#AMA Country Wine & Spirits are proud to be your #1 source this Father's Day! We provide our customers with rare and top brand bottles.

Rostislav Kats
Jun 13, 2018

Country Wine & Spirits is San Diego’s Premier Wine & Spirits Purveyor. We offer unmatched beverage service with competitive pricing and a tradition of upscale service. Country Wine & Spirits provides fine wines, a variety of liquor/spirits, craft, and imported beers, premium imported cigars, and exotic tobacco accessories.

Country Wine & Spirits supplies parties and events all over San Diego, ranging in size from company luncheons to elaborate weddings. The professional staff has extensive knowledge within the Wine & Spirits industry and takes pride in providing great customer service. Country Wine & Spirits has retail locations throughout San Diego County, including Carlsbad, Ramona (3 locations), Tierrasanta, EI Cajon (2 locations) and now Alpine, with more stores opening soon. Stop by and visit one of our 7 locations or shop now at cwspirits.com.

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How does your reward program work? What are the benefits for members?
Jun 20, 1:53AM EDT0

When one creates an account with Country Wine & Spirits, they enrolled in a special reward program. For every dollar spent you will receive one point on your account. Once your account reaches 200 points the buyer will receive $5.00 off their order.   


Jun 20, 12:32PM EDT0
What sort of training does your staff receive to make themselves knowledgeable about the wine and spirits industry?
Jun 18, 10:33AM EDT0

Our Sales Director has all the employees learn about the wines and spirits that they sell. Usually, the director answers most of the customer's questions. If not one gets a quick explanation from one of the salesmen. 

Jun 18, 9:12PM EDT0
What options do you offer customers who want to make gifts? Do you have gift cards or products in gift presentations?
Jun 18, 7:07AM EDT0

We offer gift cards, promotional codes for money off an order, as well as gift items and packages for people who come into our stores. 

Jun 18, 9:11PM EDT0
What are the steps to successfully start an alcohol import business in the US?
Jun 17, 12:48AM EDT0

The steps to running a successful liquor business in the US are the following. 

1. Purchase an Alcohol License

2. Find a great vendor, may be harder than it looks like.

3. Find a carrier to use to ship out alcohol.

4. Create a marketing campaign and website. 

5. Start purchasing bottles that will sell.

6. Open a warehouse for shipping.

7. Start branding and growing your alcohol business. 

Jun 18, 9:10PM EDT0
There isn't a very wide range of options for good non-alcoholic beer. Have you thought of taking that on and franchise into the non-alcoholic beverage business as well or would it be contradictory to your business goals?
Jun 16, 9:50PM EDT0

No, this would be contradictory for my business goals. The store wouldn't do so well selling non-alcoholic beer since there isn't that much of demand for it. 

Jun 18, 9:08PM EDT0
Have you thought of expanding you operation to involve making alcohol besides distributing it?
Jun 16, 7:03AM EDT0

I personally would love to see a distillery come out of Country Wine & Spirits. This way the store can bring more profit from their own beer. 

Jun 18, 9:06PM EDT0
What are the rigid laws that you wish to see change in regards to the alcohol distribution business if any?
Jun 15, 2:25PM EDT0

I would love every state in America to allow the sale of alcohol. Country Wine & Spirits can't sell to some states, because of regulations and state policy. I would like the sale of alcohol to be permissible to all 50 states.  

Jun 18, 9:05PM EDT0
You mentioned your beverage service being unmatched. Can you elaborate on that?
Jun 15, 6:34AM EDT0

Our prices are hard to compete against. Our customer service provides promotional discounts, free merchandise, and other exclusive offers that no one else can. At Country WIne & Spirits we care for all our customers and try to make a long lasting relationship with all of them. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. We are offering a promo for Father's Day! 

Jun 15, 12:35PM EDT0
Regarding your imported exotic merchandise, how much red tape and legal grunt work went into getting these imports?
Jun 15, 1:18AM EDT0

Money was the key decision why they chose us. We have found several vendors that provide us with rare or hard to get bottles but we need to spend a lot of money to get these significant bottles in stock. 

Jun 15, 12:32PM EDT0
Which selection of merchandise was the hardest for you to attain and why?
Jun 14, 4:32PM EDT0

High-end bourbons and scotches because of limited releases. We have a to buy big quantities of other items to be eligible for a few bottles of each. We need to carry their whole portfolio in order to be eligible for specific allocations. 

Jun 14, 5:50PM EDT0
Where do you source your selections of wine from, and what are the reasons you specifically source from these locations?
Jun 14, 11:09AM EDT0

Our facilities have many vendors that provide us with wine from Napa Valley, Italy, France, & other European countries. Most of our wine is from California and Europe. We know that California is very fertile and Europe are experts when it comes to wine. 

Jun 14, 1:26PM EDT0
How should your customers contact you with regards to questions or queries?
Jun 13, 4:50PM EDT0

We have a call center the number is (844)-886-3444 also you can reach me at reuben@cwspirits.com or services@cwspirits.com

Jun 13, 5:15PM EDT0
What are the different selection techniques used when deciding on different types of alcohol?
Jun 13, 4:37PM EDT0

Our selection techniques come from the source. We work with famous vendors that provide us with the best price and the best bottle on the market. It really makes a difference when buying in bulk. 

Jun 13, 5:14PM EDT0
What are some of Country Wine & Spirits' imported beers, premium imported cigars, and exotic tobacco accessories and what were the legalities involved in importing said merchandise?
Jun 13, 3:06PM EDT0

I can't disclose any personal information. The online store doesn't provide any of these products. 

Jun 13, 3:25PM EDT0
What are the various exotic brands that Country Wine & Spirits have available?
Jun 13, 10:41AM EDT0
Jun 13, 1:22PM EDT0
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What are the terms of use for your online store?
Jun 13, 9:28AM EDT0
Jun 13, 1:22PM EDT0
What precautions and guarantees does Country Wine & Spirits offer on its fragile deliveries?
Jun 13, 5:54AM EDT0

We will exchange any broken bottle. We are insured with every delivery we make. We file a claim and reship the same bottle to the address. The customer has to show proof of damage, or our carrier needs to notify us of the damaged product. 

Jun 13, 1:21PM EDT0
What tastings and events does Country Wine & Spirits have in the near future and what can people look forward to at these events?
Jun 13, 12:02AM EDT0

Country Wine & Spirits 11718 Hwy 67 Ramona, CA 92065 offers great specials on food. Pizza, Calzone Sandwiches, Speciality Pasta, Fish & Chips, Shrimp Basket with Basket, Jalapeno Poppers, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Chicken Nuggets w/ Fries, Buffalo Wings, and more. We also deliver alcohol, tobacco, beer, groceries, with a $25 minimum purchase. 

Jun 13, 1:12PM EDT0

Every Thanksgiving we give free turkeys to all our customers. We really help our community and will host more events in the future. As of now, tasting events are coming soon. 

Jun 13, 1:14PM EDT0
What packages and specials do Country Wine & Spirits have available for weddings and other special events and what is included in these packages?
Jun 12, 10:46PM EDT0

For corporate or big events we provide promotional offers on bottles. We through in free bottles with large orders. We offer 10% off all alcohol for some parties. We can provide alcohol for any event with an open bar as well. 

Jun 13, 12:58PM EDT0

Jun 13, 1:07PM EDT0
What are the payment options for Country Wine & Spirits' online store?
Jun 12, 9:59PM EDT0

At Country Wine & Spirits Online Store we accept Credit Cards and Gift Cards. At our physical location, we accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and checks. 

Jun 13, 12:57PM EDT0