How changing my brain built my business! As the founder and clinical director of world-renowned TheraPeeds Family Center, TheraPeeds Continuing Education, and Julia Harper, Inc., you can Ask Me Anything about how rewiring your brain can work for you!

Dr. Julia Harper: Wouldn’t we all love an app that tells us how to start a business. The person that owns that app, if it’s a good one, would be a billionaire. The most important app I use is the one in my chest. I go inside myself, I decide for myself what I want. Th…

AMA How to Build a Team of Loyal, Reliable Employees Who Will Wow Your Customers and Grow Your Business. A guide to employee development and HR training for your staff.

Scott Greenberg: Yes, but rather than focus on age group, get to know the employees right in front of you and customize your motivation based on their unique sensibility. 
Jul 11, 2018

My startup wants to revolutionize healthcare by giving patients autonomy over their data to control who buys it and be the main beneficiary of its revenue, AMA!

Austin Jones: Our vision and goals are to achieve a user rate of atleast 85% of the U.S population. Scale our payout for patients up to 85%. Create a more cost friendly space for patients in healthcare. Give patients more of a platform to raise their voice in heal…

My name is Elka Hristova. I am the co-founder of DanceSport Education, an Arizona non-profit organization that brings the benefits of ballroom dance directly to the students, at their schools, in their classrooms. Ask me anything!

Elka Hristova: At DanceSport Education, we are driven by the mission to create positive, life-long impacts in the lives of children and youth through participation in ballroom dance at their schools and support young and developing DanceSport talent.  We want child…

Becoming a Virtual Assistant? I'm a 10 years seasoned expert. Ask Me Anything!

Tracey Osborne: That's how I made it to 6 figures. I built a multi-VA team with different strengths so we could take on more work and do it impeccably.
Jul 10, 2018

From Employee to Entrepreneur. How I started and grew a successful Brand and Marketing Business after losing my job. #AMA

Kim Speed: Marketing communications include advertising, promotions, branding and content marketing.  Content marketing involves sharing content through blogs, videos, podcasts or social media. This type of marketing is unique in that it doesn't specifically pr…

I'm Sachin Rekhi, CEO of Notejoy, a collaborative notes app. AMA about founding 3 startups, going from zero to one, or product!

Sachin Rekhi: I have two notes in Notejoy that I am constantly updating: a praise file and a rejections file. The praise file catalogs every time someone has said something nice about me personally, about my work, or about the product's I've built. It has messages…
Jul 10, 2018

My name is Arya Bina, CEO of Kobe Digital. We design, build and manage cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns. Ask me Anything!

Arya Bina: One method of generating traffic with no marketing budget would be blogging. Writing a blog filled with useful information that connects people to your brand is a great place to start. However, you also need to make sure that your content is placed i…
Jul 16, 2018

My name is Ajay Prasad and when I’m not growing my 2 seven-figure web-based startups, I’m working on replicating that success in my other businesses. Ask Me Anything!

Ajay Prasad: Listening to our clients, trying to understand the unique challenges that they face, collecting and analyzing data, and using our findings to develop an innovative solution. That process led to the creation of my newest business RepuGen. An urgent ca…

As CEO of STD Test Express, I want to help people understand the importance of getting tested regularly. AMA about sexual health and or STD Test Express and I'll answer!

Kevin Weinstein: Yes, it is necessary for a patient to sign an informed consent. This is needed to explain the process as well as what happens afterward and advice on possible positive test results. You can read more info on our consent page here. Thanks for your que…
Jul 11, 2018

AMA TokyoTechie for Cryptocurrency Development Services.

Ask Me Anything on getting leads in service industry - Accountants, CPA firms, consulting,IT and Saas companies, engineering and other professional services firms who are interested in growing their business.

Raj Ganesan: Jovanatesic, Most of these businesses attend my live 2 day direct marketing program. These are often individuals who have a small business and their service is not even launched or only a handful of people know of the service. There are 12 ways you c…
Jul 7, 2018

#BusyMom Ask Me Anything about being a busy mom in today’s world! #WomenAMA

Ines Lozano: I wasn’t sure id be good at it. Turns out, in all my roles, that’s the thing I’m the best at. 

My name's Viv Conway. I'm an Instagram Specialist and have built numerous Instagram accounts for more than 10k, 20k, and 30k. My business partner and I have worked with accounts from 60 followers to 1.8M followers. Ask Me Anything about Instagram!

Vivien Conway: For companies, we often find that our consulting sessions work well.  Results will always vary as everyone is in a different niche.  We've helped businesses get tens of thousands of followers, make sales, host collaborations, and even hire staff.  We…

What is the Magic Pill for your business? What formula will help take your company to new heights? Would you like to know how to figure it out? Join this business AMA.

Cliff Carey: Great question @Dennis. It all starts with owning your narrative. You must demonstrate the unique path and the passion it’s taken to build your now solid company.  Corporate storytelling is term used to describe the sophisticated weaving of a few ele…

From Bank to Books...Ask Me Anything!

Dana L. Brown: Not officially, but my daughter does a great job! She sells books, goes with me to book signings, and is my best Cheerleader! If the book business ever becomes lucrative, she’ll be my first hire!⚓️

How to monitor cloud infrastructure — AMA with Thomas Stocking

Innovation_Advocate: Interesting area. Sorry for the long answer, but it's necessary in this case. First of all, cloud applications can be of various types and levels. Some are mere ports of legacy apps to the cloud, some are optimized, and some are cloud-native. There's…

Network. Representation. Sales. International. I've been working, selling, living in more than 12 countries. Now coaching and doing BD for clients. Ask me anything about how to sell yourself, your company/service, reach your objectives and build a network.

Chiraz Bensemmane: Yes indeed, I do not believe about ONE SHOT. You need to be professional and follow up and if a technique did or did not work it is good to know why.  If it didn't work, well we all know that we don't alway get the successful pitch/formula the very m…

I created the first corporate card for startups. Ask Me Anything!

Henrique Dubugras: In we learned: 1 - How to build and scale complex financial software 2 - How to deal with regulators (we were regulated by the central bank of Brazil) 3 - How to raise and manage asset-backed debt We had to get those 3 things really right f…
Jul 15, 2018

I am a co-founder of Museuly - very fresh things to do with startups. Ask me anything!

Andrii: Right now, it's quite a mature MVP without that many resources involved - comparing to other services, where a lot of money is spent.
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