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Marc Resasco
Sep 19, 2018

I am Marc Resasco. I am born in New York. I live in Sunny Florida. I am an Entrepreneur, always building. I am always willing to help the elderly and those in need. I own and operate Airmid Solutions LLC. At Airmid solutions, we are collective of healthcare professionals who believe in enhancing modern healthcare with innovative practices....

Marc Resasco says:

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Do you focus just on the elderly? If so - why?
Sep 20, 2:51AM EDT0

No. Its not like that. I help every one who in need but I am more helpful towordes elderly because elder need more care. 

Sep 21, 5:49AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on health care in the US? How can it be improved?
Sep 20, 1:43AM EDT0
What services do you offer for the elderly?
Sep 19, 1:23AM EDT0
Have you considered investing in professional web presence?
Sep 18, 8:08PM EDT0
Do you travel a lot? What is your favourite place from all the ones you have visited?
Sep 18, 1:51PM EDT0
What are the spaces to watch in modern day healthcare? What are some cool innovations you are exited about?
Sep 18, 6:12AM EDT0
How many people do you work with? What are your tips on recruiting and managing a good team?
Sep 18, 5:42AM EDT0

I work with 250-300 people. My tips on recruiting and managing a good team are :-

  • Your staff will look to you for guidance and inspiration, so it’s importent to set a good example to gain their respect.
  • Be real 
  • Provide positive feedback to your employees to encourage them. 
  • Build positive working relationship...
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Sep 18, 6:49AM EDT0
What did you dream to be as a kid?
Sep 18, 5:02AM EDT0

When I was a kid, I wanted to be :

-A pilot

-A car designer

-A Doctor

-A superhero:D

Sep 18, 6:54AM EDT0
How is Florida compared to New York? Why did you pick Florida as your home?
Sep 17, 1:55PM EDT0
What other ventures have you been involved with? What is your favourite?
Sep 17, 1:01PM EDT0
When did you start your company? What was the inspiration?
Sep 17, 10:19AM EDT0

I had started this company in year 2015. I Always willing to help  the elderly and those in need so my helping nature inspire me to start my own business. 

Sep 18, 6:31AM EDT0
How do you get your clients? How do you generally promote the business?
Sep 17, 10:08AM EDT0
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