AMA-Housing Market and How to build a business

Pat Lairson
Mar 16, 2018

I am a Realtor and a life coach. I have a passion for business and for people to step fully into their financial abundance. I have coached many people out of debt and into a prosperous business. I love helping people to buy and sell homes.  The reason I got into real estate years ago was to help Gods people occupy the land. Having your name on a deed gives you authority over the house you own and spiritual authority as well! If you need help in moving forward in business or have a real estate need, Ask me. 

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In what ways do you guide people in coming out of their debts? What is the role of financial planning in debt clearance?
Mar 23, 10:13AM EDT0

There are some circumstances where debt comes because of a crisis. I find most debt is a matter of the heart. Put plainly, overspending. So the goal is to get to the root of what causes the debt, put a system in place and replace spending with another coping skill.

Mar 23, 11:27AM EDT0
What are the basic requirements for starting a real estate business? What about the investment needs?
Mar 23, 12:25AM EDT0

Are you talking about your own brokerage? If you are talking about becoming an agent where you have to start then the requirements are different per state. You must complete the education, get the license and hang your license with a brokerage. Hopefully, one that will help train you because there is so much to learn after school. The biggest investment is having enough money saved to live on for 3 to 6 months while you build your business.

Mar 23, 11:28AM EDT0
Do you work full-time or part-time as a realtor?
Mar 22, 9:19PM EDT0

Full time and then some. There is no such thing as a part time successful Realtor.

Mar 23, 11:29AM EDT0
What type of training do you have in life coaching? Is the professional course or certification necessary to get started?
Mar 22, 4:51PM EDT0

Yes if you want to be credible. I have a Masters in Counseling but I still got certified as a Life Coach. There are many certifications available just google what you are looking for in your area. 

Mar 22, 5:21PM EDT0
What are some of the effective marketing strategies used by your business? Do you recommend those marketing strategies to other businesses as well?
Mar 22, 3:18PM EDT0

Most of my marketing strategies are social media and staying in touch with my clients. It is that simple. 

Mar 22, 5:21PM EDT0
Could you give the techniques you teach for setting goals and how they relate to your own core values?
Mar 22, 5:46AM EDT0

Goal setting varies per person. Everyone responds differently to setting and realizing goals. I am a woman of faith so I like to partner with God on goal setting. I first dream....what would I like? Then I count the cost of it. What would it take for me to accomplish? If I still want to do it then I take it to prayer. I write it down and get the steps in order and begin. Hope that helps!

Mar 22, 11:23AM EDT0
How has the real state business changed with the growing technological world?
Mar 21, 2:39PM EDT0

That is a great question.  Consumers are much more educated because of technology. Some of the real estate sites are not current though which takes some educating for a client to stop viewing those sites once they have MLS access. It is imperative that a realtor stay up to date with technology in marketing and even the way a contract is written and signed.  I personally love the technological advances in real estate and always try and stay up to date. 

Mar 21, 9:21PM EDT0
Have you always wanted to be a realtor?
Mar 21, 2:38PM EDT0

I have always followed the real estate market and thought about becoming a realtor at different times in my life. I have been a realtor for 7 years though and had a full career as a therapist before becoming a realtor. I find I use my counseling skills a lot in real estate!

Mar 21, 9:22PM EDT0

Hi Pat,

Do you have a lot of expat clients (people coming from abroad)?

I'm a culture trainer and help people understand cultural differences in order to work more effectively, but also it helps settling in when abroad.

I've been asked by a real-estate organization to provide training to their employees as their clients are often expats.

My question to you is: do you recognize the need for cultural awareness and what are typical cultural behaviors or misunderstandings that you experienced?

Thank you!

Mar 21, 1:51PM EDT0

Hi Rachel, 

In my career as a therapist I did get a lot of multi cultural training and experience. As a Realtor, I really don't have a lot of clients coming from abroad. There is a large Canadian population that buys seasonal homes in Arizona but Arizona is not as diverse as California, the state I moved here from. I do recognize the need for cultural awareness in every day life. I can't think of any particular behavior or misunderstanding that I have experienced. 

Mar 21, 9:26PM EDT0
Do you charge for your coaching services?
Mar 21, 8:35AM EDT0

Yes I do charge for coaching.  We can do a lot in 4 sessions so for a 4 session package the cost is $400. They are not consecutive sessions as I give you homework so the 4 sessions might take 3 months to complete. It just depends on what we are working on.  This can be done by SKYPE, ZOOM or phone. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested. or 520-280-5862

Mar 21, 11:48AM EDT0

Was it challenging for you to getting start up capital?

Mar 21, 5:45AM EDT0

I did not need any start up capital. For real estate it took me about 3 months before I got my first paycheck so I did have money saved. My coaching business I did not need any start up capital. 

Mar 21, 11:50AM EDT0
What is the professional accomplishment that you are most proud of?
Mar 21, 5:37AM EDT0

I love helping people step into their wealth so I have been able to do that in my real estate business and my coaching business. I love seeing people get out of debt and gain good money habits.

Mar 21, 11:51AM EDT0
How did you get from being a realtor to a life coach?
Mar 20, 2:24PM EDT1

Toma, I am a licensed therapist  in California and have been for over 20 years. When I moved to Arizona 9 years ago, my MFT license did not transfer to Arizona. So I got into Real estate but still missed working with people on a deep level so I got certified as a Life Coach too and always have a few clients I am working with for Coaching too. It is really fantastic!

Mar 20, 2:27PM EDT1
Why did you make the decision to become a life coach?
Mar 20, 5:40AM EDT0
Is your interest in spirituality the main reason why you entered this realtor business?
Mar 19, 3:36AM EDT0

I did pray about becoming a Realtor and felt the Lord say to Help His people occupy the land. I have always had an interest in real estate and followed it closely wherever I lived. It has been an amazing journey of helping people especially when a lot of people were losing their homes in the "Great receccsion". My spirituality is most important in my life.

Mar 19, 10:59AM EDT0
How many buying and selling agreements you have completed so far? In which area/region do you concentrate?
Mar 18, 11:57PM EDT0
How and where did you first start your business? How far your business has come now?
Mar 17, 11:35AM EDT0

Thanks for asking Biljana! I started my Real Estate business 7 years ago. I was the top agent in my company in 2017 out of 77 agents. Each year I have built my business more and more. I have been a Life Coach for over 20 Years. I enjoy doing it and helping others but I would consider this more of a part time business. I measure my success in the change I see in my clients. I feel very successful!

Mar 17, 11:47AM EDT0
How easy is for a real estate agent or company to negotiate with the buyers and sellers?
Mar 16, 6:05PM EDT0

If you do a good job in your presentation, you should gain a level of respect with your clients. Most clients do listen to your advice but every now and then you get the buyer or seller that continually offers  a low price or wants to price their home too high.  In time after not getting offers or the home they want they usually will come around. 

Mar 17, 11:54AM EDT0
What are the major advantages of taking the help of a real estate company in a home buying process?
Mar 16, 9:57AM EDT0

The agent you chose should know the market, the area and if something is overpriced or not. It costs you NOTHING to have buyers representation and the agent will know how to negotiate to get you the best deal possible. There is a lot that can go wrong in a transaciton and the agent will handle everything. 

Mar 16, 11:31AM EDT0
What is the size of your team? How did you pick your team members?
Mar 15, 7:05PM EDT0

There are 77 agents in my office. I don't have a team though. 

Mar 15, 8:19PM EDT0

Even though I am busy and use a transaction coordnator at times, I work alone.

Mar 15, 8:21PM EDT0
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