AMA How to Build a Team of Loyal, Reliable Employees Who Will Wow Your Customers and Grow Your Business. A guide to employee development and HR training for your staff.

Scott Greenberg
Jul 10, 2018

I’m Scott Greenberg and I help leaders grow their business. I focus on the mindset and strategies that successful franchisees and business leaders use to get ahead. I’ve owned franchises, run businesses and even won a few awards. As a speaker and consultant, I’ve worked with countless brands. I study the methods of high performers and have identified the tactics that give them their edge.

This AMA will focus on building high-performance teams. Given all the demands placed on business owners combined with the fast-paced lifestyle and evolving values of the workforce, developing a reliable, stable staff is a daunting prospect. How do you identify great employees? How do you build a culture that focuses on serving customers? How do you retain your employees and keep them motivated? These are some of the most common questions I’m asked to speak on.

"You just can't find good help these days," bosses complain. "And when you find them, you can't keep them."

Yes, you can. The trick isn't finding good help. It's cultivating it. It’s an investment of time that will pay huge dividends. It requires being patient when you hire, being willing to hold out for the right people. It means focusing a little less on operations and a lot more on people. If you serve your team, they’ll serve your customers. That’s when your business will really take off.

I’ll do my best to answer any questions. Feel free to visit my website at, or follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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What factors should you consider when building a high performance team?
Jul 17, 12:01PM EDT0
What are the characteristics of a high performance team?
Jul 17, 10:46AM EDT0
As a leader, should you let your team resolve conflict on their own or should you intervene to address differences quickly?
Jul 17, 10:14AM EDT0
How do you contribute as a leader to make a team successful?
Jul 17, 9:18AM EDT0
How can your company build employee loyalty if your products do not lend themselves to altruistic values?
Jul 17, 8:56AM EDT0
The workplace has become transactional for the employee. What can CEOs do to retain top performers in their organizations?
Jul 17, 3:25AM EDT0
What tactics do you recommend to successfully encourage employee development?
Jul 17, 2:14AM EDT0
As a leader, how do you go about developing a management style that encourages independence?
Jul 16, 11:53AM EDT0
Do employees of different ages require different motivation strategies?
Jul 14, 6:56AM EDT0

Yes, but rather than focus on age group, get to know the employees right in front of you and customize your motivation based on their unique sensibility. 

Jul 14, 11:42AM EDT0
How would one encourage employees to speak out when there is a problem rather than hiding it out of fear?
Jul 14, 5:45AM EDT0

This must be part of the culture. Encourage communication. Praise those who do speak out. Create a way for employees to provide feedback anonymously.

Jul 14, 11:41AM EDT0
How would you motivate employees who have repetitive jobs that can sometimes become boring especially for employees who enjoy a challenge?
Jul 14, 3:15AM EDT0

If they enjoy a challenge, they need a different job, or you need to make their current job more challenging. Give them new performance goals. Suggested new ways to complete the task that might be more efficient, or ask them to come up with some new techniques. Ask them to train others. Do what you must to ensure they remain engaged.

Jul 14, 11:39AM EDT0
Does motivational pay encourage least productive employees to perform better or does it create division in the work force?
Jul 13, 11:12PM EDT0

Motivational pay will not sustain increased produtivity. It may yield a short-term burst of enthusiasm, but it won't last. Focus more on creating a culture and work environment where employees feel invested in your mission and your organization.

Jul 13, 11:29PM EDT0
Would recalling employees while on vacation affect their service delivery? How would one ensure a peaceful transition if this happens?
Jul 13, 5:04PM EDT0

Terrible idea. Vacation time is theirs. It's something we need honor to communicate respect for the employee. If we're so reliant on one person that we need to interrupt their personal time, we're doing a bad job running the company. Have critical people train others to provide the same skillset and knowledge. No organization should be completely dependent on one person's contribution.

Jul 13, 11:25PM EDT0
Where does on draw the line between micro managing and strict supervision of employees?
Jul 13, 10:02AM EDT0

Micro-managing is actively, over-engaging employees who don't need the input in order to do their work well. Supervision is more passive. It means monitoring performance and intervening only when there's an opportunity to make positive adjustments that employees wouldn't make on their own.

Jul 13, 11:46AM EDT0
In your experience, how does style diversity contribute to the creativity required for the team to produce results?
Jul 12, 4:30AM EDT0

It's essential. We each bring our own talents and perspectives. We also lack other talents and perspectives. Style diversity fills in the missing pieces. It allows for the widest coverage of creative input.

Jul 12, 12:06PM EDT0
How do you create a climate in which team members feel free and comfortable enough to engage in civilized disagreements that move towards productive resolutions?
Jul 11, 3:05PM EDT0

Building culture is a huge part of effective leadership. Part of a high functioning culture is space to safely disagree. A good time to discuss this subject with your team is when there is no disagreement taking place. Remind them to put ego aside and think about what's best for the company, or even better, the customer. And, of course, you need to model respestful disagreement.

Jul 11, 3:10PM EDT0
Have you ever helped someone to learn to do a new task? Did you enjoy that? How did you go about it?
Jul 11, 1:23PM EDT0

All the time. Loved it. It's one thing to learn something myself. Helping someone else learn it is much more fulfilling. It's why I love leadership. I focused first on providing skills, then offered encouragement and support. It's important when training to know where the person needs the most help. They might need more information. They might need more motivation. These are two distict needs managers must be able to meet.

Jul 11, 2:53PM EDT0
How do you ensure you and your team deliver or exceed clients expectations?
Jul 11, 9:57AM EDT0

That's called management. It's the total focus of anyone in charge. Clarify customer expectations, then set goals with your team that surpass these expectations. These will be the standards by which you evaluate performance.

Jul 11, 2:46PM EDT0
What are the most important things an employer can do to identify the reliability factor in an employee?
Jul 11, 5:56AM EDT0

Look at the time frame of jobs listed on their resume to ensure they're not jumping from opportunity to opportunity. Give them a series of steps to accomplish during the hiring process, such as calling at a certain time, submitting documents by a specified time in a particular way. Check their references. Once hired, test them with a few low stakes assignments. Basically give them lots of things to do and clarify how you want them done. Then see what they do.

Jul 11, 2:44PM EDT0
Do you have any tips, advice or suggestions for organization leaders interested in increasing employee engagement?
Jul 10, 10:47PM EDT0

Make it a top priority. When hiring, make sure applicants have a value system aligned with the culture of your company. Clarify your mission and reninforce it with employees on a regular basis. Facilitate teambuilding and unit cohesion among your teams so they feel loyal to one other.

Jul 11, 2:41PM EDT0
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