AMA about business - ecommerce - marketing

Matt Reid
Mar 8, 2018

AMA about business, shopify/ecommerce, and facebook marketing. how to succeed in the world of ecommerce in 2018, facebook marketing strategies/general questions and any questions you have about business/entrepreneurship in 2018.

shopify/business/facebook marketing - tricks/tips, trends, best products to sell in 2018, strategies and business/entrepreneurship in 2018

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There are many e-Commerce platforms that a young, stand-alone retailer can opt for - be it online marketplaces, Wordpress-like shops etc. What are some of the platforms you would recommend a complete rookie and why? And at what stage of growth should they consider perhaps using a platform that could potentially aggregate their inventory - to list their products on various platforms?

Mar 12, 9:56AM EDT0
What is the best ecommerce software that you can recommend to businesses, and why have you chosen it?
Mar 9, 9:58AM EST0
What would be some of the trending products of 2018? In this year, what kind of products should one be selling?
Mar 9, 8:53AM EST0
Do you have any tips or tricks about facebook marketing?
Mar 9, 5:57AM EST0
What advice do you have for new sellers to be successful on Shopify?
Mar 9, 12:58AM EST0
What are some of the methods a company can you to accelerate their development and which do you believe to be the most effective and why?
Mar 8, 8:11PM EST0
What are some of the ways in which merchants can promote their ecommerce sites?
Mar 8, 6:35PM EST0
What is one of the most difficult situations you have had with a client, and what management techniques did you use to diffuse the situation?
Mar 8, 2:31PM EST0
What are the benefits of a well-designed ecommerce store and what are the ways in which an entrepreneur can evaluate what type of design is best suited for their business?
Mar 8, 2:20PM EST0
What has been one of your worst and best experiences you have had in your field so far?
Mar 8, 11:24AM EST0
Do you consider logo design to be a vital ingredient in terms of company success and why?
Mar 8, 8:06AM EST0

What security risk does ecommerce involve?

Mar 8, 1:06AM EST0
What are the benefits and drawbacks of vendors maintaining their own ecommerce sites?
Mar 7, 9:52PM EST0
What are some of the personal methods you use to calm yourself in times of crisis?
Mar 7, 8:54PM EST0
How long does it take to get a non-provisional patent?
Mar 7, 7:54PM EST0
What are some of the methods a can use company to evaluate a client’s strategy, identify key business goals, and create consensus?
Mar 7, 4:12PM EST0
If you could take a one-day seminar in any subject, what would it be and why?
Mar 7, 3:36PM EST0
How does one keep score concerning sales revenue in the for-profit worlds?
Mar 7, 1:41PM EST0
What are some of the best social media platforms for networking with other entrepreneurs?
Mar 7, 6:05AM EST0
What other types of employment have you had, and what was it that inspired you about the environment?
Mar 7, 4:56AM EST0