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Bryan Guerra
Dec 2, 2017

I'm Bryan and I have a passion for eCommerce. I have an expertise in digital marketing, which is a vital skill you need for anything eCommerce related. If you can't acquire customers and drive traffic to your products and sites, you'll have a hard time making any money online. Most recently, I've been focusing on email marketing, lead generation, and content creation. I also run several drop shipping sites and dabble in affiliate marketing, as well as private label products for FBA. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'd love to help!

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Do you offer free video and counselling?

Dec 8, 10:49PM EST0

I don't offer any Free "Consulting." I do offer consulting services on my Website, but I rarely actually have time to take on any clients at the moment. However, you can grab my Free Drop Shipping Courses on my Website. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an Email to Bryan@BGMediaInnovation.com and I'll answer them for you.

Dec 8, 11:11PM EST0

Hi Bryan,

I am launching an Ecommerce Shopify store on January 2018, I would start on POD products since I have a lot of graphic artist in my team Our designs will be printed on canvas, shirt etc. On a POD company like printful.

Now My major cocnerns for now are

what are the shopify tools/apps can you suggest to me? (To help me and my company optimize our tasks)

What customer service software should we use?

What digital marketing techniques would work for our brand?

And other suggestions you can add up would be appreciated.

Dec 4, 11:52AM EST0

Well, usually I suggest oberlo for Shopify Store users. However, since you already have your products that you're looking to sell, I wonder if maybe a wordpress site might be better for you?

Do you have any experience with Wordpress? If so check out woocommerce. I think that's probably your best bet!

As for customer service, I always suggest simply designating that to someone on your team (it'll feel less automated and develop a personal relationship with the customer). However, if no team member has the time to do that, then simply hook the emails that you get for your orders up to an autoresponder (mailchimp, aweber, getresponse, etc...) that has template emails that you send to every customer at a given time (for example: when they order, when their order ships, when their order is delivered, a follow up email ensuring they enjoyed the product and the service, etc...).

Any digital marketing techniques would work for your brand. I'd honestly run with all of them (posted different techniques and approachs in below answers). I'd defintely start build a presense on Social Media all accross the board. That way you can begin your marketing from those branded pages and it'll give customers proof that your brand is legit and they can trust it.

Hope that helps! Any other questions, just add another one on this thread or simply email me at Bryan@BGMediaInnovation.com. I'm always willing to help!

Dec 4, 12:48PM EST0

How easy is it to procure the products from suppliers?

Dec 3, 7:25PM EST0

Very easy. It's completely hands off for you. They do everything for you. You simply have to negotiate price and shipping arrangements.

Dec 3, 7:47PM EST0

What guarantees or warranties should we give our online buyers?

Dec 3, 6:46PM EST0

I would implement a free return policy, but that's just a suggestion. You can obviously do whatever you feel is best. Most customers won't even use the return policy anyway. However, it'll definitely inspire more sales and increase conversions.

Dec 3, 6:48PM EST0

I will like to start my own clothing store using a shopify subscription, but I am scare of purchasing the items and not been able to sell them. This will limit my inventory because of the capital I'll have to invest to be able to have variety available on my store. Is this a business that can be organized with dropship? The only thing that worries me with dropship for clothing is the quality of the product. 

Dec 3, 9:18AM EST0

Well that's the great part about Drop Shipping with Shopify...you don't need to purchase them ahead of time! You only purchase the items after someone purchases them from your store. Then you ship them to the customer through the manufacturer. Really all you're doing is facilitating the sale from manufacturer to customer through your website. You don't ever need to invest in any inventory.

If you're looking for a Step by Step walk through of this process, you can get my Drop Shipping Courses Free on my Website

Last edited @ Dec 3, 11:11AM EST.
Dec 3, 11:11AM EST0

Do I have to pay a fee if I get product from Alibaba or Amazon?

Dec 3, 4:32AM EST0

Nope, there are no hidden fees when purchasing from Alibaba or Amazon. With that being said, I'm assuming your straightening out shipping arrangements with the suppliers from Alibaba. Just make sure you talk about that because I have heard stories where they'll charge for the products, but then you have to pay for the shipping and it's not included in the price. So just make sure to ask.

Dec 3, 11:06AM EST0

I am interested in running my own commerce site. How much should I invest for the site?

Dec 3, 3:23AM EST0

It depends on what business model you're actually implementing. But assuming you're doing something like Drop Shipping or looking to start an eCommerce store without any actual inventory, you can really start for as little as the site costs and Domain name. So realistically as low as maybe $25-40.

Dec 3, 11:04AM EST0

What are the ways to gain traffic? Which do you consider the #1?

Dec 2, 8:41PM EST0

Hey Cessmee,

I'll drop what I said to Kaja on how to drive traffic:

You can organically rank SEO wise, pay for traffic via Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, or Google Adwords, or you can try free traffic methods like Instagram Target Following or reaching out to bloggers/infuencers to get shoutouts and piggy back off their following. That method might cost you (either in the form of a free test product to give to their followers as a giveaway that will help you bring awareness to your site/products or in the form of $). However, it might not too! Often people are afraid to ask and often bloggers and content creators are looking for content ideas. You're just giving them an idea. The worst they can say is no.

As far as what I feel is #1, it really depends on your budget and goals. You can spend both time and money. Both are currencies. So if you have an initial budget you can pour into your business, then Ads are ideal. The reason is because you can get traffic right off the bat. The issue most people have with paying for Ads is they don't realize how much they have to invest off the bat. You'll most likely have to drop a couple hundred dollars to even see how audiences are responding. Then from there, you can somewhat hone down your target audiences to the right demographics (gender, age, etc...) to what's the most profitable.

If you don't have initial money to invest, then I recommend going with something like Instagram Marketing or reaching out to bloggers. Reaching out to bloggers or Content Creators is free. Instagram Marketing can also be "free" too (it does cost time). You can target follow which is a technique I talk about in a lot of my YouTube Videos on Instagram and in my Instagram Course. You can also, automate this process for a small investment with software, which is definitely something I recommend and something I also talk about in this Instagram Playlist.

Hope that helps!

Dec 2, 8:52PM EST0

Now that I have the website up, what is the next step?

Dec 2, 5:57PM EST0

I'm assuming you're selling something on your site (hence the eCommerce question haha). So with that being said, the next step is to drive traffic! You can organically rank SEO wise, pay for traffic via Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, or Google Adwords, or you can try free traffic methods like Instagram Target Following or reaching out to bloggers/infuencers to get shoutouts and piggy back off their following. That method might cost you (either in the form of a free test product to give to their followers as a giveaway that will help you bring awareness to your site/products or in the form of $). However, it might not too! Often people are afraid to ask and often bloggers and content creators are looking for content ideas. You're just giving them an idea. The worst they can say is no.

Hope that helps Kaja!

Dec 2, 6:02PM EST0

What kind of assurance can drop-shipping offer when it comes to item delivery?

Dec 2, 3:49PM EST0

It depends where you're Drop Shipping from really. I'll assume you're referring to Shopify b/c most people drop ship from that platform.

With Shopify most of the items you'll sell are from over seas manufacturers (mostly in China). Usually you'll get a tracking number from them if you go with e-packet shipping (what I recommend). So in that instance, they customer will be able to track their order.

However, assuming for whatever reason there is an issue with the shipment or you don't get a tracking number, I always just recommend refunding the customer their $. If you're generating enough traffic to your store one or two returns here and there won't really factore into your profit at all.

Dec 2, 3:52PM EST0

What other responsibilities should we be aware of when we conduct businesses like this?

Dec 2, 2:32PM EST0

There isn't really any one responsibility you need to worry about and it's hard to say because I'm not sure what business model you're specifically referring to, but if I had to say one it would probably be driving traffic.

Traffic is the name of the game with any online business. More traffic = more $

Dec 2, 2:43PM EST0

Hi Bryan: Would it be a good use of time to become an affiliate selling Udemy courses? (I currently own over 200).

How about focusing on one category or one instructor such as yourself? (I own 6 of your courses and love to learn the methods and technologies more than actually putting them into practice. Need to decide on a focus and just DO IT!) Please advise.

Dec 2, 11:49AM EST0

It depends on your reach really. If you have a good following or a high traffic website then potentially yes. However, the issue with being an affiliate for Udemy Courses is the amount you actually get. Because most Courses sell for about $10-15, you're only going to see a small affiliate commission for each Course you sell (after Udemy's % and the Instructor's).

It can certainly be profitable, but I'd probably recommend looking other places for similar types of Affiliate offers if you want to make more money faster.

Last edited @ Dec 2, 12:00PM EST.
Dec 2, 11:59AM EST0

How much will you charge me if I will undergo your training courses?

Dec 2, 8:08AM EST0

It depends where you get them at, but at the moment all my Courses are only $9.95 on my Website

Dec 2, 8:32AM EST0

I don't even know anything about business but I'd like to venture into e-commerce. Is that possible?

Dec 1, 4:55PM EST0

Of Course! eCommerce is so broad though so I would say pick something that intrigues you and then go with that. If you're interested in eCommerce, I talk about a lot of eCommerce techniques & ways to make money online on my YouTube Channel or you can go through all the different methods I train people in on my Website.

But, yes. Everyone starts somewhere!

Dec 2, 8:34AM EST0

How profitable is e-commerce compared to traditional commerce?

Dec 1, 12:50PM EST0

To be honest, they can both be profitable. The thing I love about eCommerce is the freedom. You can work from anywhere in the world at any time. You're not tied down to an actual brick & mortar store or any one loation. For example, that means if you want to up and take a vacation to Greece all the sudden, no one's stopping you and you can still work/over see your businesses on the go.

So, because time is also a currency, I would say eCommerce is much more profitable. It not only pays you money, but it also pays you in time too!

Last edited @ Dec 2, 8:38AM EST.
Dec 2, 8:37AM EST0

How do I draw traffic to my online shop without spending money?

Dec 1, 12:16PM EST0

The best way to drive traffic without spending money over and over again would ideally be making sure your SEO is 100% in order. That way you can capitalize on all organic traffic that's searching for the products/services you offer. It can take some time to rank on Search Engines though.

The next best method is Instagram Marketing. It's a technique that I call "target following." I actually go into it in depth in my Instagram Course if you're interested. It can help you get a lot of traffic from Instagram

Dec 2, 8:57AM EST0

Whats the easiest and most profitable business to start parttime that could turn into a fulltime income.

Dec 1, 12:05PM EST0

It's hard to just pick one. If I had to say one it would probably either be Drop Shipping or Private Labeling on Amazon. I actually have a Private Label Course that'll be out next month. Currently, you can get my Drop Shipping Courses on my Website for Free!

Dec 2, 8:40AM EST0

What basics should I need to learn to play it safe in this kind of business?

Dec 1, 8:30AM EST0

If I had to say one thing I would say running Ads (facebook, bing, google adwords, etc...). However, there's really no "playing it safe." This isn't really a safe business. It's high risk, but high reward. Got to love it!

Dec 1, 9:44AM EST0

Are there any chances that we will get into any trouble if we send out a promotional email without postal address at the footer?

Dec 1, 6:34AM EST0

Not really sure what's in the emails you're sending or who you're sending them to (email list), but in general no.

Dec 1, 9:45AM EST0

Could we have a training on CPA & Craigslist marketing for 2018? Similar courses out today are outdated!

Dec 1, 2:04AM EST0

I actually have an Entire Course on CPA Marketing, but that's certainly a topic I could cover in a bonus lecture added on to the end of the Course. Thanks for the idea Tadashi!

Dec 1, 9:42AM EST0

What other initial investments shall I consider before starting e-commerce?

Dec 1, 12:51AM EST0

I don't recommend any initial investments in particular. I would say the best investment you could make is in yourself! Cheesy, but true haha.

Also, make sure you set some $ aside for start up funds that you might need for whatever eCommerce business model you're going to choose. So in this case, I would say the best investment you could make would be to save. That way you have $ to reinvest back into your business in the future.

Dec 1, 9:40AM EST0

Hello Bryan, how would you market loans???

Nov 30, 8:41PM EST0

It depends because "market" is so broad. I'm assuming you have an offer of some kind you want to get in front of people that are more prone to be looking for it.

In that case, I would probably go with either Facebook Ads or Email Marketing and scraping targeted emails (with software and without). Facebook Ads are relatively easy to pick up though. They're all about marketing to the right demographics under the right fields. However, don't stop there. Constantly keep retargeting and seeing what's working the best. Then go back and modify your ads to narrow your audience and make it more profitable.

I actually have an entire Facebook Ads Course that will be released soon! I also have a Course called "Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind" that goes over the email marketing techniques I'm referring to, as well as the software.

They're both on my Website (FB Ads will be soon)

Dec 1, 9:37AM EST0

What is difficult in this kind of buying-selling transactions?

Nov 30, 5:14PM EST0

Comminucating the product's value to the buyer. Although, if you can find someone that's extremely targeted and looking for that item already (the digital marketing side of it), that's 90% of the battle.

Nov 30, 5:16PM EST0

How do I register myself as a re-seller for Alibaba and Amazon? Do I have to pay a fee for that?

Nov 30, 10:33AM EST0

Registering as an Alibaba buyer and an Amazon Seller are 100% free. I do suggest paying for the Professional Amazon Seller Account if you plan on scaling up though.

I'm not 100% sure which business model you're referring to though (Private Labeling or Drop Shipping). So if you have any questions further you could always email me at Bryan@BGMediaInnovation.com

Nov 30, 10:44AM EST0

What tricks and tips can you share to a budding entrepreneur like me?

Nov 30, 4:40AM EST0

It's hard to narrow down to any specific tips/tricks for one person in particular without knowing what you're actually doing and what type of business models you're implementing. If I had to stay broad though, I would say the most valuble piece of advice for any Entrepreneur (I believe) is to get used to failure.

I don't say that to discourage you, though. Quite the opposite. Failure is simply proof that you're attempting to improve and headed in the right direction. To me an Entrepreneur is a problem solver. Picture yourself at the bottom of a staircase and each stair is a problem. As you solve each problem (in whatever you're doing), you'll face another, get better, and step up to another level.

"Quite often the universe tests our commitment." It wants to see how much our dreams are really worth to us. Hope that helps and inspires!

Nov 30, 8:39AM EST0

How long have you been doing e-commerce and how financially satisfying has it been for you?

Nov 27, 10:30PM EST0

I've been doing eCommerce for a little over a decade. I actually started just selling little extra things I didn't use anymore on eBay & Amazon. While that wasn't all that lucrative at first, it gave me the knowledge and familiarity with those platforms to do what I'm doing now (Amazon Private Labeling, eBay Drop Shipping, Amazon Arbitrage, as well as selling my how-to Courses on platforms like Udemy).

I would say it's been extremely financially satisfying. More importantly though, it's provides me with enough money so that I have the freedom to chase other potential ambitions

Nov 28, 12:08PM EST0
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