Ask me anything about augmented reality and immersive graphics in TV channels

Karim Ahmed
Nov 17, 2017

Augmented reality is a new technology of mixing graphics elements with the real elements to created a kind of immersion

It has been introduced a lot in the TV industery and film making and i believe the future is for such technology.

As example its heavilyy used in sports and weather forcast news

There are many systems for such technology and companies providing such services 

As example motion analysis integrated with Vizrt

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What was your business’ original mission? How has that mission evolved in the time since?

Nov 18, 4:01PM EST0

Actually that is not my business ( i dont own it) i just studied this system and i am really passionatr about the idea so wanted to share it with whoever is interested.

Nov 18, 4:25PM EST0

On which other shows can this kind of graphics presentation work best, aside from sports?

Nov 18, 3:38PM EST0

A very good practice for such is weather forecast shows.

Social media , news ,.......etc

Nov 18, 4:23PM EST0

Which ceremony do you spend most of the time and what is your favorite tv program?

Nov 18, 7:24AM EST0

Would you believe me if i said i dont have a favorite one :)

Nov 18, 4:22PM EST0

What are the three most important variables to monitor within your business?

Nov 18, 5:09AM EST0

Graphics quality.

Technical maintenance of the system (preventive maintrnance).

Many more factors can affect the system.

Nov 18, 4:21PM EST0

Do you need special people to manipulate the presentation while the show is running?

Nov 18, 3:22AM EST0

Well , the show mainly depends on two things , how smart and creative the presenter is to convince the audience that thesd are not graphics , the more he is confident with the idea the more relaxed he would be during the show

The second key player is the cameraman , if he spent some time studying the locations of the graphics and how they will animate , himself and the presenter will give you a great show

Nov 18, 4:18PM EST0

How do you believe evolving technology will impact the way we do business over the next 10 years?

Nov 17, 5:51PM EST0

Believe me it will grow more , it will pass the boarders of immersion , maybe we will see soon shows without a real presenter present.

Nov 18, 4:15PM EST0

What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them?

Nov 17, 3:53PM EST0

Actually its not my business , i just studied that system and we are using it as a part of our production

Nov 18, 4:15PM EST0

What best advice can you give to people who are interested to venture in a similar business?

Nov 17, 2:06PM EST0

Read more , try to be creative , unleash your immagination and you will be amazed with results

Nov 18, 4:14PM EST0

Did you ever deal with contention from your family concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits? How did you handle it?

Nov 17, 12:27PM EST0

No they are always supportive

Nov 18, 4:12PM EST0

Did you have major competitors when you started?

Nov 17, 11:08AM EST0

It is not about competitors , its more about the quality of the show

Nov 18, 4:11PM EST0

How do you think this kind of technology will further evolve in the future?

Nov 17, 9:13AM EST0

I believe it will grow more , maybe exceeding immersion to hologram technology which has started by the way.

Nov 18, 4:10PM EST0

How did you plan to compete with your competitors and how did that plan play out?

Nov 17, 8:49AM EST0

It all differs according of the way of how this technology is implemented , the quality of your design and how good presenter you have ,this all together will give you impressive results

Nov 18, 4:10PM EST0

What would you do differently in hindsight?

Nov 17, 6:39AM EST1

Sorry i didnot get that question fully ?

Nov 17, 7:01AM EST0

How did you come about this kind of project?

Nov 17, 3:20AM EST1

Actually i am currently working on such project with my current channel , its a big world and we are all still taking baby steps to learn it more

Nov 17, 6:57AM EST0

Are there any good business resources you can recommend for beginners in this field of business?

Nov 17, 1:57AM EST1

You can find documentations about this subject on



Nov 17, 6:56AM EST0

What is most beneficial about immersion graphics for tv shows?

Nov 17, 12:02AM EST1

Well depends on the scope of that particular TV channel , maybe sports as shown in the photo above , it can be used to give some statistics about specific game in a really nice way and gives the presenter ability to interact with such graphics in a very good way.

For news channels you can also allow the presenter to interact with maps explaning some information

Weather forecast can also be done the same way

You can find more examples if you search on youtube 

Nov 17, 6:55AM EST0

Can augmented reality also possibly distort what is real?

Nov 16, 9:27PM EST1

It will never distort reality but if the design is not good enough , it might appear as some graphics floating on a real enviroment not a part of the real enviroment

Nov 17, 6:51AM EST0

What is your profession?

Nov 16, 7:14AM EST1

I am a broadcast engineer

Nov 17, 6:50AM EST0

What software do you use for such graphics?

Nov 16, 6:40AM EST1

There are lots of technologies for immersive graphics , some of them are standalone kits and others are built systems 

You can find more about softwares and user manuals , searching stype kits and motionanalysis

Nov 17, 6:50AM EST0
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