#AMA - Co-author of the "Project Management for dummies" book in France, ask me anything on Project Management. Me and 20 years of experience in this domain will try to answer any question...talk to you soon guys

Mar 31, 2018

Project Management is the activity which provides you with tools and technics allowing you to respect budget, deadlines and quality of your projects.

Projects being activities done ONCE with :

-1 objective to be achieved,

-involving at least 1 resource,

-1 budget as well as

-having to respect 1 timeframe.

So, if any question in this domain, I'll try to answer ;-)

Project Management for dummies

*Please note I will be able to asnwer questions on Thursdays each week!

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What creative problem solving techniques have been the most effective to you as a project manager?
Apr 7, 10:59AM EDT0
What methods do you use to improve your working relations with the sponsors of a project?
Apr 6, 4:32PM EDT0
What was the most difficult ethical decision you have had to make on a project?
Apr 6, 8:41AM EDT0
What’s the best college course to get if one wants to become a project manager someday?
Apr 5, 3:59AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Tracy.

You can check if the PMI validates the content.

PMI = Project Management Institute

But, all Project Management courses, if given in a validated structure and detailing the time, budget et quality areas tools and technics will be ++





Apr 5, 10:23AM EDT0
Have you authored or co-authored any other book?
Apr 5, 3:59AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Tracy.

Apart from this one, I've prefaced some other Project Management books...



Apr 5, 10:21AM EDT0
Is your book available in English version or is it in French only?
Apr 4, 10:32AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Jeanrua.

Both French and English.

Both books are adapted to their respective markets.

In France, the 2nd version will be released on April 12th this year...in case you are in France...





Apr 5, 10:20AM EDT0
What do entrepreneurs struggle with most when it comes to project management and how does your book address that?
Apr 2, 12:40PM EDT0

Thanks for your question Muia.

Entrepreneurs do struggle with keeping deadlines, respecting budgets and prodiving quality products/services.

The entire books adresses the different phases a project goes through, the different problematics it will face and the different solutions that should be used to stop struggeling with time, cost and quality according the phase you are in.



Apr 5, 10:18AM EDT0
How did you come up with the idea of writing a book? Have you written more before? Do you have more in the works? What if so?
Apr 2, 9:57AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Dianachaika.

I had alreay written some Project Management books prefaces + articles (20 pages) for the AFNOR group.



Apr 5, 10:15AM EDT0
With regards to objectives, how many objectives maximum that a project should have? Are 5 objectives for one project too many?
Apr 2, 9:51AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Aman.

A project should only have 1 objective and everyone should agree with it: team, customer, director, sponsor, third parties,...

This objective must be SMART:



A=Action oriented or Achievable

R= Realistic

T= Time based

and remember: power is clarity & simplicity ;-)



Apr 5, 10:14AM EDT0
What would you say is the difference between project management and strategy management?
Apr 2, 4:19AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Nathalie.

Strategy gives birth to Portfolio management

Portfolio management gives birth to Project Management.

A good project results does match the company's strategy.

Example: you are a car builder.

Strategy = You want to develop your market with young people by proposing a small, low cost and reliable car.

Portfolio = You select a bunch a projects leading to different cars responding to the strategy need.

Project = you finally decide to launch this year a new project for delivering a brand new car which matches your strategy and your market extension objective.



Apr 5, 10:10AM EDT0
Which is the best project management tool presently? What apps and software would you recommend?
Apr 1, 10:04PM EDT0

Thanks Emma for your question.

The tool doesnt' make Project Managers.

Project Managers do make the tool.

Choose the one you feel the most comfortable with :-)



Apr 5, 10:04AM EDT0
How long did it take you to write your book? Was it a long and complicated process?
Apr 1, 11:18AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Books of Joy.

Edition of 2011: I did take me 6 months to adapt the book for the French market.

Edition of 2018 (April 12th): the same !

Work done in addition to my current Project Manager roles...which means waking up at 4.00 am every morning...



Apr 5, 10:02AM EDT0
What are some good resources and authority figures/influencers in the project management field?
Apr 1, 11:06AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Filip56

Stanley Portny is my reference: the initial author of the US version of the book I adapted for the french market.



Apr 5, 10:00AM EDT0
What is your principle in life? What values are important to you and how does this affect your project management skills?
Apr 1, 8:13AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Mathithiru.

As Project Manager, my main values are around human beings.

I do strongly respect my teams.

We do talk a lot.

I do ensure they do what they like on the project.

I always try to detect their qualities and help them grow.

This is my main source of satisfaction today.



Apr 5, 9:58AM EDT0
Was your book well-received and did you get any feedback from the readers/critics?
Apr 1, 2:54AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Ayoub.

As of today the French version of the book does represents one of the best sales over the last 7 years for this "First Edition" (name of the Editor), this is why I've been asked to work on the 2nd version to be released on April 12th in France this year.



Apr 5, 9:55AM EDT0
What is it like to be a co-author and what exactly was your part of the job? Is it hard to work with someone else on a book?
Mar 31, 7:02PM EDT0

Thanks for your question Flsauda.

Stanley Portny wrote the English version.

I took the book in 2011 and re-wrote it all for the French Market, keeping the generic aspects of Project Management, modifying the culture-based paragraphs, adding my own paragraphs, enhancing some of them with my experience...interesting exercise :-)

And for the 2nd Edition to be released on April, 12th this year, I updated the informations and enhanced it will my last experiences.



Apr 5, 9:52AM EDT0
When it comes to project management do you recommend using web based or stand alone software?
Mar 31, 6:00PM EDT0

Thanks for your question Tosha

Whatever suits you the most :-)

There's no rule in this domain: I used some dedicated standalone applications, I used some server-based applications...and I even used  Excel spreadsheets,...whatever makes you comfortable to work with.

And remember, the tool is at your service, not the opposite.



Apr 5, 9:48AM EDT0
What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
Mar 31, 12:51PM EDT0

Thanks for your question Mathithiru.

The best advice ever?

"Only listen to yourself and follow your dreams"



Apr 5, 9:46AM EDT0
What is the best project you managed in terms of personal satisfaction?
Mar 31, 12:27PM EDT0

Thanks for your question Leirb.

The best project I managed was a few months ago: I managed 20 people and we developped an application to a French customer. The team was absolutely wonderful and we all worked as one on this project. Definitely my best memory.



Apr 5, 9:45AM EDT0
Would you say there are more man or women working as project managers? Does gender matter and affect somehow your job?
Mar 31, 6:54AM EDT0

Thanks for your question Leon123

There are definitely more men than women being Project Managers!

But, I'm not sure we can draw stereotypes according to gender, but more based on personalities:

I'm met some Project Managers managing with strength being the 'real boss', some others with compassion being the 'best friends', some others with communication being the 'mother/father of the team',...

You see, there can be as many Project Managers as there are personalities in this world !



Apr 5, 9:41AM EDT0
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