Scheduled on February 27, 2018 10:00 AM EST

AMA: Solve Our Biggest World Problems AND Make a Profit: Creating and Marketing PROFITABLE Offerings that Address Hunger, Poverty, War, Climate Change…

Feb 27, 2018 10:00AM EST

Ask me anything about how to profitably turn hunger and poverty into abundance, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance—NOT through guilt and shame, not even only through corporate giving—but by creating and marketing stuff people WANT to buy. Social entrepreneurship—using business to fix these sorts of problems—is where green business was 20 years ago. It's still at the ground floor and poised to take off as customers start to demand it. Get going with it before it becomes a have-to. Not only do you get the early-mover advantage, you also get to do profitable work that makes you feel happy and proud. And the good news is in most cases, you can do this easily. Often, you can even get going just by thinking differently about your existing products and services.

My name is Shel Horowitz, and I've been in both the marketing and activist worlds for decades. As the primary author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World and international speaker/TEDx Talker. I've been consulting, writing, and speaking on social entrepreneurship since the 1980s. I'll be your guide on this exciting journey.

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What are the most important qualities a person has to have in order to become an activist?
Feb 24, 2:27AM EST0 Reply
What was the most important thing you’ve done in your career?
Feb 23, 3:58PM EST0 Reply
Though it is obvious that these are issues worthy attention, what was the actual trigger that made you start this project?
Feb 23, 3:20PM EST0 Reply

What is this whole project about, and where did the encourage to write it came from?

Feb 22, 11:57AM EST0 Reply

In what way do you think you should educate children, youth and adults about these issues?

Feb 21, 8:02PM EST0 Reply

When would you say social entrepreneurship became relevant to society?

Feb 21, 11:41AM EST0 Reply

What do you consider is more important over this particular topic: Government awareness or Society awareness?

Feb 21, 10:36AM EST0 Reply

What do you think are the main steps to deal with climate change?

Feb 21, 9:09AM EST0 Reply

As an activist, what do you usually fight for? Have you ever stood up against the government?

Feb 19, 2:36PM EST0 Reply

With a mindset like yours, it seems like you’d be great to work in the government - have you ever considered running for politics?

Feb 19, 11:09AM EST0 Reply

How did you come up with all these ideas? Are these new and unique ideas or were they derived from something else that’s already been used in the past?

Feb 18, 3:49AM EST0 Reply

Is there an existing documentary, article or book that explains the concept of your movement about turning problems to profit?

Feb 17, 11:31PM EST0 Reply

What’s the most urgent world problem that needs to be addressed immediately, in your opinion?

Feb 17, 11:14PM EST0 Reply

What exactly do you do? Is marketing or entrepreneurship your full time job?

Feb 16, 9:41PM EST0 Reply

Where can one get a copy of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World?

Feb 16, 5:48PM EST0 Reply

Can the social entrepreneurship course knowledge be applied to creating normal business start-ups?

Feb 13, 5:00PM EST0 Reply

Are investors from different domains interested in social entrepreneurship the same as in business entrepreneurship?

Feb 13, 1:40PM EST0 Reply

What do you think out of "Hunger, Poverty, War, Climate Change" which category needs the most immediate attention and why?

Feb 13, 10:48AM EST0 Reply

For someone starting their career in entrepreneurship, what's the difference between corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship?

Feb 13, 10:35AM EST0 Reply

You have been in both "marketing and activist" world for a very long time. According to you, how has both the fields changed in last 10 years?

Feb 13, 12:12AM EST0 Reply
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