AMA about running an Online / Location Independent Business.

Nina Kolari
Nov 30, 2017

I'm hosting online business AMA where you can ask me anything about running an location independent business / being a digital nomad.

I started my business in 2009 after quitting rat race and have been finding clients online and working remotely in five continents. 

Ask me about how to get clients, how to manage remote team, create courses and more. 

You can read more on ninakolari.com

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Hi Nina,

I'm at a cross road at the moment; one one hand i have the marketing and selling rights for six manufacturers of packaging and logistics automation in northern Europe. On the other hand, after 30+ years as an entrepreneur in both B2C and B2B, founded, runned and developed a dozen companies successfully. I have also worked as a professional business advisor for the last ten years in physical meetings courses (i've successfully adviced/mentored 6000 individuals during the last ten years), i'm beeing more and more tempted to go fully digital since it gives me full freedom of where i work, i can travel= the digital nomad life inspires me extremely much.

My biggest issue about going fully digital, is that i'm still a rookie on social media/social selling (i've worked the old school way all the time).. what's your advice on which road i shall choose, sell machines or go with my digital dream? what does it cost (approximately) to get going? do you have any great coworking partners/suppliers to recommend?

Thanks in advance and i wish you an inspiring day!


Lars Eldh

Dec 4, 10:09AM EST0

Are you able to run and manage your current packaging business remotely? If selling is person-to-person, there would be extra local personnel cost I guess but you would get more freedom. If selling is not done person-to-person, you can hire remote freelancers to handle day-to-day tasks, or even completely manage the business!

Why not start the digital part on the side now and see how you like it and how it takes of. Yes it will be extra work but this allows you to test the waters before doing anything drastic. With your extensive business experience online courses / programs would be great way to make money online, same with consulting/mentoring/coaching.

For example: pre-sell your first digital course/program and drive traffic to your sales funnel with Facebook ads. At minimum you would need a  landing page/sales page and checkout page and some money for Facebook ads. Excluding ad budget you can get this set up really affordably, or even free. I do recommend investing into paid products as you do get what you pay for. For example drag-n-drop sales funnel  builder costs anywhere from $39-147 / month.

Honestly, social media/selling can be overcome pretty easily! There are tons of courses and how to videos and best part of it that for most part it can be fully automated. Also you can always hire remote freelancer to handle your social media. I use Pinterest to drive traffic and my fully automated set up costs me roughly $20 per month. 

Hope this helps. 

Dec 4, 6:02PM EST0
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How many hours a day do you actually work sitting in your coputer?

Dec 3, 10:13AM EST0

Depends on the day but on average I'd say 5 hours. 

Dec 3, 6:29PM EST0

What sort of business are you in?

Dec 2, 9:44PM EST0

Mainly I work with clients and offer online courses on digital marketing and sales funnels. I have also affiliate sites and online courses on travel and digital nomad lifestyle.

Dec 2, 9:49PM EST0

Are you also investing in traditional businesses? What are those?

Dec 1, 12:33PM EST0

No, everything is online. I am not planning on changing this either.

Dec 1, 7:18PM EST0

Can we say that you are living the laptop life?

Dec 1, 10:10AM EST0

Yes you can. There are many words to describe this and laptop life is one.

Dec 1, 7:17PM EST0

Ever since you started, how long has it been?

Dec 1, 9:14AM EST0

I started in 2009.

Dec 1, 7:19PM EST0

Is it true that you can operate your business anywhere through the internet?

Dec 1, 1:04AM EST0

Yes! I have never had an office anywhere, I just open my laptop and I am in my office.

Dec 1, 2:03AM EST0

How much initial capital did you invest when you just first started?

Nov 30, 8:27PM EST0

None except sweat equity! I did buy business services such as website hosting, domain etc. but no major investment.

Last edited @ Dec 1, 2:03AM EST.
Nov 30, 8:43PM EST0

What can I get from the packages you offer?

Nov 30, 7:33PM EST0

Online sales strategy and sales funnels.

Nov 30, 8:43PM EST0

What is the most difficult setback an online entrepreneur should be aware of?

Nov 30, 7:00PM EST0

It is hard work and no matter how much work you put into there is no guarantee it will be successful or profitable. Willingness to change the plan is crucial as is learning and surrounding yourself with fellow business owners. 

Nov 30, 8:44PM EST0

Do you work with a team or are you outsourcing other processes of your business?

Nov 30, 5:07PM EST0

I work with remote freelancers.

Nov 30, 8:48PM EST0

It is said that online business is advantageous because you don't have to rent office building and pay the utilities. Is that true with you?

Nov 30, 3:36PM EST0

Yes, I dont have an office or any need to pay any utilities. I work from home, cafes and occasionally at a coworking space.  

My "office" travel with me wherever I am. 

Nov 30, 4:38PM EST0

What benefits will I get from signing up for your courses?

Nov 30, 1:47PM EST0

Depends on the course but I do teach freelancers and businesses how to successfully sell their services and products online.

Nov 30, 4:38PM EST0

Are you offering free courses for beginners?

Nov 30, 11:27AM EST0

I have one course and one training webinar that are free. Course is about business systems/automations and training webinar on how to sell more online courses/products without paid ads. You can find the course here, and training webinar here.

Last edited @ Nov 30, 4:42PM EST.
Nov 30, 4:40PM EST0

Is this kind of online business that you are operating a guaranteed profitable one?

Nov 30, 10:10AM EST0

There are no guarantees of profit or success in any kind of business. It is all matter of determination and be open to change the plan when necessary.

Nov 30, 4:36PM EST0

What do you sell online.

Nov 30, 7:56AM EST0

I sell services (sales funnels and digital marketing) as well as online courses in multiple niches.

Nov 30, 4:36PM EST0

How long have you been operating your online business?

Nov 29, 9:19AM EST0

I started in 2009 after quitting corporate job. 

Nov 29, 7:21PM EST0

Can you say that online businesses like this have been thriving all over the net?

Nov 28, 2:16AM EST0

Yes there is quite a lot of buzz around online business and digital nomad business, I hate to say that many of them are just affiliates to products like Instagram monetization, not actual location independent business owners.

Real business owners are there as well and they are thriving. Location independence allows us to travel and learn from other business owners and to get ideas and clients where ever we are in the world.

Nov 29, 7:24PM EST0

How many years did you dedicate to your old company where you had the 9-5 job?

Nov 27, 10:16PM EST0

I had roughly 10 years of corporate career behind me, but what I do in my business has not much to do with my corporate career. 

Nov 29, 7:24PM EST0