! please email me if you would like to chat some more! aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

and also give us a like on our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 8, 8:26PM EST0

How many businesses have you helped since the start of your profession?

Dec 7, 10:53AM EST1

Hi Kamrunnahar, That question is a little hard to answer, during my career I've helped numerous companies increase their conversions but through our upscaleyourself.com initiative which is a collaboration work with a couple of other partners we have helped grow and even start several businesses, as of 2018 we will be running workshops and bootcamps, we anticipate to run twice a month with 30 participants each time, for the next 12 months, you can do the maths on that ;) 

great question! if you want to chat some more please send me through an email! aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

also like our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 8, 8:18PM EST0

Do you have some tips about targeting customers and gathering information for those who want to start a new business?  

Dec 7, 5:44AM EST1

Hi Ana! We sure do! Especially in the beginning of your business it is incredibly important to do your market validation.

Start by building your MVP (Minimum viable product) and gather some feedback on your product or service by going out and actually selling it. this is the absolute BEST way to collect information and really figure out what your target market requires from your industry. it is important that you listen to your audience and pivot accordingly. Great Question Ana! please email me if you would like some more information!  aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

and give us a like on facebook www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 7, 6:47PM EST0

Why do you have such zest for business? What was the biggest influence on you?

Dec 6, 9:55PM EST1

Hi Kathryn, Zest is such a GREAT word! - my passion for business comes from education, growing up I always thought I would be a music teacher because my mum was a music teacher and my dad was a music teacher so obviously I was going to be a music teacher! While music is still such a huge part of my life I was really drawn to the educational and knowledge side of that career path and I have found that with every business I try to start they are and always will be trainning and education driven. I love teaching new things and learning from others, so my parents and their passions growing up have really built my values and "zest" for what I do. 

Kathryn I would love to chat with you more if you have the time, please send me an email: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

and give us a like on our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/


Dec 7, 5:03AM EST1

What was the very first company you created and how successful did it become?

Dec 6, 9:53PM EST1

Hi FBrooks, thanks for getting in contact! The first company I created was called "GPromotions" we were a salesforce company built to help support charities - we built and operated it for 12 months before we liquidated and closed shop. this was such a great experience and although we failed we did better with the next company! Faliure is only a step towards to success, not the absense of success! 

thanks for your question! if you want to talk some more please send me through an email: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

also give us a like on our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 7, 4:58AM EST0

What can Upscale Yourself do to thriving businesses?

Dec 6, 5:14PM EST1

Hi Vicky, Great question! Our target market is focused on businesses who are between 0 - 3 years old. We focus on building direct marketing channels to increase conversion though controlled and measurable environments. at the moment we are well equiped for businesses up to $500,000 of turn over after that we have partners we would refer you on to, Our Aim is to create an almost "sandbox" for individuals to try new ideas, new ventures and really streamline the process from an idea to a thriving business, honestly, if you are doing so well that our expertise can't help then you aren't our customer and we would very quickly and easily refer you onto something bigger :) 

thanks for the question Vicky! always keen to have a chat! please send me an email if you would like to get in touch: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

also give us a like on facebook if our info was helpful! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

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Dec 6, 6:34PM EST0

What was the most challenging contract you've had and how did you win those challenges?

Dec 6, 12:02AM EST1

Hi Ron, Very interesting question an I'm going to be a little controversial here....our most challenging contract was also our best reality check and hardest sell and in the end our hardest break up. the most challenging contract we had was around the start of our journey, we were not 100% sure what direction we wanted to go in so we just pitched our talents and tried to give solutions that would fit within our skill sets. we dealt with a very strong customer who did not like things done our way, instead they wanted us to do things their way for them. this taught us a HUGE lesson in what we wanted for our brand and the sort of target market and overall expections were from our space and our industry. we jumped through hoop after hoop after hoop to get this contract and in the end we made a desicion that this was not the path we wanted to take, instead we rebranded, we refined our ideas, we changed our values to better represent our ideals and after many many coffees and meetings we finally got through to them that we did not want their business because it was not the work we were comfortable doing. this was a huge learning point for us because we had never turned down work before. Yes we could have done the work, but it did not follow our core values or what we were about so instead we decided our integrity and reputation was more important than the money and the headache. 

and we learn't it's okay to turn people down especially if they don't align with your values. this was a really important lesson and im so happy we learnt it early on!have you had any experiences turning clients down? or any tricky customers? send me an email if you wanna have a chat! aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.comalso take a look on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/ theres an awesome article I shared about positive language and how to handle those sorts of situations :) awesome question! love your work!  

Dec 6, 4:43AM EST0

What best advice can you offer a budding entrepreneur?

Dec 5, 5:09PM EST1

Syed, Again with the great questions! The best advice I can give to a budding entrepreneur is this: do what makes you excited. I have had so many meetings with enegetic and vibrant business owners who litterally start jumping with joy when they talk about what they do and how they are impacting the world. these people are the future of all industry. all jobs, all apps, all of creation it all moves forward because of the people who are excited about their next step. be one of those people :) create something unique and special for yourself and this world!

love your questions Syed, keep them coming! send me an email if you are want to get in contact! aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

Dec 6, 4:27AM EST0

What made you so passionate in building new companies?

Dec 5, 5:09PM EST1

Hi Makter, awesome question! My passion comes from a couple of things, Growing up both my parents were musicians and music teachers. their absolute love and passion for what they do was my biggest inspiration in life. My dad especially, he lives very below his means, not rich, not extravagent. but he loves what he does, he teaches guitar and he has the most fulfilled life out of anyone i've ever met, you see him light up when he sings on stage or performs with his band or his students. this passion and motivation is what I want my life to be about, this very simple way of life is my absolute vision and clarity for why I do what I do and why I get up every day. the companies I have built have always had a strong emphasis on education and knowledge. I would love to wake up in a world that shares and collaborates for the sole purpose of growth and development of the collective. that's why I get out of bed, thats why I build companies, thats the world I want to create :) 

How do you stay motivated? what are your passions? Id love to have a chat with you! send me an email aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.comWhat an awesome question! thanks so much in participating :) also like us on facebook! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

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Dec 6, 4:19AM EST0

Whic industry would you recommend new business to invest on?

Dec 5, 10:28AM EST1

Hi Faye! I think warren buffet said it best: "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing" personally I wouldn't invest in anything that is outside of my scope. for example i dont really know anything about telecommunication companies so, im not going to invest my time and money in starting a new phone company, its not my strength BUT i would not be opposed to investing into a company that has a strong standing on the ethics of sales and communication, I also wouldn't be opposed to investing in awareness for cancer or mental health - two things very close to my heart and my family. but as far as investing in a particular industry goes, stick to your strengths and most importantly...Invest in yourself. you are the only person in this world that is exactly like you are, and that is the most powerful and brilliant industry to invest into :) That and VR - I'm keen for VR haha! If you have any other questions or just want to have a chat please send me an email: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.comalso check out our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 6, 4:04AM EST0

If I'm a new businessman, what can your business, Upscale Yourself help me?

Dec 5, 9:14AM EST1

Hi Heenal! Wonderful question, let me give you the spill ;) Upscaleyouself.com or Upscale: Business Communications is a direct sales management and consultancy firm, we are heavily embeded in the "start up" community here in south australia and our goal is to provide information and direction to help turn ideas into tangible assets. we run small workshops on how to model a business and the questions you must ask yourself when starting out, we also provide tactics and stratergies that can be implemented TOMORROW to achevie the results you are after. we do not work with indirect marketing channels like facebook ad campaigns or bill board advertising instead we help create controlled environments with intention to convert prospects into customers and customers into advocates. we are not a salesforce, we do not do the work for you, we make you accountable and responsible for your actions and we help to grow and nuture your ideas to scale - up! (Upscale) if there is anything we can help you with send me an email: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com I would love to get in touch and see where we can add value in your business :) also send us some love on our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 6, 3:43AM EST0

Do you also handle HR functions for a certain company?

Dec 5, 7:16AM EST1

Hi Ashiqur! this is a really really important question, im so happy you asked! - we actually outsource out HR to a seperate company, the reason why is we feel I'ts incredibly important to take a 3rd part approach to handling these situations. Because a huge part of what we do with upscaleyourself.com is network so we tend to outsource when we can! I love the amazing community we have built and the relationships we've created in our eco-system so its so important to us to give back when and where we can!do you work in the HR field? or need some HR advice? Id love to help out, send me an email aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.comalso chuck us a like on our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/ 

Dec 6, 3:36AM EST0

What is the maximum of companies you'd like to create and add to your conglomerate of businesses?

Dec 5, 7:08AM EST1

Hi Syed, Great question! so many people out there are of the thinking that you can only have one company! Currently I run three seperate and individual entities, One is my consultancy brand which deals with direct communications with customers and the ethics of sales, this is may passion project - Upscaleyourself.com this is my driving force of motivation and passion.

Secondly I run a 3D printing manufacturer that is revolutionising the industry here in Australia, this is a lean start up model i've start with two other directors about 12 months ago and is almost ready to hit the marketplace.

Thirdly, a hobby of mine is a small online retailer called one-percent-living.com which is a mens fashion and lifestyle store, bringing affordable and flashy accessories to the mens fashion space. 

I don't know if I would say I have a "Maximum" i would like to create but my eventual goal for my passion project Upscaleyourself.com is to create a conglomerate of companies under this brand that will walk people through the entire process from making their ideas tangible through to running and scaling a successful business that align with the buisness owners dreams and passions. I just wish I had that when I started! 

Id love to chat with you more about this Syed, are you running several enterprises at the moment as well? send me an email: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

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Dec 6, 3:23AM EST0

What has been the most successful company you've created?

Dec 5, 2:57AM EST1

Hi Nikita awesome question, im going to go in deep here!

I think it all depends on how you measure success. for me success is equal to impact. If i can impact enough lives in a positive and helpful way I have acheived success. I've been building businesses for the past 6 years and probably the one i felt had the most impact was a salesforce that contributed to rasing 8 million dollars to send our australian para-lympians over to rome to compete. for me this was the most successful and most impactful company I have ever been apart of. success means a lot of different things for different people, and honestly I dont think there is one deffinitve way to say "yes I am a success or yes I have been successful" its all a journey to create the sort of life and environment that you want to live in. As long as I can provide one spark of inspiration to one person my business is a success :)Feel free to send me an email if you would like to talk more Nikita! aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.comwould love to see how we can help :) also go like our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

thank you so much for your question!

Dec 6, 2:58AM EST0

Who were the key people who helped you through the many hardships of creating new businesses?

Dec 5, 12:52AM EST1

Hi Scott thanks for getting in touch! Collaboration is one of the fundemental parts of building a successful business. your key partners and even your competitors play a huge role in your success and your reputation. I have always found a couple incredible types of people to help me get through tough times with my business. the first is a mentor. I found a couple amazing mentors who help give me direction and clarity for where i was heading. they were also great at lighting a fire under me and making sure I got off my chair! the second are what I like to call "Executioners" (soon to be updating my business card with this title!) these people keep you accountable and make sure you keep on task. it is so important especially during hardships that you focus on your goals, it can be so easy to just give up and walk away when nothing is going right but these people will keep you accountable and responsible. boots to the ground hussle day and night sort of people :) If you would like to get in touch scott please don't hesitate to send me an email: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com I would love to have a chat and see where I can help provide value to you!also give us a like on our facebook page! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 6, 2:50AM EST0

Was there a single company which turned out to be failure? How did you handle the disappointment?

Dec 5, 12:52AM EST1

Hi Daniel, Yes! wonderful question! yes! I have had several businesses crash and burn some very lean and some very expensive mistakes - over the last 6 years I've learnt its always good to fail and fail quickly. that being said as disapointing as failure can be if you look past it you can find that there is always a learning experience to be had. and I wouldn't have some of the amazing contacts and this wealth of knowledge if i didnt first have those failures and experiences. is failure something you are worried about with starting on your way to become a business owner? send me an email, I would love to get in touch with you and talk more about this: aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.comand like us on facebook for some awesome articles and great content! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Dec 6, 2:26AM EST0

If I am a new business, should I already assign people with focus on performing Customer Service functions?

Dec 4, 11:22PM EST1

Hi Michelle thank you for getting in touch!

Customer service is an essential part of business - in the traditional sense customer service is usually seen as important to retain customers and deal with issues but in reality customer service incompasses all of your business touchpoints from inital interpretations of your brand to advocating and orgainc marketing. I will always endorse customer service roles. but most importantly teach your managment how to treat the people in your team. the behviour inside and outside your business should compliment and mirror each other. If you would like some tips on how to improve your customer service or just want to have a chat please send me through an email I would love to get in touch aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com

like us on facebook as well! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

Thanks for your question Michelle! really great! :)

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Dec 4, 11:36PM EST0

What important key element should any business have, which might greatly contribute to its success?

Dec 4, 10:38PM EST1

Hi Richard,  Briliant question! there are a couple aspects I would say contribute to the success of a company but one that really stands out to me is your ability to sell. I don't mean this in a "snake oil" salesman kind of way but what i mean is how do you, and your company present themselves? in all aspects? do you provide a solution and how is that solution communicated to your potential target market? another huge aspect is do you lead by example? our business is focused on direct marketing and the value of ethics in sales so we made it a huge focus of ours to always treat our customers and potenial customers with respect and integrity. if I did not activelty invest my time and energy into the aspects I teach others too, well I wouldnt come to me for help! Hope this answers your question :) if you have any more please send me an email aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com and jump on our facebook page too! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/

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Dec 4, 10:47PM EST0

What must every customer service professional bear in order to attract and maintain long relationshp?

Dec 4, 10:17PM EST1

Hi Casey thanks for getting in touch :) One of the most important aspects in attracting and maintaining customer service relationships is being personable. this means creating relatable interactions with your customers and creating quality value in their lives. think about the sorts of experiences you've had with a business you use, do you rememeber the person you spoke to? were they exciting? relatable? funny? show your customers you are a person too and help them to find a solution to their problem this is how you build quality relationships and brand advocates :) if you would like some more info you can email me aiden.gyory@upscaleyourself.com and join our facebook page too! www.facebook.com/upscaleyourself/ thank you! 

Dec 4, 10:42PM EST0

Hello everyone! welcome to our AMA! please leave us some questions so we can help you create some direction in your ideas :) 

Dec 4, 9:31PM EST0
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