AMA I am a digital marketing geek with 12 years of experience, I love digital marketing and can talk on anything from search engine optimization to paid search strategies and even analytics. Currently finishing a book on Local SEO

Jonathan Alonso
Jul 5, 2018

If you have a Local or Regional business and have digital marketing questions I can help. I have been in charge of more than 1,000 retail locations that included search engine optimization, and local marketing strategies that would make an impact. Ask Me Anything about digital marketing in Local business, regional business, national companies and more.

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How would you characterize the local digital marketing industry in 2018 in terms of budgets, campaigns, creativity, etc.?
Jul 11, 2:25PM EDT0
Why do you think it’s important for Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals and Students to learn Digital Marketing today?
Jul 9, 7:23PM EDT0
What are the top three digital marketing trends do you foresee for 2018?
Jul 9, 4:46PM EDT0
Does any of your digital marketing work engage with any particular social issues?
Jul 9, 12:35PM EDT0
When it comes to develop a digital strategy, where do you usually begin?
Jul 7, 3:19AM EDT0
In what ways can inexperience and dated practices be costly to a digital marketer?
Jul 6, 7:38PM EDT0
What set of skills or learning tools does anyone need to become a good digital marketer?
Jul 6, 1:50PM EDT1

To be honest, all you need is the capacity to want to learn, There is really no magic sauce. You have to be willing to experiment, read and study and stick to best practices. This allows you to be a great digital marketer without any tools or gimmicks. Some of the free resources are websites like, where there is a full resource of what SEO is and how it works.

Jul 6, 6:34PM EDT0
Why do you believe the creation of trust and authority is integral to the survival of a company?
Jul 6, 11:24AM EDT1

I actually recently made a video about this

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Jul 6, 11:54AM EDT0
How do you approach working SEO for a brand that has a negative reputation?
Jul 6, 11:00AM EDT1

A lot of people would say Re-branding, but that's the easy way out. Depending on the negative reputation and if its a nightmare you have to consider the amount of damage before trying to fix a bad rep. If the damage includes a lot of scams and fraud I would distance myself from that specific brand and re-brand with a better experience and customer service. If its unsatisfied customers, there is always a way out.

One idea is to gather all of those negative responses and reputation from past customers and offer them an opportunity to help you make it right. Being empathic to their concern and asking "Them" for advice. This creates an opportunity to rebuild that trust, especially if this is done in formats like a video that can be used as future ads.

Jul 6, 11:51AM EDT0
What are the key elements of a good digital marketing plan?
Jul 6, 5:18AM EDT0

A good digital marketing plan takes a customer journey into consideration, From awareness to purchase.

You want to identify what channels matter for acquisition and retention of customers.

The elements that would be important is understanding the use of these channels and strategizing how you're going to use these channels to acquire your customers to identify potential cost in ad spend and human capital.

Jul 6, 11:45AM EDT0
If you had an unlimited amount to spend on advertising on a social network what would it be and why?
Jul 6, 3:49AM EDT0

Facebook! Still has the most power in targeting and cost is still way below other platforms. 

Ideally, I would do Facebook Leads and create an email marketing strategy that would dominate on a specific industry like travel or pet. 

Jul 6, 11:39AM EDT0
What would you consider the most important development in digital marketing in 2018?
Jul 5, 8:54PM EDT0

I consider AI the most important development. It offloads hours of analysis and creates an experience based on data points programmed into its platform. A great example is the new Google Ads "Smart Campaign" that will be the "Smart" analyst for small businesses and using AI will know what keywords and text ads are performing.

Jul 5, 9:12PM EDT0
What are the benefits of social media marketing for a business/company?
Jul 4, 6:35PM EDT0

There are 2 main benefits - 

  • Branding & Awareness by building an audience
  • Customer Service

Social media is an important part of any brands long-term strategy. It allows for the brand to connect with the customers in an empathic and human behavior that creates trust and authority if done correctly.  But it also services as a customer service tool since a lot of bad experiences could be mentioned and broadcasted on the web and if your PR company does not catch it on time, it could cost you a lot of ROI.

Jul 4, 6:51PM EDT0

Hey, guys, I forgot to mentions I give digital marketing tips all the time on my youtube channel, Subscribe and enjoy,  Follow Me on Youtube

Jul 4, 5:49PM EDT1

Here are some of my video

Jul 6, 11:56AM EDT0
What do you enjoy the most about working in digital marketing?
Jul 4, 5:45PM EDT1

What excited me the most was the aspect of not knowing and experimenting with what was going to work. I got a lot of my chops on SEO and it was difficult to start because back then there were not many people sharing their experiences and results as there is today. SEO still remains one of my favorite and fun strategies I love to work with 

Jul 4, 5:51PM EDT0
Is a blog non-negotiable when it comes to having a social media presence? Why?
Jul 4, 2:53PM EDT1

Not necessarily, But a blog does help you build an audience that glues all of your channels together. It becomes the centralized hub of your voice and brand. But if you have a lean budget you can start with one channel and build up.

I have also seen a lot of successful blogs written with co-partnerships were an influencer builds a following and becomes a contributor to highly relevant existing blogs and new source. Guest contributing helps in building trust with the audience because of it almost like a borrowed trust from the website hosting your content. 

Jul 4, 3:19PM EDT1
Which social media platforms should a business have a presence on? Should you be on all social media networks? Why or why not?
Jul 4, 12:48PM EDT1

The platforms that matter really depend on how much time a brand has to create content, I have seen so many brands open a youtube channel with one video and have not touched it for 3 years. You want to get on Sm Platforms that are going to matter for you and your business that you can dedicate some time to. 

Most businesses have the top 5

  • Linkedin ( B2B but has HR Opportunities )
  • Twitter ( Customer Service Based )
  • Facebook ( Ads work better but ideal to create a page for local SEO )
  • Google Plus ( Yes it is still relevant )
  • Instagram ( Yes it does have value )
  • Youtube ( You would need to create that consistency )
Jul 4, 3:16PM EDT1
How does a company know if they have the right digital marketing measurement model for their company?
Jul 4, 4:25AM EDT1

Its a pretty broad question, first is the company B2C or B2B because both strategies will vary in KPI's. The only thing that remains the same is Sales and Return on investment as a metric but digital goes way beyond into also influencing your customer's lifetime value in which should also be measured. 

I think the best way to explain this will be in stages of a customer journey, Each stage needs to be optimized in order to reach your end goal of "sales".

Step One - Traffic Generation: Important KPI's would be depending on what strategy you choose to deploy as part of your marketing mix

Generic Metrics to Look for - Acquisitions, Users, Bounce rate and events ( There is way more, All referencing data points from Google Analytics )

Paid Ads on Adwords or Bing - Click through Rate, Impressions, Impression Share, Conversions

Search Engine Optimization - Traffic by organic source, Backlinks / Referrals, Keyword rankingDomain Authority

Step Two - Conversion tracking,  How many people on your site have taken an action that resulted in a lead or a sale. What platforms were utilized to get this action? And how much did this cost? We call this attribution because with the right set of tools you can determine what channels are sending you the right leads and can also determine cost vs returns.

Step Three - The upsell - This is the CLV - Are you re-engaging them through email marketing or other sources? If so here are the metrics for Email. 

In conclusion, It is hard to define one metric that will be the right model, there are lots of attributed factors that make a well strategized digital marketing plan successful. If you have any questions feel free to DM me

Jul 4, 9:25AM EDT1
How did you become so knowledgeable about digital marketing? How was your learning path?
Jul 4, 2:26AM EDT1

I started my career in information technology as a Jr Network engineer. I really thought that is what I wanted to be but found it to be more of a hobby since the real world applications were not as exciting to me. I then went for my MBA and my marketing professor saw my frustration and emailed me a link to learn more about SEO. That changed my life forever!

I did have my start with small to medium start-ups and most of them wanted to get really serious about digital so I was lucky enough to work at companies that paid me to do research. Some were internships and some were just low paying jobs, but it got me the knowledge I have today. 

I started out with minimal things in SEO and as I grew, I was determined to learn "How to get a keyword on the 1st page of Google" this took me to the route that showed me the easy way and the hard way as we know to call it Black hat and white hat SEO. I learned what others offered, how they ranked and also learned the dangers of deceiving search engine rankings. I did test some black hat methods but never with a customer or a Job, and I really did not like it. 

Since then my life as a digital marketer has always been about experimenting. With Digital there is some science and creative arts that go into any strategy.

From metrics and optimization of technical aspects to human behavior of words, sentences, copy, eyesight, experience. All interesting and very powerful ways that help us understand human behavior patterns to optimize our strategies.

Digital is not hard and anyone can learn, its more of putting the time to do it and going through years of experimenting. There are lots of resources and "Ideas" that exist out there but if your thinking of doing Digital Marketing than I would suggest looking at the following resources

There are tons more but these are some of my favorites.

Jul 4, 9:38AM EDT1
What are the best uses of LinkedIn for marketing?
Jul 3, 10:59PM EDT1

There are three main ways to use Linkedin

1.) Paid Ads - Paid ads on LinkedIn are more expensive than other platforms but can be fruitful in industries that are primarily B2B, You would just have to accept the higher cost per lead.

2.) Sales - With sales you can create a premium account and master the art of "inMail" which lets you send Linkedin emails to your desired prospects. It's a quick way to get to your current leads or to create relationships with potential customers. Don't product push. You want to offer value first so that they open up to you.

3.) Personal Branding - I use Linkedin for my personal brand and it works. Some of my success is from writing articles on the "pulse", Daily Vlog with tips on marketing, and sharing interesting news. I also contribute to my followers and avidly comment on posts to create a better interaction. 

Jul 4, 9:45AM EDT1
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